Pump Out, Camille Takes Over

The trip France started off so slow but I didn’t really expect anything more. I mean the five women that went kept shouting to anyone who’d listen that they were all so close this season. If you’ve followed from the beginning, you’ll agree that these five, along with Denise, have all shared one brain cell because they seldom differed or strayed from their target, Lisa Vanderpump (LVP). So let’s finish with the final two episodes. Hope you check out my previous blog here.

Season 9 Episode 20 – Un Petit Hangover

After a “drunken” night, Teddi claimed to not remember the things she said about Erika to Rinna and Kyle felt as though she needed to apologise once more for her part in what happened between her and Erika the night before. They headed outside for some artery, with Erika still looking pissed off, then afterwards Teddi apologised to her. Erika brushed it off and accepted her apology and they all basically kumbayah back to Beverly Hills. This was the most boring cast trip in history, with the most scripted drama possible. We’ve come to know that a cast trip has to have drama. All season long these five women have stuck to their guns, having no issues with each other, separate from when Dorit told Teddi to let her speak to Kyle alone, but suddenly on the cast trip there was “drama”? This is as believable as that story Kyle told about how she heard that LVP took a lie detector test.

Back in Beverly Hills, we saw Denise checking on her rented home (nothing is wrong with renting) after the fire. There weren’t any physical damages to the property but her entire house was filled with scuttle. We then saw Camille in her home, completely destroyed by the fire. I felt badly that she lost her home but not to the point where I’d say “poor” Camille because that’s just not the case. She has plenty more properties, this was just her mainstay. We then saw Kyle and her friend Faye Resnick talking about the fire and then they switched gears to Kyle wanting a dinner table. I was completely taken aback because the preview for this scene, showed Kyle and Faye talking negatively about Camille but it was cut from the episode. They said that since Camille’s house was destroyed, they hope she becomes nicer. Who says stuff like that? Why did production cut that scene from the main episode as if we didn’t already see the previews? They’ve always given Kyle the best edit out of anyone on the show as she has never been portrayed as the villain. Now that LVP wasn’t around for Kyle to hide her mean girls ways behind her, no matter how much they edited this season, it still showed.

Rinna organised a dinner for Denise since they hadn’t done anything for her after that rushed wedding. Some of the women brought little care packages for both Camille and Denise to the dinner. When Camille walked in, she hugged Dorit and told her that she’s glad she got to know her a little better and that she liked her because she didn’t fully trust her initially. Everyone wanted to bring up what they had already planned to do to Camille if she had made it to France but because they didn’t want to seem like they were beating up on someone in a vulnerable situation, they held off. This is hilarious given they had no problems taunting LVP for months. During this time Kyle and Rinna had already made appearances on various talk shows, like Ellen, to talk about the season while filming and they went about the season being filled with lies and deception. Dorit informed the women about her display at a Kitson store and extended an invitation. She went on to say that it was sad that LVP chose to distance herself from the group and not try to work through the issues. The other women chimed in and mentioned they invited her to the events as well. Oh please! Inviting someone to a filmed event for a show isn’t the least bit genuine. They all know her places of work and where she lived. As far we knew, Kyle was the only blocked by her. They could’ve reached out off camera just like Rinna faked with Brandi in hopes of getting an alliance and a spot for next season as her contract is up.

The women all showed up for Dorit’s window reveal at the Kiston store which I have to say was so underwhelming. She used garbage bags as her big reveal which made the whole thing look cheap. Proud of her for continuing her brand but with the lawsuits she’s faced with, I’m not sure how long the charade can be kept up. After that, they went for dinner when Rinna decided to bring up the fact that Camille said some things about Dorit and that she needed to own it. Boy, was that a bad idea as they had no idea what they were in for. Camille admitted she didn’t know where Dorit was getting her money from and brought up the lawsuits she and PK were facing. Everyone’s mouth dropped open with Kyle looking extremely nervous. Maybe she thought that Mauricio’s would be mentioned next. No one told her to stop because they all knew what went down in The Bahamas and wanted to know the details as well. When Camille mentioned that they owed money to her friend and that they were being sued for over a million dollars, that’s when Teddi and Denise chimed in to tell Dorit not to say anything and asked Camille to stop. Denise seemed annoyed that Rinna brought up the subject and that Camille went there. Camille told them she didn’t want to bring it up but Dorit insisted, not knowing the bombs that were going to be dropped. Finally, we got the realest moment on the show since LVP stopped filming with them. Many claimed that Camille shouldn’t have brought it up because it was inappropriate. What a laugh! You’d think the women would’ve known Camille isn’t a coward after the camping trip. They didn’t expect her to say what she told Denise (Teddi’s a know it all and intervenes too much – like she did w/ ) so they should’ve known she’d tell it to Dorit straight.

Season 9 Episode 21 – Hurricane Camille

The final episode of the season. Kyle and Mauricio decided last minute to throw party at the 25th location for Mauricio’s company, The Agency. I thought this was strange when I heard about it last November as they already celebrated the 7 year anniversary of The Agency in September, hence Kyle missing Denise’s wedding. I soon came to realise why. Since Mauricio is being sued for allegedly underselling a property then making double when he resold it as a joint owner, they needed to make it seem that they film at their properties all the time just like the property mentioned in the lawsuit (allegedly). This property was where the gatsby party was held back in season 7. Everyone showed up and Camille came in hot especially because of what her daughter told her Teddi did at the airport in Hawaii. 

Camille approached Kyle and told her that she felt ganged up on at Dorit’s event and that she was disappointed in her. It’s like Camille finally realised what Kyle had been doing all season. Kyle went on to say that she swears on her life that there was never a plan to gang up on Camille. Right there, is when it became even more obvious to me that an oath mean nothing to these women which is why LVP swearing on her kids’ lives meant nothing to Kyle. We all watched them plan to attack Camille on the trip to France and how eager they were to start going in on her from the Halloween party. Kyle told a bold face lie didn’t even think twice about it. Something she does well. Teddi tried butting in again and Camille shut her down with the utmost swiftness. She then apologised to Dorit for bringing up the lawsuits when Denise piped up, as if to reprimand Camille for what happened at the dinner. Camille told her to back off and rightfully so. Denise did nothing all season and the two times she spoke up about something was when she jumped in on people who were already in a vulnerable state. She’s no better than her bestie. She had y’all fooled. It was time to take on Rinna and let her know that her behaviour wasn’t necessarily nice and Camille let her know that she wasn’t the mean girl, Rinna was. The finale ended with Camille leaving the event after having to defend herself against women who couldn’t care less about the fact that she had just lost her assistant of 22 years and just lost her home, so her emotions were heightened. With friends like those…

Six Months Later

As the season ended with Camille annihilating basically everyone besides Erika cuz at this point she’s a stand in, production got the women to film one final scene. This scene was for the women to get together and discuss their favourite topics, LVP and CamilleAs a viewer and fan of the show, I was immensely disappointed in how production handled this final scene. This was not a good look for these women especially since image is everything to them. In the preview, they made it seem like they would show the opening of LVP’s Las Vegas restaurant, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, as it’s own scene but instead, they showed clips through flashbacks as the women continued to paint a negative picture of her. They all greeted each other and sat down at Kyle’s tea party (the first for Kyle) and in they went. Dorit began mocking LVP’s entrance to the restaurant and how Caesar’s Palace chose to celebrate this partnership. This was hilarious, coming from someone whose big real were garbage bags and is being sued for millions. 

