Birthday Invitations Are For Friends

Season 9 Episode 9 Recap: A Wolf in Camille’s Clothing

I apologise that my blog had been delayed for as along as it was but I had a busy week and I’m readjusting to my work schedule.


24 hours after the Showdown at Villa Rosa (Goodbye Kyle), Kyle met with the women to fill them in on her version of went down at Villa Rosa. This was also the day of LVP’s birthday and no one knew about what went down. Kyle had not even publicly wished LVP a happy birthday but she expects us, the fans, to think she was so sorry about how things unfolded at Villa RosaShe started off by first, making herself out to be the victim of some terrible tragedy. A tactic Kyle has used since she’s been on the show.

She went on to say, yet again, that she told Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) that as her friend she couldn’t defend her to the group and that LVP always expects her to be in her corner. Camille added her two cents by stating that Kyle had always been in that position. What Camille neglected to say (I’d want to think production edited out this bit but I know better) was that Kyle always puts herself in the middle of situations which have nothing to do with her, especially when it comes to LVP. When Kyle does this, she always takes the side of the other person, instead of the friend (LVP) she claims she loves so much. Miss me with that kind of love. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t friends supposed to be in each other’s corners, all the time? Why is this a problem for Kyle? Why can’t she ever stick for LVP when others are casting doubt? I can recall as early as season 1 after the whole fiasco in Las Vegas between Camille and KyleLVP stood up for Kyle when Camille claimed Kyle said the producers wouldn’t be interested in filming Camille in Hawaii without Kelsey being there. 

This bit was said off camera which caused major drama in season 1 as there was no footage of this discussion. However, this was where we saw that LVP had Kyle’s back without question. Mind you, in season 1 LVP simply offered up opulence as she didn’t really have much drama with anyone. What was clear, was that she stuck by Kyle the whole season.

Kyle talked about when it comes to not being honest and not telling the truth, that she wasn’t willing to that. But what honesty and truth could she possibly be talking about when she still had not told LVP or anyone for that matter, that she saw the text messages between Teddi and John Blizzard. Instead, she wasted no time in defending Teddi when LVP revealed she had the texts. Let’s take into account that this episode was being filmed in September, at least a month after Kyle briefly mentioned American Woman was cancelled but still had not said one word about this

                                                Screenshot of The Blast

nor anything about her stores being closed down. So where’s the honesty and truth? Or does that only come into play when we’re dealing with LVP? She went further by stating how hostile Ken was in defending LVP and that she never expected them to behave the way they did. Someone check to see if Kyle is okay because I remember Mauricio getting quite heated in the Moroccan restaurant at Brandi, in season 2, and was rude to LVP as well. He even, in season 4 called LVP a b*tch, whole talking to Kim. A word, Ken had never used to describe her. All the women look on in absolute horror and to be honest, I wouldn’t blame them because Kyle exaggerated the heck out of the story and took no ownership of how confrontational she was as she was the first one to raise her voice at LVP and curse at Ken. Erika chimed in at the end with her “that’s not friendship, that’s bullsh*t” to show her support for Kyle and her continued disdain for LVP. I always have to laugh whenever she talks about friendship because it’s her 4th season and we’ve yet to meet one friend of hers.


Ken and LVP returned to the scene of the crime (lol) to discuss what really happened. LVP said she had never acted like that in her life (maybe an exaggeration, haha) and from what we’ve seen of her on the show, she’s right. After multiple seasons of being the target for these women, and having walked away from confrontation, never had she defended her honour the way she did with KyleI personally think this was because she was at her limit with this nonsense, especially with all that she had been going through the past couple of months. Ken proclaimed that Kyle knew that the story was untrue but she was after LVP and I can’t help but agree with him. Their renovator, Steven, dropped by to talk about ideas for the 300, 000 USD remodeling of the kitchen. LVP was excited to show both Ken and Steven the gift that Pandora and Max gave her. The gift was a necklace with a locket for a pendant. Inside, were pictures of Ken, Pandora, Max and Nanny KayIf you recall last season, LVP brought up Nanny Kay to the women and Kyle had no clue who she was but pretended she did. Even Erika knew at once who LVP was talking about, then. I find this even more intriguing that Erika remembered that bit of information about LVP‘s life (which could be why LVP thought they were a bit closer and that the condolence note was a bit distant). This again showed that LVP paid more attention to Kyle than she did to her. I mean, Nanny Kay was mentioned back in season 2 at a seance Kyle planned.

