We Don’t Have A Friendship

Season 9 Episode 12 – The Ultimate Ultimatum


Here we go!

Coming off such a painfully boring episode last week, with the exception of the last 7 minutes or so, I didn’t really have much expectations from this week’s episode besides the sit down between Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) & Ken with Paul Kemsley (PK) & Dorit.


Erika and Lisa Rinna (Rinna) decided to catch up while working out. Rinna claimed that whenever Erika was in town from touring, they always try to see each other. Maybe that’s true but this only happens during filming as Erika doesn’t hang out with anyone from the show when the cameras aren’t rolling. They talked about their shared respect for each other and that things didn’t start out in the best of ways. Erika said she liked that Rinna was able to say when she was wrong unlike other people who don’t ever think they could make a mistake. A clear dig at LVP. It’s fascinating to see how Rinna can say the most outrageous things (spread that Yolanda had munchausen, saying to Eden that Kim was close to death and that Kyle was enabling Kim’s alcoholism, accuse Dorit of facilitating cocaine usage at her party, send threatening texts to Kim that she will f’k her up) as long as she “owns it” and people simply move on but someone (LVP) who has never treated Erika unkindly, can’t even be given a fair shot? What a joke! At this point, I guess it’s safe to say that Erika only sees LVP as her coworker and not as a friend. Anyways, I’m bored of these two because this was their only contribution to the episode…and one other comment Erika made (will be brought up later). 

LVP and Ken met with Steven at Royal Stone to choose the perfect white marble for the their new kitchen. They were shown a greyish-white marble slab but LVP wanted no parts of any dark colours for the kitchen. Puffy (LVP’s dog), strutting his stuff and wagging his tail decided to mark his territory on one of the large marble slabs. LOL. You can’t bring those fur babies anywhere. I can’t wait to see to see the finished product. LVP then revealed to Ken that PK called her and she agreed to a sit down with him and Dorit. Ken is completely on board with this but he cautioned that it may be tricky with Dorit. If he only knew how right he was! 

Dorit invited us to her new office space because she was tired of working from her home as her company grew. A company, if we go by the tabloids and the video from Jasmine Lennard’s Twitter, she screwed her business partner out of. She’s even made claims that the guy was never a partner but Bravo cameras say otherwise. PK then informs her that he spoke to LVP and that a meeting was set up for them to iron things out. Dorit claimed she won’t put her integrity on the line. I almost choked on my breakfast when I heard that. What integrity does Dorit possibly have to see the proof of Teddi’s texts and nothing of LVP’s involvement, but believes Teddi’s word over the only person who had her back since she joined the show? If she had any integrity at all, she would pay the $5000 fine for breaching the contract.

Kyle and Teddi went on a walk in some park or whatever to talk about their upcoming RV trip. I really have no interest in anything they have to do because they’re not sharing anything that doesn’t make them look good. Kyle brought up yet again (like she always does) that she was still upset at PK’s comment. Kyle mentioned that LVP surrounds herself with yes people but here she has Teddi agreeing with everything she says. Like I said, the projection queen. Kyle further added that she was defending Dorit against LVP because she spoke up and told the truth and that Dorit PK should be thanking her. What truth is Kyle talking about? Why does she keep repeating the same lines? She literally told no truths so far because she’s told no one that she saw the texts messages between Teddi and John Blizzard the very first day she filmed with LVP. I’m so disappointed in Kyle. 


Camille met with Denise to fill her in on what she missed at the concert with Boy George as well as to talk about her upcoming nuptials. Let’s just say, Camille had a whole lot to say about everyone and she wasn’t even drinking. Oh Camille, your comments were pretty catty, some more on point than others. 

  • Denise filled us in on her morning routine for getting her kids ready for school and Kyle showed us she lets Portia sleep with her and Mauricio. I don’t see anything wrong with Kyle’s parenting because her kids are great but I found this particular storyline, and if you look back at how she was with her kids throughout the years, it seemed a bit hypocritical because she scolded her sister, Kim, when she was on the show for being an attached parent.


Ken and LVP were getting things sorted for an event being held to celebrate LGBT rights being acknowledged in India when Dorit PK pull up for their scheduled meeting. Now, before I dive into the scene, I’ve noticed across social media platforms, the anti-LVP clan are accusing her appropriating Indian culture because all in attendance wore traditional Indian garb. They spend all their time obsessing over and trash talking LVP, calling her supporters delusional but you never hear them talk about their actual favs. Sad, really. LVP was never using the event for profit. She didn’t darken her skin to look like the average, stereotypical Indian nor did her guests. What she did was adorn herself in Indian clothing, celebrating a massive moment in the India’s history. None of it was for personal gain. What LVP did is called appreciation, not appropriation. Stop trying to sound “woke” when your intentions are impure. Disgusting!