Rinna announced that she saw LVP in some parking lot with wet nails, fumbling for change to pay the meter, where she offered her money. I don’t know if I believe this at all but either way, LVP wouldn’t need Rinna’s help when it comes to money. Erika added her bits and decided to mock LVP getting painted nails instead of gel. The level of petty was repulsive. Kyle took her turn but stating she too saw LVP and as you probably already know, she ran to every media outlet to deliver this scoop. She proclaimed their exchange was good and she was now at peace with where things were between them because she was honest with her. Kyle still thinks that what she did at LVP’s home, the day before her birthday, was her being honest. How could she have been honest when she had no proof of anything? She saw Teddi’s texts from day 1 of filming and still to the very end of the season told no one she did. Honesty would have been to tell Teddi that she would inform LVP about the messages since an employee was putting stuff out there to Teddi just like LVP made Eden know back in season 7 that the information she gave her (Rinna saying that Kim was close to death and that Kyle was her enabler) would be shared with Kyle. That is what honesty is. That is what loyalty to a friend, transparency and holding both people accountable looks like. Instead, she knew that Teddi would look badly so she helped her blame this whole thing on LVP, using the one thing they “know” people would “buy” into – LVP manipulated Teddi. So funny when they never spoke about Lucy together. 

What took me and many by surprise was when Kyle declared she was more invested in her friendship with LVP than LVP was with her. The nerve of Kyle (whom I like) to even utter such fallacy. Need I remind her and the anti-LVP fans that Bravo could not provide one clip of Kyle ever defending LVP or showing she cared more about the friendship because there weren’t any. The only clip they they tried to pass off as Kyle defending LVP earlier in the season was of Kyle defending Rinna. Kyle didn’t even know who Nanny Kay was until Erika spoke up last season. Nanny Kay had been mentioned from as far back as season 2 at the seance. Like LVP said at last season’s reunion, their friendship was always her listening to Kyle and reassuring her and that was proven to be true. So Kyle spouting this nonsense makes it clear where LVP stood with her all along.

To add insult to injury, Andy Cohen (who has never been a reality tv star but is an executive producer) kept saying the issues were not that deep. He had to have known about the nature of the conversation that the women were going to have because he would have signed off on it. They filmed this scene supposedly before they even knew she wasn’t going to attend  the reunion or that she quit. I actually think the scene was filmed right after the reunion based on one hairstyle in particular, Erika’s. It seemed too similar to what she wore in the reunion clips and I presume she didn’t have much time to do any major changes. So in a sense, Andy added to the months of verbal abuse LVP suffered at the hands of her castmates at a time when she was at her most vulnerable. At a time when LVP just recently lost her mother. This scene could have been edited out. There was no need for it because it was filmed all of six months after they wrapped and about two months after Vanderpump Cocktail Garden was open. What was the reason for this, other than to tell LVP thanks but no thanks. I mean, she asked for the season off and her employer told her no, leaving her to a volatile work space. I was never the one to bring Andy into anything but this last scene kinda adds some credence to what has been speculated about the whole season; that Andy helped orchestrate this season of frauds. 

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What Would They Do Without Vanderpump?


Seven weeks! It has been seven weeks since I last wrote anything about this show. After my last blog, I felt drained and demotivated. Many of you expressed understanding while others tried their best to encourage me to keep going BUT how could I? Nothing much was happening and every episode for the past seven weeks were filled with the same thing…NOTHING. However, I’ll give to you a quick recap.

Season 9 Episode 15 – One Wedding and a Polygraph

The episode began where we left off, with Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) getting ready to take the polygraph test to prove she had nothing to do with any plan to expose Dorit, whether it was by Teddi or through Radar Online. I can’t believe this was what she felt compelled to do in order to clear her name. As she had echoed since the beginning of this hashtag: puppygate, she was innocent of the accusations and the polygraph test proved her right. Would this be enough for the women? At that point they’d already made their minds up that the actual truth didn’t matter as nothing she did was going to satisfy their thirst for taking her down. 

After we saw Kyle complaining about all she had to do for Camille’s wedding, they finally arrived in Hawaii. They had some fun moments that I really enjoyed it but it didn’t take long before LVP’s was brought. Kyle happened to be the one to announce to the group that LVP took a lie detector test. Instead of showing some type of “relief” that at least they’d get some truth, they started questioning LVP’s reasons for doing the test in the first place. They even said she was taking things too far by doing that. Kyle gave one of the most scripted reasons as to how she found about the test that I’ve ever heard of. I may not be from Beverly Hills but I, like Kyle, know what’s real and what’s fake and that whole story was fake. The producers must really think the viewers are a bunch of empty minded folk to believe Kyle’s ridiculous story.

Camille got married and she looked truly beautiful. I was happy to see her so happy. If only she knew how much negativity Kyle had been spewing about her wedding. I was disgusted.

Season 9 Episode 16 – Meet Rinna Jayne

Ugh! I rolled my eyes so far back as I could when I saw the title for this episode. What a joke! After Camille’s gorgeous wedding, the women headed back to California. While on their way to the airport, Rinna happened to be on her phone and saw an article about an interview Camille did prior to wedding. In the interview, Camille expressed she would have liked LVP to be at her wedding but she understood why she wouldn’t be attending. This is something Camille said to LVP herself when she visited her. The women didn’t like that and thought Camille was being two-faced because she said she understood LVP’s plight, totally ignoring the fact that Camille said to them as well that she would still have liked LVP to attend. This prompted Rinna to mention that Camille had said things behind Dorit’s back in September, basically one month after. I suppose Rinna wouldn’t have said anything if Camille joined in on the bashing of LVP. If I were Dorit, I’d keep Rinna at arms length for keeping this information till it suited her. To quote Erika, “that’s not friendship, that’s bullsh’t”.

The rest of the episode was a build up to a Halloween birthday party Kyle held for her eldest daughter, Farrah. The women dressed in what they deemed to be buzzworthy costumes. What was Dorit even wearing?!  As the title suggested, Rinna showed up to Kyle’s dressed as Erika from Coachella. She looked more like Michella Pfeiffer dressed as Harley QuinnKyle begged them to not bring up anything to Camille about what was said in the bus on the way to the airport in Hawaii because it was Farrah’s night. Kim Richards showed up and Rinna used this as an opportunity, yet again, to attack Kim by using the costume she wore as an excuse to call Kim’s behaviour toward her “c*nty”. This time, her bestie (Denise) butted in and for the first time in 16 episodes she had something to say. Too bad it was at Kim’s expense. I knew Denise’s down to earth, laid back persona was just a guise for herKyle, as we’ve come to know and expect, didn’t stick up for Kim in that moment. Kim and Rinna got a chance to speak and both apologised for things they did. I don’t think Kim owed Rinna any apologies but oh well…

Season 9 Episode 17 – A Double Shot of Brandi

This was truly one of the most boring episodes of the series. As we’ve come to expect every season, the women were due for a cast trip. We spent about 10 minutes of the episode with Kyle calling Chateau Ventoux in Provence, France to finalise dates for the trip, 4 days before they were scheduled to leave, while trying to get one of her dogs to keep quiet. I still don’t know why she didn’t just go into another room or why we had to watch this scene for that long. I now understand why fans were annoyed, watching her clip Mauricio’s toenails. That’s not entertainment.