In that same seance, LVP voices her disapproval about what went down at The Dinner Party From Hell in season 1, sticking up for Kyle.

Elsewhere, Mauricio and Kyle met to celebrate their anniversary and she expressed that she had not heard from LVP. Mauricio voiced that he was not pleased that Ken raised his voice at Kyle. Parallel to that, LVP told Ken that he was a bit strong with Kyle and he agreed but stated he couldn’t stand there and watch Kyle attack LVP the way she did. I was happy to hear them admit that, something Kyle would never do and still didn’t do at the dinner. Kyle claimed it didn’t matter if they did her wrong, she doesn’t like having unresolved issues/bad feelings with someone she loved and cared about. She really sees no problem with her actions does she? LVP then said to Ken that Kyle stating she loved her makes no sense because why would she love someone who she thinks is manipulative, preys on the weak and is a liar. And I agree.

Birthday Invites Are For Friends

Erika talked about going on tour (something she’s done since her debut season). At this point, Erika is like Heather Dubrow and that house she spent 5 seasons building and talking about on The Real Housewives of Orange County but we never got to see it. The difference is, Heather was at least a little bit interesting even though she came across as sanctimonious. Erika gives off this vibe as well.

Dorit still had not mentioned anything about any of her lawsuits and I’m wondering why the producers weren’t pressing her on this matter. Instead, her storyline now seems to about PK’s diabetes.

Rinna planned a gathering with the women to celebrate Denise’s marriage but Erika wasn’t in attendance due to tour rehearsals. Teddi first arrived and they began to talk. Rinna mentioned that she posted a picture on LVP’s birthday of some pink cupcakes with pills in it. Teddi immediately piped up and said she thought it was funny because that’s Rinna’s thing.

Now, Rinna claims she would never make fun of someone’s addiction because her sister passed away from same. I don’t believe she would. However, to claim she had no idea that LVP’s passed away from a pill overdose, approximately 4 months after his untimely death, being in the same social group as her and even offering her condolence is a bold face lie. Rinna is on social media everyday. This new was in every entertainment media outlet that follows these women. How could she not know? Fans of the show have asked her why would she attack someone in their time of grief and she responded by stating she did not have it easy when her dad passed away. This is another lie. Rinna’s father passed in January of 2016 (may he rest in peace) about 8 weeks after season 6 of the show premiered. The show was filmed during the summer and fall months of 2015. Frank was all right during filming. Season 6 was #munchausengate, started by Rinna, lest we forget. No one was attacking her then. But if we should then look at season 7, filmed in 2016, months after Rinna’s father had passed, she told Eden Sassoon that Kim Richards was close to death and accused Dorit of hosting a coke party. So if Teddi wants to know who tries to hurt people when they’re going through a hard time, she should ask Rinna.

LVP and Ken headed for Tom Tom where LVP’s birthday party was being held. She asked him who was going to be there and he made it known that their friends who were in town. No one that would make her upset would be there. She mentioned she would have liked to have Kyle there because they always celebrated together and she did seem a bit sad but also pointed out that at that point, based on what was happening, she was better off without Kyle and DoritI’m so disappointed in Kyle because she tried to straddle the fence but because LVP wasn’t having it, she chose a side and caused the demise of what seemed to be a great friendship. I guess it was only one-sided.

All the women started to arrive with the exception of Denise as she was invited by LVP to have drinks with her in celebration of her birthday. Dorit looked really shocked by this because she’s know LVP for a long time and couldn’t believe that she wasn’t invited. I’m convinced that Dorit is completely unaware of how much she lacks self awareness. No one can be that daft, right? They carried on normally until Denise arrived. 

Denise finally arrived and Kyle couldn’t care less about about her. All she wanted to know was what happened when she met with LVP. If she wanted to know, she should have shown up to Tom Tom. Denise let’s the women know LVP seemed happy to be amongst family and friends and that they would get together to talk some time in the next week.


The drinks started flowing and Camille’s lips would not stop moving. She always has some funny story to share especially when it comes to her ex husband but what she said next, was quite shocking to many fans.