They were meeting for lunch at PUMP but it wasn’t open for business so LVP had sushi ordered for them. Dorit and PK discussed their feelings going into the lunch. PK decided to leave a lot of what happens at lunch up to Dorit. She exclaimed that she has to be true to herself and that people in a friendship can have a difference of opinion. That is true but things change when one person, in a friendship, accuses the other of some trying to defame them with NO PROOF. It’s not like LVP said Madonna wouldn’t be as huge of a star if she came out today. That’s an opinion, not what Dorit wants LVP to fess up to.

LVP wasted no time in telling Dorit that she hadn’t been happy lately because of the whole Radar Online article. Dorit responded by asking her why she went to TMZ instead of calling her about it. Dorit may have had a point about LVP calling to find out what was going on with the article, if we didn’t see her say on camera to PK, without even talking to LVP that she knows for a fact that LVP leaked the article. She came to the conclusion because of the word “nipped” being used in the article, a word she says she never uses.

If you pay attention to the After Shows on bravotv.com, you would’ve come across a segment where Dorit makes some accusations of her own. She started off by stating that Vanderpump Dogs Centre (VDC) basically coerced her into getting a dog. I’m no rocket scientist but isn’t she the parent? Isn’t she the one responsible for any decisions made regarding her kids? So, we are to believe that LVP passed on her power of manipulation to her partner and employees at the VDC, which is how Dorit got Maddie and then Lucy? Are you really buying this? Bollocks! In the same After Show, Dorit accused John Sessa of saying if she got Lucy, she (Lucy) would be the new Giggy (LVP’s dogbecause Giggy had been sick and would soon be out the door. Erika added she knew this as well because Dorit told her. How could Dorit call herself a friend of LVP and Ken’s and not tell them about such a comment made by their business partner? Instead she brushed it off as him being catty but yet she told Erika. Make it make sense. 

Here’s the kicker. Dorit protested while talking to PK that she knew LVP leaked the story because only a handful of people knew the type of dog that Lucy was. She added that when she told LVP about it, LVP’s exact words were “so she (Lucy) nipped at the kids, well, you know that can happen” and that is a word she’s never used before. PK followed up by saying “nipped is an English word. Well, here she is using that word so freely on the After Show. I thought “nipped” was a word Dorit never uses? Or did LVP manipulate her into adding it to her vocabulary? Again, grasping for straws. 

LVP tried to reassure Dorit that she went to TMZ because this was now out in the public and she wanted it to be known that everything was fine and that she (Dorit) shouldn’t be chastised. Dorit didn’t want to hear that because she expected LVP to call her. LVP told her (Dorit) that she will unfortunately find out too late that she was indeed trying to protect her and I believe she was proven right from the very first episode as we saw Kyle getting upset at LVP for not being angier at Dorit and that Teddi was actually planning to take her down. Ken of course gave his thoughts on the situation and told PK and Dorit that his wife is honest and has no need to lie and she is a good friend. PK seemed torn between his wife and his friends as he tried to have everyone come to an understanding. LVP, swore to him on her kids lives, that she nor anyone she knows would do such a thing to Dorit. That was enough for PK to tell Dorit that if LVP is swearing on her kids lives, he had to accept it. Maybe it’s a British thing but why do the Americans not accept such an oath? Is it because an oath means nothing to them? Like LVP stated, them not accepting what she said, even after swearing on her kids’ lives, says more about them than her. 

Dorit, with no proof of anything that LVP was involved but had seen proof of what Teddi planned on doing and did actually do, told her (LVP) that she believed she had a hand in #puppygate since the texts. At that point Ken had enough. He walked off but not before letting Dorit know that there can’t be a friendship if she’s think his wife is a liar and I have to agree. As LVP said, why would anyone want to be friends with a person they think lies and would try to defame them? Dorit seems to not understand this concept and mentioned to PK that she doesn’t want a friendship with conditions because that’s what LVP was basically asking her to do. “I have to be true to myself” she says. But isn’t she asking LVP to be her friend with a condition as well? It goes both ways darling. 

As they got up to leave, Dorit pulled what Kyle did when she went LVP’S house. She tried one more time for LVP to admit that she did what she was being accused of so they could move past it because she (Dorit) loves her. LVP told her she doesn’t want love like that because she wouldn’t love nor want to be friends with someone who she thinks horribly of. It was at this point that Dorit’s narrative changed and she threw another accusation out there at LVP, by stating LVP was holding a grudge from last year when she (Dorit) told Kyle and the other women that LVP was needy and sought attention. How this came about, I really don’t know but it seems they’re trying their hardest to make something stick. I mean, if LVP was reticent about her feelings toward the situation last season, she wouldn’t have begged the fans to give Dorit another chance. UGH! I’m over Dorit.