Kyle met the women for lunch and she filled them in on the plans for the trip. They acted like they didn’t know about this trip before the season started. At this point I’d love for the producers of these shows to stop acting like these trips aren’t planned before the season starts and that they determine who will show up. Rinna mentioned that she would like Camille to be invited so she could tell Dorit what she had said about her. They all started laughing and that they’ll gang up on Camille in FranceSince at this point it was evident LVP would no longer be around them, they needed a new target and Camille was it.

Shockingly, well not really, Brandi Glanville showed up to meet Denise for drinks. These new producers really had it out for LVP to bring in Brandi on to further add to lies being told all season. She spent all of 6 minutes bashing LVP, stating that LVP damaged her life, still not taking any accountability for opening her own mouth to try and degrade Joanna Krupa on Watch What Happens LiveI wasn’t even surprised that she had nothing else to talk about than LVP because that’s all she’s been doing since she was fired back in season 5. I had an inkling that she was going to be invited on the trip and I was right. Denise decided to invite her and like the desperate wreck she is, she accepted. Denise really knows how to pick them, huh? Viewers were also angered by this scene because the producers invited Brandi to bash LVP as well a ruse to get her on the trip, all while cutting out LVP’s scene she filmed with The Trevor Project

Kyle, Teddi and Rinna were then on their way to the airport when they called Denise to see what was up due to the Woolsey FiresDenise sounded panicked as she exclaimed she had never seen anything like that before and she didn’t know whether her home was safe or not. Wanna know what the “caring” friends said to her? They told her they hope she makes it to the airport for the trip since they would be there till 3pm. UNBELIEVABLE. Camille was next up on the list for them to call and she basically repeated what Denise said and she made it known she wouldn’t make the trip. You’d think that with their friends going through something of that nature that these women would postpone the trip that none of them were paying for but noooo, they still hopped on a plane and to France they went. You know who was there to help the community, LVP.

Season 9 Episode 18 – Pardon Our French 

Rinna, Teddi, Dorit, Erika and Kyle made it to Provence. The chateau was beautiful and looked like the perfect place to vacation. Sadly, I couldn’t appreciate its beauty because they still went ahead on a trip knowing full well what was happening back in CaliforniaYes, they’ll claim there was nothing they could’ve done and that the trip was booked in advance for X amount of people but they weren’t footing the bill, at least not all of it. Besides, they’re rich. They can afford to lose whatever money spent for the trip cuz if they could choose the chateau, which amounts to almost $10,000 a night, then money is not a problem, right? Unless you’re Dorit, Erika and Kyle whose husbands are being sued for millions. 

They went for some outing in a local market and started talking about eating disorders. Rinna shared a little bit about what her daughter was going through and then Kyle admitted that she, too, had experienced her share of eating disorders. This was the first time she had ever spoken about this on camera in 9 seasons which is really shocking. She mentioned she wants her daughters to love themselves and not yield to societal pressures about a beauty standard. I commended Kyle for sharing this but can’t help thinking how contradictory her speech was given she said on the camping trip that the Kardashians are now the face of body positivity. How could she even say that with a straight face? As usual, they took a shot at LVP by stating they feel better opening up to each other without fear of being judged. Utter rubbish! LVP had never judged any of them, especially Erika as she was the one who made the comment. LVP embraced her from the moment they met while the others looked up her videos and turned up their noses.

Kyle and Teddi then brought up what Rinna did at the Halloween party and asked Erika if she wasn’t angry at Rinna. Sounds familiar? This was the same play they used on LVP in episode 1 at the centre when Kyle got mad that LVP wasn’t showing any anger toward Dorit for giving away Lucy, which caused her to end up in a kill shelter. Erika told them she as fine with it and they kept prodding her, hoping she agreed with them. Erika seemed to have spotted what Kyle and Teddi were up to and shut it down fast like she usually does everything. 

Season 9 Episode 19 – Thirst Impressions

They learnt Camille’s house was burned while Denise’s was okay and still didn’t think to cut the trip short. A rose tasting was organised and Erika didn’t seem pleased to even be there at that point. She can’t really hide her annoyance, no matter what she says. They suggested doing impersonations of each other and again, Erika wasn’t having it. Later, Kyle and Teddi decided to bring up the issue again about Rinna dressing like Erika, attacking Kim. Erika stormed off but not before saying that she felt like she was being bullied and being pushed out of the group. This was either one of the most rehearsed dinner arguments ever or…who am I kidding? They needed something to happen on the trip because they literally were a boring quintet. 

It is often said that when people drink, they reveal their true selves and Kyle and Teddi showed that they do not like Erika because she doesn’t get involved nor looks like she enjoys being around them. They’re not wrong. I’ve been saying this since she joined in season 6. 

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Lights, Camera, Oh My God That Ending!

Season 9 Episode 14 – The Show Must Go On

First off, I apologise for my blog being so late. I went to Tokyo for the weekend and frankly, my getaway was well needed. I even missed a day of work. LOL. But here goes…

We got a glimpse of Camille trying on her wedding dress as her wedding was right around the corner. Her dress was looked so beautiful and perfect for a wedding in Hawaii.

Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) finally revealed the end result of her new kitchen and it was every bit of glamorous as I expected. It looked so much lighter than before and as John Sessa pointed out, very Lisa Vanderpump.

Since Erika’s concert was back in LA, she was doing press for it and she seemed excited. Dorit was then seen catching up her husband on the RV trip she had with girls.

Kyle, Dorit and Lisa Rinna (Rinna) took a run around Kyle’s property and once again, they gave us a workout scene. I’m over it!

Denise, again won’t be filming with the women because she had work in Miami. I’m not sure many people take note of the fact that Denise had not filmed much with the women at all. Most of her scenes were with her husband and kids. I like her but she needs to go. Not a good fit. No shade to OC but send her there. We then saw Denise go to tell one of her daughters that she was saddened she would be missing her first dance. It was a sweet moment but I’m bored. All Denise talks about is sex.


Erika started her preparation for the concert with last minute run throughs. Her husband made his second appearance for the season, to see what the money he’s spending on Erika is truly used for. He seemed pretty much into her stage persona and she, happy to see him. Their interaction was a bit odd but I guess that’s just them.

The women started showing up to the concert and at this point, halfway through the episode, nothing dramatic happened. Erika had an entire episode dedicated to her and it fell flat. How? The mic went out on her set but they quickly fixed it and the show went on. Good for her.


Camille rung up LVP for a chat, so LVP invited her over. Camille expressed how much she wanted LVP to be at her wedding but LVP wasn’t budging. LVP basically told her that there was no sense in attending her wedding when the focus should be her but the women wouldn’t let her have it. Camille seemed to understand to LVP’s face but had something completely different to say in her interviews.

Not long after Camille left, what could probably be a game changer for housewives everywhere, LVP was seen strapping herself to a polygraph in an effort to prove herself once and for all.