The women seemed to be having a ball with Camille said but only commented on it in their confessionals and like Teddi has in her blog. I wasn’t too surprised but this comment given Camille has always been one to make some snarky remark and has already attempted to throw LVP under the bus earlier in the season. Yet they wonder why they weren’t invited to the festivities. While they were having yet another event where LVP was the topic of conversation, LVP was celebrating her birthday with people who genuinely love her.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


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  1. Linda says:

    Fantastic blog – so good Keirn – really really appreciate it and also the videos that back up – interesting as the first season when LVP had Kyle’s back against Camille – I’d totally forgotten that and thanks for putting that out there again.

    1. Keirn says:

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the support.

  2. Robin says:

    As usual, great job! Also, where are you from?

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for the support. I’m from Jamaica but I live I Japan.

      1. Robin says:

        I noticed a major time difference, that’s why I asked! I’m EST (Maryland)

  3. Marcy Davis says:

    Great Blog. Thank you, really enjoyed reading with clips. Camielle that took some time. Thank you again. Awesome job so professional

    1. Keirn says:

      Thank you very much.

  4. T. O’Krsa says:

    The scene with the women laughing at Camille’s comments about Lisa’ teeth is one of the meanest scenes in housewives history. Not one of those women stood up and protested how awful that was. And the one cackling the loudest is Kyle who “loves” Lisa. They are grown a$$ women and to make fun of someone like that is horrible. Certainly says more about them then Lisa’s dental hygiene. I know Camille apologized to Lisa but bet she didn’t give her a clue how mean it was.

    I’m so glad that all of their meanness, lying, petty actions and talking interviews has aired before the reunion. Often the worst stuff is aired after the reunion has been taped and it is never addressed during the reunion show. Hopefully Andy is up to the job of giving Lisa some kind of support for what the coven put her through this year. They each owe her a huge, heartfelt apology at the reunion. Hell will freeze over first.

    Love your recap, excellent!

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks so much for the support. It’s sad what has happened.

    2. jrzshorelady says:

      I don’t think Andy will give Lisa any support at the reunion based on WWHL. When Andy showed that clip from an earlier season with Kyle talking about “Lisa” LVP kept saying it was Lisa Rinna, not her…and Andy would not show the extended clip or agree that it was Rinna.

      1. Naomi Greaves says:

        I agree with you, Jersey Shore. Such a shame!

  5. Linda kiker says:

    I look forward to your blog every week. Very good.

    1. Keirn says:

      Thank you for the support.

  6. jrzshorelady says:

    I just found Keirn’s blog and I have to say it’s the best blog ever!!! I love how you back up everything you post with videos. So many times while watching any reunion I’m screaming at the tv “let’s go to the videotape” (ala Warner Wolf). I really wish Andy would have the nerve to do that.

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for the support. I’m sure they roll the tapes but they still have to edit the whole reunion and use the best bits.

  7. Naomi Greaves says:

    Hi Kiern. I just recently found your blog, and I love it! You’re very thorough & insightful, and I look forward to reading your thoughts & opinions. Keep up the awesome work!

    Do you recap any other shows? I’m really interested in what you have to say about the NY HWs.
    Happy Easter, Passover, Saturday/Sunday, or whatever you’re celebrating 💙

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks for the support. In the past, I used to recap a lot of show but I stopped. I couldn’t let this season of Beverly Hills go without sharing my thoughts.

  8. Carlos says:

    As a,ways, so spot on.

    I found it strange when 24 hours after Goodbye Kyle happened, that the gang was “so surprised “ to hear what kyle told them transpired the night previous at Villa Rosa.

    I say this because Lisa Vanderpump posted her blog on her personal website, and mentioned that an hour after Kyle left, Lisa went with Ken and her friend Elena to Polo Lounge where Kyle was seen with the others. Obviously the “gang” was told that night.

    Now I have a question for anyone who sees my comment.

    In the opening scene of LVP party, there is a woman holding a dog. I think it’s a larger Pomeranian .

    My friend recognized this woman as someone from one of the other Housewives series. ( maybe Hungary, or Budapest, etc). He told me her name and I’d looked her up.

    I’ve forgotten her name. Do you or any of your readers know it, and which show she is from?

    Again, thanks for such insightful blogs.

    1. Keirn says:

      Thanks Carlos. I do not know which housewife show that woman is on. I did read LVP’s blog and was blown away.

      1. Carlos says:

        In remembered that woman’s name.
        It’s Iwona – her husband is Reggie Benjamin. ( they’re quite close to LVP and Ken and are also in the scene for Indian LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 that we only get to see a glimpse of.)

        My mistake, she’s not a HW but a dog stylist and groomer

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