  • Kyle had a photoshoot with her family for a Christmas card and her dogs ran out through the gate. Luckily they weren’t hurt and she got them back on the property. The shoot was simple and seemed fun and I liked the card. I actually used the service for my own holiday cards as well.


The women gathered at Teddi’s house for drinks before they left for their RV trip. Erika informs the women that LVP invited her to the event she was having for LGBT rights in India. Erika however, declined the invitation and I was a bit surprised

that no one, not even the producers asked her why she didn’t go. Erika is fine with performing all across America and Greece, in clubs and she’s worshipped for being “fabulous” (so shallow) but can’t show up to an event for LGBT rights being recognised in India? She could have gone to the event and then go to meet the women after. Out of everyone, LVP invited her to the event. This was a moment Erika could’ve proven she is as fair as she claims. But it’s all posturing, isn’t it? I guess India’s LGBT community isn’t her audience. It’s even sadder to know she declined the invite for such a historic event, given the fact that we have never seen seen any philanthropy of hers on the show. They said LVP didn’t want to film with them (she didn’t) but it seems LVP took Denise’s advise and that’s why she reached out to Erika

but I came to find out she was hosting the AMAs pre-show on the red carpet, so she couldn’t have gone. (I struck out the above after receiving the info. Clever editing Bravo. I still think she wouldn’t have gone even if there were no AMAs.) Teddi announced she too messaged LVP about the RV trip but didn’t get a response. Teddi had some nerve sending LVP texts messages now that she stopped filming with them especially because she didn’t think to text to her to confirm if what John Blizzard texted her was the truth. You know why she didn’t do that? Because this was never a plan of LVP’s

Dorit then filled them in on her lunch with LVP and Ken. She told them that LVP said if she (Dorit) didn’t believe her then there was no friendship. I’m surprised she relayed the correct information. Rinna claims LVP can’t say she’s sorry after Denise suggests that LVP should apologise. Kyle was the first to make some snide comment as if she would ever apologise for doing something she didn’t do. Kyle further added that it seemed strange how protective Ken, LVP and PK are of each other, that they must have some business or secrets on each other. This confirmed what LVP said in season 3 to Kyle that she was only close to her (LVP) and Ken so that Mauricio could get the listing on their home. I say this because for Kyle to make such insinuations, showed how her mind works and probably how she see friendships. She just can’t understand that loyalty means something to some people and there doesn’t have to be anything shady going on. Camille jumped in by stating they never heard of Dorit and PK until about two years ago in support of Kyle’s view that she is a closer to LVP and had never heard of PK nor Dorit. Well, Kyle thought Nanny Kay was a cartoon character after LVP had talked about her from the second season. Kyle is the last person to claim closeness. It made LVP’s comment at last season’s reunion that their friendship had always been her listening to Kyle‘s concerns, very true. It also shun a brighter light what on the first episode when she said to Kyle that she was dealing with a lot (LVP had just buried her brother) and Kyle responded by saying she had a lot of stuff dealing with too. 

They’re arguing over who was a closer friend to LVP but it doesn’t matter because neither acted like a friend to her at all of last summer into fall, instead they kept accusing her of things without any proof. Friends don’t do that. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


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  1. Linda says:

    Thank you for this blog Keirn – excellent as usual and great having all the videos to back up the text. Much appreciated

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for the feedback Linda.

  2. Linda says:

    Want to say that the video with PK and Dorit talking about the word ‘nipped’ was very very funny

    1. Keirn says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I laughed so much during the process of the video being made.

  3. Linda says:

    You’re very talented I couldn’t do anything like that and I and I’m sure many others appreciate it. Take care

  4. SilverGlambert says:

    Keira I totally love and appreciate your posts. Your observations are spot on, and similar to mine 😆.
    👸🏻 Is the Queen and always will be. 🥰 Long Live The Queen 👑

    That being said, what did you think when she ate her 🍣 with a 🍴?. 🤔

    1. Keirn says:

      I was shocked but I didn’t mind it.

    2. Keirn says:

      Thanks for the support.

  5. jrzshorelady says:

    Great blog as usual! I’m surprised you didn’t mention how Kyle insisted everyone wear a white button shirt, but yet she wore something different so as usual she can be the center of attention.

    1. Keirn says:

      Thank you. I did think about it but I liked the moment, so I let it pass.

  6. Robin says:

    You’re the man!!! Great blog…as usual!!! You def have a special talent! Hugs!

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for that.

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