This episode was sort of a bust.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


Camp Fires and Happy Endings (Sorta)

Season 9 Episode 13 – Grilling Me Softly



On this episode, the ladies treated us with an unexpected twist; they went camping. I know! I was a bit surprised too because none of the women have shown, over the years, that this is something they’d enjoy. But hey, they can only film so much more content of Erika and Lisa Rinna (Rinna) at the gym. LoL. As is expected when the women are preparing for travel, we see individual clips of them packing the “necessities”.

We started off with Kyle and Teddi exchanging words over the phone about the amount of stuff needed then made a joke about glam squads going. Dorit was then seen telling her glam squad that they won’t be able to go on the trip, so she’s going to be all natural.

Next up, Rinna was with her husband, HarryHarry seemed genuinely amused by Rinna’s 24 hour bag. The trip was just for a day. I gotta say, seeing Harry this excited about Rinna going camping was a delight. I can only imagine how many times he’d invited her to join him. Rinna being Rinna, packed a whole bunch of stuff, you’d think she was going away for two weeks.

The women began arriving at Teddi’s (she sure is getting a lot of screen time this season at her home) one by one. As soon as Kyle arrived she mentioned that PK messaged her and apologised. She said Dorit could have handled the situation better and that she lets things go easily. Yea, right!

Soon after they headed off to the campsite but not before they go crazy in the Vons for groceries. I swear it’s like these women have never bought groceries before. LOL. They grabbed things they all like and the bill came to over $700. To be rich…ahhh.

They arrived at the campsite then went straight for their tents. The tents were decked out to the fullest, way better than when the women went glamping on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Erika opted for a massage as the rest of the women indulged in a game of beer pong. To my surprise, Dorit smashed this game and emerged the victor. Shocked.

After Erika returned, the conversation shifted a little bit to their favourite pastime, talking about Lisa Vanderpump (LVP). Okay…they sorta have to address things related to LVP because whilst she wasn’t filming with everyone, she was still in communication with a few people and information was still being brought back to the group. Dorit claimed she still doesn’t know what she did for LVP to cut her off, when Teddi made sure to say this was Dorit’s punishment and that LVP was angry with her initially. All lies! If we go back to the very first episode of the season when LVP, Kyle and Teddi filmed at Vanderpump Dogs Center (VDC)Kyle got upset at LVP for asking her why she hadn’t been by TomTom all year when she wasn’t angry at Dorit for giving away Lucy. 

Erika chimed in, stating that she only cared about the women on the camping trip and those who show up. She continued further in her confessional that she can’t be friends with someone who keeps score and moves people around like chess pieces. She then said she’s never bought into LVP and never will. Erika was being her usual self, talking crap about LVP while never giving her a fair shot nor say any of this to her face, like she claims she does with people. The thing is, if she didn’t have to pretend to have this great friendship with her Hollywood friend, Yolanda, she and LVP could have possibly been a great duo. Kyle let us know once more that she has no regrets of accusing LVP of being angry at Dorit , so she (LVP) tried to set her (Dorit) up, without any proof. She’s only sorry about the outcome, that is, her getting kicked out.

They went for a short trek till they came upon the area for rock climbing. Dorit showcased her skillset by beating out Teddi and Denise. When it was Camille’s turn, she mentioned that she used a contraption like the rock climbing harness on an ex of hers. Hey Kelsey! 


Night fell and they gathered around a campfire after eating the burgers they made. Unseasoned, I might add. Talk changed to happy endings after Denise returned from her massage and made a comment about being bummed about not getting one. An obvious joke…maybe. The women seemed completely thrown as mouths dropped wide open. Denise decided this would be her moment to shine and shared that she and her new husband, Aaron, went on the hunt for a massage with a happy ending. I couldn’t believe my ears. Her excuse was that she hadn’t met a man who hadn’t received one and she wanted that for him.

The ladies reaction were hilarious and most of them seemed to be blushing. It didn’t end there. Denise further added that she has also received a happy ending which was an also another shocker for the women. Oh DeniseCamille then shared when she was dating a guy in New York, she would help him get better orgasms by massaging his prostrate. Is that Dimitri?

Camille asked Kyle if things were good with her Dorit after their dinner at Teddi’s. Kyle stated that PK apologised and things are fine. Dorit joins them and soon after Teddi added, like she has been doing since LVP neglected to be her storyline, that nothing comes out of people’s mouth’s unless they’re thinking it. She just can’t accept that Kyle and Dorit want to move on. Camille decided to let her know she needs to stop inserting herself into things that weren’t her business. It is here that Camille probably saw what Teddi’s gameplay was. Teddi responded by telling Camille that she only talks out of the side of her mouth and never to her face and that she should stick to her storyline of coming for her. Season 1 Camille returned and told Teddi that her face was right there, basically knuck if you buckWhile all this was happening, Kyle kept playing with her and giving her usual wry smile. This is Kyle’s tell. She does this whenever someone is repeating stuff she talks about, to the person, the gossip is usually about. Before things got further off course, Rinna piped up and reminded the group what the purpose of the trip was for, by saying this all started from one person.

Camille pulled her reigns and fell in line. She added that it’s the hurt from LVP that was seeping into the group. Wrong again ladies! This all started because Dorit gave up LucyTeddi was planning a take down and thought LVP would be on board since she this was her work, and when she realised that wasn’t the case, reeled Kyle in, who helped her hide the messaged from everyone and kept bringing the topic up to LVP. That’s how we they got to that point. It’s all documented. You might disagree if you dislike LVP but that’s how it is. Kyle gave her bits and said that they all care about LVP but it was time to move on, an indication the storyline was about to switch. 

They retired for bed shortly after and had a very awkward morning at the table as Teddi and Camille didn’t really acknowledge each other. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

It would have been so good seeing LVP on the trip because she would have added for more content and fun moments but that’s the way the cookie crumbled. I liked the episode as I do every episode of every season, even if I say it was slow. What I found funny was the fan reaction as well as the cast tweeting up a storm about the episode being so fun. The fans moaned and groaned about how boring last season was and that they needed drama (I never did as I thought the women laughed way more last season). Now the same fans are praising an episode for light drama and fun, that they’ve been complaining about for two years. All this just to stick it to LVP and that she isn’t needed. Well, they couldn’t stop talking about her and that was what was edited.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


We Don’t Have A Friendship

Season 9 Episode 12 – The Ultimate Ultimatum


Here we go!

Coming off such a painfully boring episode last week, with the exception of the last 7 minutes or so, I didn’t really have much expectations from this week’s episode besides the sit down between Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) & Ken with Paul Kemsley (PK) & Dorit.


Erika and Lisa Rinna (Rinna) decided to catch up while working out. Rinna claimed that whenever Erika was in town from touring, they always try to see each other. Maybe that’s true but this only happens during filming as Erika doesn’t hang out with anyone from the show when the cameras aren’t rolling. They talked about their shared respect for each other and that things didn’t start out in the best of ways. Erika said she liked that Rinna was able to say when she was wrong unlike other people who don’t ever think they could make a mistake. A clear dig at LVP. It’s fascinating to see how Rinna can say the most outrageous things (spread that Yolanda had munchausen, saying to Eden that Kim was close to death and that Kyle was enabling Kim’s alcoholism, accuse Dorit of facilitating cocaine usage at her party, send threatening texts to Kim that she will f’k her up) as long as she “owns it” and people simply move on but someone (LVP) who has never treated Erika unkindly, can’t even be given a fair shot? What a joke! At this point, I guess it’s safe to say that Erika only sees LVP as her coworker and not as a friend. Anyways, I’m bored of these two because this was their only contribution to the episode…and one other comment Erika made (will be brought up later). 

LVP and Ken met with Steven at Royal Stone to choose the perfect white marble for the their new kitchen. They were shown a greyish-white marble slab but LVP wanted no parts of any dark colours for the kitchen. Puffy (LVP’s dog), strutting his stuff and wagging his tail decided to mark his territory on one of the large marble slabs. LOL. You can’t bring those fur babies anywhere. I can’t wait to see to see the finished product. LVP then revealed to Ken that PK called her and she agreed to a sit down with him and Dorit. Ken is completely on board with this but he cautioned that it may be tricky with Dorit. If he only knew how right he was! 

Dorit invited us to her new office space because she was tired of working from her home as her company grew. A company, if we go by the tabloids and the video from Jasmine Lennard’s Twitter, she screwed her business partner out of. She’s even made claims that the guy was never a partner but Bravo cameras say otherwise. PK then informs her that he spoke to LVP and that a meeting was set up for them to iron things out. Dorit claimed she won’t put her integrity on the line. I almost choked on my breakfast when I heard that. What integrity does Dorit possibly have to see the proof of Teddi’s texts and nothing of LVP’s involvement, but believes Teddi’s word over the only person who had her back since she joined the show? If she had any integrity at all, she would pay the $5000 fine for breaching the contract.

Kyle and Teddi went on a walk in some park or whatever to talk about their upcoming RV trip. I really have no interest in anything they have to do because they’re not sharing anything that doesn’t make them look good. Kyle brought up yet again (like she always does) that she was still upset at PK’s comment. Kyle mentioned that LVP surrounds herself with yes people but here she has Teddi agreeing with everything she says. Like I said, the projection queen. Kyle further added that she was defending Dorit against LVP because she spoke up and told the truth and that Dorit PK should be thanking her. What truth is Kyle talking about? Why does she keep repeating the same lines? She literally told no truths so far because she’s told no one that she saw the texts messages between Teddi and John Blizzard the very first day she filmed with LVP. I’m so disappointed in Kyle. 


Camille met with Denise to fill her in on what she missed at the concert with Boy George as well as to talk about her upcoming nuptials. Let’s just say, Camille had a whole lot to say about everyone and she wasn’t even drinking. Oh Camille, your comments were pretty catty, some more on point than others. 

  • Denise filled us in on her morning routine for getting her kids ready for school and Kyle showed us she lets Portia sleep with her and Mauricio. I don’t see anything wrong with Kyle’s parenting because her kids are great but I found this particular storyline, and if you look back at how she was with her kids throughout the years, it seemed a bit hypocritical because she scolded her sister, Kim, when she was on the show for being an attached parent.


Ken and LVP were getting things sorted for an event being held to celebrate LGBT rights being acknowledged in India when Dorit PK pull up for their scheduled meeting. Now, before I dive into the scene, I’ve noticed across social media platforms, the anti-LVP clan are accusing her appropriating Indian culture because all in attendance wore traditional Indian garb. They spend all their time obsessing over and trash talking LVP, calling her supporters delusional but you never hear them talk about their actual favs. Sad, really. LVP was never using the event for profit. She didn’t darken her skin to look like the average, stereotypical Indian nor did her guests. What she did was adorn herself in Indian clothing, celebrating a massive moment in the India’s history. None of it was for personal gain. What LVP did is called appreciation, not appropriation. Stop trying to sound “woke” when your intentions are impure. Disgusting!

They were meeting for lunch at PUMP but it wasn’t open for business so LVP had sushi ordered for them. Dorit and PK discussed their feelings going into the lunch. PK decided to leave a lot of what happens at lunch up to Dorit. She exclaimed that she has to be true to herself and that people in a friendship can have a difference of opinion. That is true but things change when one person, in a friendship, accuses the other of some trying to defame them with NO PROOF. It’s not like LVP said Madonna wouldn’t be as huge of a star if she came out today. That’s an opinion, not what Dorit wants LVP to fess up to.

LVP wasted no time in telling Dorit that she hadn’t been happy lately because of the whole Radar Online article. Dorit responded by asking her why she went to TMZ instead of calling her about it. Dorit may have had a point about LVP calling to find out what was going on with the article, if we didn’t see her say on camera to PK, without even talking to LVP that she knows for a fact that LVP leaked the article. She came to the conclusion because of the word “nipped” being used in the article, a word she says she never uses.

If you pay attention to the After Shows on bravotv.com, you would’ve come across a segment where Dorit makes some accusations of her own. She started off by stating that Vanderpump Dogs Centre (VDC) basically coerced her into getting a dog. I’m no rocket scientist but isn’t she the parent? Isn’t she the one responsible for any decisions made regarding her kids? So, we are to believe that LVP passed on her power of manipulation to her partner and employees at the VDC, which is how Dorit got Maddie and then Lucy? Are you really buying this? Bollocks! In the same After Show, Dorit accused John Sessa of saying if she got Lucy, she (Lucy) would be the new Giggy (LVP’s dogbecause Giggy had been sick and would soon be out the door. Erika added she knew this as well because Dorit told her. How could Dorit call herself a friend of LVP and Ken’s and not tell them about such a comment made by their business partner? Instead she brushed it off as him being catty but yet she told Erika. Make it make sense. 

Here’s the kicker. Dorit protested while talking to PK that she knew LVP leaked the story because only a handful of people knew the type of dog that Lucy was. She added that when she told LVP about it, LVP’s exact words were “so she (Lucy) nipped at the kids, well, you know that can happen” and that is a word she’s never used before. PK followed up by saying “nipped is an English word. Well, here she is using that word so freely on the After Show. I thought “nipped” was a word Dorit never uses? Or did LVP manipulate her into adding it to her vocabulary? Again, grasping for straws. 

LVP tried to reassure Dorit that she went to TMZ because this was now out in the public and she wanted it to be known that everything was fine and that she (Dorit) shouldn’t be chastised. Dorit didn’t want to hear that because she expected LVP to call her. LVP told her (Dorit) that she will unfortunately find out too late that she was indeed trying to protect her and I believe she was proven right from the very first episode as we saw Kyle getting upset at LVP for not being angier at Dorit and that Teddi was actually planning to take her down. Ken of course gave his thoughts on the situation and told PK and Dorit that his wife is honest and has no need to lie and she is a good friend. PK seemed torn between his wife and his friends as he tried to have everyone come to an understanding. LVP, swore to him on her kids lives, that she nor anyone she knows would do such a thing to Dorit. That was enough for PK to tell Dorit that if LVP is swearing on her kids lives, he had to accept it. Maybe it’s a British thing but why do the Americans not accept such an oath? Is it because an oath means nothing to them? Like LVP stated, them not accepting what she said, even after swearing on her kids’ lives, says more about them than her. 

Dorit, with no proof of anything that LVP was involved but had seen proof of what Teddi planned on doing and did actually do, told her (LVP) that she believed she had a hand in #puppygate since the texts. At that point Ken had enough. He walked off but not before letting Dorit know that there can’t be a friendship if she’s think his wife is a liar and I have to agree. As LVP said, why would anyone want to be friends with a person they think lies and would try to defame them? Dorit seems to not understand this concept and mentioned to PK that she doesn’t want a friendship with conditions because that’s what LVP was basically asking her to do. “I have to be true to myself” she says. But isn’t she asking LVP to be her friend with a condition as well? It goes both ways darling. 

As they got up to leave, Dorit pulled what Kyle did when she went LVP’S house. She tried one more time for LVP to admit that she did what she was being accused of so they could move past it because she (Dorit) loves her. LVP told her she doesn’t want love like that because she wouldn’t love nor want to be friends with someone who she thinks horribly of. It was at this point that Dorit’s narrative changed and she threw another accusation out there at LVP, by stating LVP was holding a grudge from last year when she (Dorit) told Kyle and the other women that LVP was needy and sought attention. How this came about, I really don’t know but it seems they’re trying their hardest to make something stick. I mean, if LVP was reticent about her feelings toward the situation last season, she wouldn’t have begged the fans to give Dorit another chance. UGH! I’m over Dorit.

  • Kyle had a photoshoot with her family for a Christmas card and her dogs ran out through the gate. Luckily they weren’t hurt and she got them back on the property. The shoot was simple and seemed fun and I liked the card. I actually used the service for my own holiday cards as well.


The women gathered at Teddi’s house for drinks before they left for their RV trip. Erika informs the women that LVP invited her to the event she was having for LGBT rights in India. Erika however, declined the invitation and I was a bit surprised

that no one, not even the producers asked her why she didn’t go. Erika is fine with performing all across America and Greece, in clubs and she’s worshipped for being “fabulous” (so shallow) but can’t show up to an event for LGBT rights being recognised in India? She could have gone to the event and then go to meet the women after. Out of everyone, LVP invited her to the event. This was a moment Erika could’ve proven she is as fair as she claims. But it’s all posturing, isn’t it? I guess India’s LGBT community isn’t her audience. It’s even sadder to know she declined the invite for such a historic event, given the fact that we have never seen seen any philanthropy of hers on the show. They said LVP didn’t want to film with them (she didn’t) but it seems LVP took Denise’s advise and that’s why she reached out to Erika

but I came to find out she was hosting the AMAs pre-show on the red carpet, so she couldn’t have gone. (I struck out the above after receiving the info. Clever editing Bravo. I still think she wouldn’t have gone even if there were no AMAs.) Teddi announced she too messaged LVP about the RV trip but didn’t get a response. Teddi had some nerve sending LVP texts messages now that she stopped filming with them especially because she didn’t think to text to her to confirm if what John Blizzard texted her was the truth. You know why she didn’t do that? Because this was never a plan of LVP’s

Dorit then filled them in on her lunch with LVP and Ken. She told them that LVP said if she (Dorit) didn’t believe her then there was no friendship. I’m surprised she relayed the correct information. Rinna claims LVP can’t say she’s sorry after Denise suggests that LVP should apologise. Kyle was the first to make some snide comment as if she would ever apologise for doing something she didn’t do. Kyle further added that it seemed strange how protective Ken, LVP and PK are of each other, that they must have some business or secrets on each other. This confirmed what LVP said in season 3 to Kyle that she was only close to her (LVP) and Ken so that Mauricio could get the listing on their home. I say this because for Kyle to make such insinuations, showed how her mind works and probably how she see friendships. She just can’t understand that loyalty means something to some people and there doesn’t have to be anything shady going on. Camille jumped in by stating they never heard of Dorit and PK until about two years ago in support of Kyle’s view that she is a closer to LVP and had never heard of PK nor Dorit. Well, Kyle thought Nanny Kay was a cartoon character after LVP had talked about her from the second season. Kyle is the last person to claim closeness. It made LVP’s comment at last season’s reunion that their friendship had always been her listening to Kyle‘s concerns, very true. It also shun a brighter light what on the first episode when she said to Kyle that she was dealing with a lot (LVP had just buried her brother) and Kyle responded by saying she had a lot of stuff dealing with too. 

They’re arguing over who was a closer friend to LVP but it doesn’t matter because neither acted like a friend to her at all of last summer into fall, instead they kept accusing her of things without any proof. Friends don’t do that. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.





Birthday Invitations Are For Friends

Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: A Wolf in Camille’s Clothing

I apologise that my blog had been delayed for as along as it was but I had a busy week and I’m readjusting to my work schedule.


24 hours after the Showdown at Villa Rosa (Goodbye Kyle), Kyle met with the women to fill them in on her version of went down at Villa Rosa. This was also the day of LVP’s birthday and no one knew about what went down. Kyle had not even publicly wished LVP a happy birthday but she expects us, the fans, to think she was so sorry about how things unfolded at Villa RosaShe started off by first, making herself out to be the victim of some terrible tragedy. A tactic Kyle has used since she’s been on the show.

She went on to say, yet again, that she told Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) that as her friend she couldn’t defend her to the group and that LVP always expects her to be in her corner. Camille added her two cents by stating that Kyle had always been in that position. What Camille neglected to say (I’d want to think production edited out this bit but I know better) was that Kyle always puts herself in the middle of situations which have nothing to do with her, especially when it comes to LVP. When Kyle does this, she always takes the side of the other person, instead of the friend (LVP) she claims she loves so much. Miss me with that kind of love. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t friends supposed to be in each other’s corners, all the time? Why is this a problem for Kyle? Why can’t she ever stick for LVP when others are casting doubt? I can recall as early as season 1 after the whole fiasco in Las Vegas between Camille and KyleLVP stood up for Kyle when Camille claimed Kyle said the producers wouldn’t be interested in filming Camille in Hawaii without Kelsey being there. 

This bit was said off camera which caused major drama in season 1 as there was no footage of this discussion. However, this was where we saw that LVP had Kyle’s back without question. Mind you, in season 1 LVP simply offered up opulence as she didn’t really have much drama with anyone. What was clear, was that she stuck by Kyle the whole season.

Kyle talked about when it comes to not being honest and not telling the truth, that she wasn’t willing to that. But what honesty and truth could she possibly be talking about when she still had not told LVP or anyone for that matter, that she saw the text messages between Teddi and John Blizzard. Instead, she wasted no time in defending Teddi when LVP revealed she had the texts. Let’s take into account that this episode was being filmed in September, at least a month after Kyle briefly mentioned American Woman was cancelled but still had not said one word about this

                                                Screenshot of The Blast

nor anything about her stores being closed down. So where’s the honesty and truth? Or does that only come into play when we’re dealing with LVP? She went further by stating how hostile Ken was in defending LVP and that she never expected them to behave the way they did. Someone check to see if Kyle is okay because I remember Mauricio getting quite heated in the Moroccan restaurant at Brandi, in season 2, and was rude to LVP as well. He even, in season 4 called LVP a b*tch, whole talking to Kim. A word, Ken had never used to describe her. All the women look on in absolute horror and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame them because Kyle exaggerated the heck out of the story and took no ownership of how confrontational she was as she was the first one to raise her voice at LVP and curse at Ken. Erika chimed in at the end with her “that’s not friendship, that’s bullsh*t” to show her support for Kyle and her continued disdain for LVP. I always have to laugh whenever she talks about friendship because it’s her 4th season and we’ve yet to meet one friend of hers.


Ken and LVP returned to the scene of the crime (lol) to discuss what really happened. LVP said she had never acted like that in her life (maybe an exaggeration, haha) and from what we’ve seen of her on the show, she’s right. After multiple seasons of being the target for these women, and having walked away from confrontation, never had she defended her honour the way she did with KyleI personally think this was because she was at her limit with this nonsense, especially with all that she had been going through the past couple of months. Ken proclaimed that Kyle knew that the story was untrue but she was after LVP and I can’t help but agree with him. Their renovator, Steven, dropped by to talk about ideas for the 300, 000 USD remodeling of the kitchen. LVP was excited to show both Ken and Steven the gift that Pandora and Max gave her. The gift was a necklace with a locket for a pendant. Inside, were pictures of Ken, Pandora, Max and Nanny KayIf you recall last season, LVP brought up Nanny Kay to the women and Kyle had no clue who she was but pretended she did. Even Erika knew at once who LVP was talking about, then. I find this even more intriguing that Erika remembered that bit of information about LVP‘s life (which could be why LVP thought they were a bit closer and that the condolence note was a bit distant). This again showed that LVP paid more attention to Kyle than she did to her. I mean, Nanny Kay was mentioned back in season 2 at a seance Kyle planned.

In that same seance, LVP voices her disapproval about what went down at The Dinner Party From Hell in season 1, sticking up for Kyle.

Elsewhere, Mauricio and Kyle met to celebrate their anniversary and she expressed that she had not heard from LVP. Mauricio voiced that he was not pleased that Ken raised his voice at Kyle. Parallel to that, LVP told Ken that he was a bit strong with Kyle and he agreed but stated he couldn’t stand there and watch Kyle attack LVP the way she did. I was happy to hear them admit that, something Kyle would never do and still didn’t do at the dinner. Kyle claimed it didn’t matter if they did her wrong, she doesn’t like having unresolved issues/bad feelings with someone she loved and cared about. She really sees no problem with her actions does she? LVP then said to Ken that Kyle stating she loved her makes no sense because why would she love someone who she thinks is manipulative, preys on the weak and is a liar. And I agree.

Birthday Invites Are For Friends

Erika talked about going on tour (something she’s done since her debut season). At this point, Erika is like Heather Dubrow and that house she spent 5 seasons building and talking about on The Real Housewives of Orange County but we never got to see it. The difference is, Heather was at least a little bit interesting even though she came across as sanctimonious. Erika gives off this vibe as well.

Dorit still had not mentioned anything about any of her lawsuits and I’m wondering why the producers weren’t pressing her on this matter. Instead, her storyline now seems to about PK’s diabetes.

Rinna planned a gathering with the women to celebrate Denise’s marriage but Erika wasn’t in attendance due to tour rehearsals. Teddi first arrived and they began to talk. Rinna mentioned that she posted a picture on LVP’s birthday of some pink cupcakes with pills in it. Teddi immediately piped up and said she thought it was funny because that’s Rinna’s thing.

Now, Rinna claims she would never make fun of someone’s addiction because her sister passed away from same. I don’t believe she would. However, to claim she had no idea that LVP’s passed away from a pill overdose, approximately 4 months after his untimely death, being in the same social group as her and even offering her condolence is a bold face lie. Rinna is on social media everyday. This new was in every entertainment media outlet that follows these women. How could she not know? Fans of the show have asked her why would she attack someone in their time of grief and she responded by stating she did not have it easy when her dad passed away. This is another lie. Rinna’s father passed in January of 2016 (may he rest in peace) about 8 weeks after season 6 of the show premiered. The show was filmed during the summer and fall months of 2015. Frank was all right during filming. Season 6 was #munchausengate, started by Rinna, lest we forget. No one was attacking her then. But if we should then look at season 7, filmed in 2016, months after Rinna’s father had passed, she told Eden Sassoon that Kim Richards was close to death and accused Dorit of hosting a coke party. So if Teddi wants to know who tries to hurt people when they’re going through a hard time, she should ask Rinna.

LVP and Ken headed for Tom Tom where LVP’s birthday party was being held. She asked him who was going to be there and he made it known that their friends who were in town. No one that would make her upset would be there. She mentioned she would have liked to have Kyle there because they always celebrated together and she did seem a bit sad but also pointed out that at that point, based on what was happening, she was better off without Kyle and DoritI’m so disappointed in Kyle because she tried to straddle the fence but because LVP wasn’t having it, she chose a side and caused the demise of what seemed to be a great friendship. I guess it was only one-sided.

All the women started to arrive with the exception of Denise as she was invited by LVP to have drinks with her in celebration of her birthday. Dorit looked really shocked by this because she’s know LVP for a long time and couldn’t believe that she wasn’t invited. I’m convinced that Dorit is completely unaware of how much she lacks self awareness. No one can be that daft, right? They carried on normally until Denise arrived. 

Denise finally arrived and Kyle couldn’t care less about about her. All she wanted to know was what happened when she met with LVP. If she wanted to know, she should have shown up to Tom Tom. Denise let’s the women know LVP seemed happy to be amongst family and friends and that they would get together to talk some time in the next week.


The drinks started flowing and Camille’s lips would not stop moving. She always has some funny story to share especially when it comes to her ex husband but what she said next, was quite shocking to many fans.

The women seemed to be having a ball with Camille said but only commented on it in their confessionals and like Teddi has in her blog. I wasn’t too surprised but this comment given Camille has always been one to make some snarky remark and has already attempted to throw LVP under the bus earlier in the season. Yet they wonder why they weren’t invited to the festivities. While they were having yet another event where LVP was the topic of conversation, LVP was celebrating her birthday with people who genuinely love her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.



Goodbye Kyle!

Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Showdown at Villa Rosa

Congratulations to Lisa Vanderpump, John Sessa, Sen. Alcee Hastings and all parties involved in passing the bill to end the dog and cat meat trade around the world.

As #puppygate drags on, the episode begins with Denise and Aaron going through their wedding gifts. It’s a cute moment but I’m really over hearing about Charlie Sheen in almost every other sentence in Denise’s confessionals. Is this all she has to offer? Next! 


We then cut to Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) in the Vanderpump Dogs Centre (VDC) filming a segment for the Puppy Bowl. John Sessa then suggests that they host an event for House Resolution 401 (HRes401) which is to help stop the dog and cat meat trade around the world. The thing is, it would be the same day as the charity ride they (VDC) had planned with Teddi. I could already tell how this would unfold.

Teddi is home having a chat with her husband, Edwin. They start talking about the upcoming charity ride that she and VDC had planned. Her liaison? None other than Blizzard. She goes on to say she had not heard from VDC about the charity ride but she’s still doing it because she had made a commitment. She hints at not knowing whether LVP would show up or not because she hadn’t heard from her. I find this completely laughable because she hadn’t called or had spoken to LVP about anything all season but expected to hear from her about an event that they’ve done before. If anyone follows the casts’ social media, they’d know that LVP hadn’t been to any of these cycling events prior to #puppygate. Like Teddi said, someone from VDC always shows up. So why was she questioning this? Had she spoken to LVP she’d have known that she had an event, put together at the last minute for HRes401, but that wouldn’t have served her narrative well. 

As you saw in the clip, Dorit phoned Teddi to speak about the article from RadarOnline. Dorit starts singing like a bird, expressing her hurt over the article and that she knows for a fact LVP put the story about #puppygate out in the press. At this point, Teddi proclaims that she doesn’t like people who claim things are fine but go around and bring other people into the issue. The problem with that is, that never happened. If you’ve been following since the beginning, you’d know that Teddi planned to bring up the situation with Blizzard, which took place before Dorit filmed with Erika. Teddi claims again that first LVP brought her into #puppygate (still no proof of that), brought Kyle into it (we saw that LVP tried to shut down the situation but Teddi “filled” Kyle in regardless) and now she’s bringing this to the press after pretending all was fine (no proof of LVP doing that but we do have proof of her resolving the issue with Dorit and PK, only for Teddi and Kyle to bring it up in The Bahamas). Isn’t it funny how both Teddi and Dorit have now accused LVP of being behind a set up yet none had actual proof of anything? Both Teddi and Dorit, instead of calling LVP to ask about “suspicions” they had, talked about it to everyone else but her. Like Teddi said in her blog on Bravo’s website this week, “it’s the little things”.


The women meet at Cycle House Alfred where the event will be held. It’s still early but Teddi is already on edge and seems like she was expecting VDC to not show up. When VDC actually does show up, she exclaims it’s not who she expected because she planned the event with Blizzard. Teddi again decides to point out that she hadn’t heard from LVP. Am I the only who remembered her saying at Camille’s birthday party that they were not friends? So why does she expect to her from LVP? Did she call her at any point to ask about the supposed set up at VDCRinna makes some snarky remark about if LVP comes, would she ride a bike. Well, had there not been an event at VDC that day, I have no doubt in my mind she would have shown up. I mean she showed up for Kyle in season 6 when they did a charity for Habitat for Humanity. Funny how Evolution showed a clip of Erika at that event but didn’t use the full clip of the room.

If they had any interest in what LVP’s life or called her at any point, they’d know about the event. Rinna then decides to talk about the RadarOnline article and how much it upset her to read it but wasn’t too concerned or upset about this…

They all seem to make allowances for Rinna to go extremely low because she “owns it” but none have tried to hear LVP’s side without basically castigating her. Rubbish! 

After cycling they gather for lunch to further paint the most horrendous picture of LVP’s character.

To start, Kyle informed the women that LVP wasn’t at the event because she was hosting another event at VDC but they of course question LVP’s motive and start mocking her. Truly the most mean spirited scene I’ve ever seen on this show. Denise doesn’t seem to understand why LVP wouldn’t show up to the charity then go to her event. This is where Kyle was supposed to tell the women what the event was for and that LVP wanted to be present when the vote for the bill was made, but she didn’t.

Dorit takes her shot by stating again that she knows LVP planted the story with Erika chiming in, that she thinks whar LVP did was indefensible and that she manipulated the truth as there were less than 10 people who knew the story. How in the world would Erika know this? Has she ever asked LVP about what went down? Did she ever try to hear LVP’s side? She portrays herself to be this fair person, yet all she knew about the situation was from one source, Dorit. What’s indefensible is her behaviour in this situation. But that’s Erika for you. She’s never given LVP a chance. The women start talking about the language used in the article and that it sounded like LVP. Rinna and Teddi said the use of “poor creature” affirmed their belief. What’s funny, is the article doesn’t make use of that term. Me thinks Rinna and Teddi know exactly how this article came about

Kyle feels she can’t defend LVP because there had been allegations in the past of her leaking stories to the press and she also feels that there’s truth to it. All this while stating she has no proof of any of these allegations. This really shocks me because Kyle had actual proof of Teddi planning to take Dorit down and has defended her but has no proof of LVP doing anything, but won’t defend her. Some friend, huh?. Then again I’m not surprised because back in season 2 she said this about Taylor.

Here, Kyle explicitly states she couldn’t believe Taylor’s claims because she had no proof of the abuse. I was shocked in 2011 and I’m still shocked today. Taylor was Kyle’s friend and she doubted the abuse. I should have seen it then how Kyle operates. 

Dorit continued to play the role of a victim since all the women were now in her corner, telling her she did nothing wrong. This just makes me think that these women only care about their own pets and no one else’s. How have they let Dorit skate by with no criticism? 


So Kyle was tasked with the plan to address the women’s feelings toward LVP. On her way to LVP’s she talked about having defended her in the past but she can’t in good conscience do so because it doesn’t feel right and she wants to set a good example for her daughters. It’s so funny that Evolution keeps going back to season 4 and season 6 to prove any point Kyle tries to make as if we didn’t watch the episodes ourselves. 

The flashback to season 6 in the clip, to show Kyle defending LVP, couldn’t be more wrong and further from the truth. If anyone recalls that lunch after the women went cycling for Habitat for Humanity, put on by The Agency, the Lisa that Kyle was referring to, as it pertained to munchausen was Lisa Rinna, not LVP. Good try Evolution. 

In the scene Kyle does what she usually does and stirs up drama. Yolanda and Rinna spoke about their issue and resolved it but not to Kyle’s satisfaction, so she whispered to LVP just so the conversation can be brought up again. Sounds familiar? This is what she did with #puppygate. Had she left it alone when LVP told her it was resolved, it would have been dead before The Bahamas.

She arrives at LVP’s house and I witnessed the most heartbreaking scene as a fan of the show.

I tried to wrap my head around what took place and why Kyle believes LVP would do such a thing. She claims she has no proof of what she’s accusing LVP of but still decided to attack her in her own home.

All I can think about is back in season 2 as I’ve mentioned in my blog Kyle Is The True Sniper From The Side; more specifically Episode 11 – Tempest In Tea Party. In that scene, the women gathered at LVP’s house for tea, where they talked to Taylor about their feelings. In that scene Taylor announces that there had been talks about LVP’s ego being inflated. The same clip was shown by Evolution. But why would they say that? What transpired after season 1? Like I stated, most of the women wanted their own spin off and were rejected by Bravo but Vanderpump Rules was picked up. This is why they claimed LVP’s ego was out of control and even Paul, Adrienne’s ex husband, said Kyle had been the main one who kept talking behind LVP’s back, the most. She probably was never really over what happened on season 3 or 4 when LVP and her weren’t as close because Kyle never defended her. I guess someone does holds a grudge longer than LVP.

Since the fallout, they’ve tried to paint a narrative to the world and their fans that Ken is aggressive toward women which is truly horrible. In season 3 when Paul (sorry to drag Paul into this cuz at the time I understood his frustration) was shouting down Brandi and threatening her, Kyle didn’t seem to think that was wrong. When Mauricio was upset at Brandi in the Moroccan restaurant, Kyle said this

But was so shocked that Ken raised his voice at her. I do recall Mauricio being rude to LVP in that same scene.

If it seems like I’m making Mauricio out to be someone he’s not, then Kyle, the cast, and the fans should see what they’re attempting to do to Ken is wrong. Whatever story came out about the argument would only benefit one person, Kyle. So if we’re supposed to believe that VDC would benefit from the article being out about Dorit, so LVP planted it, then the same goes for the article about the “showdown at Villa Rosa”. With that said…

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