The “M” Word Heard Around Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 20: Who Do You Believe?

If you’ve been watching this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) and stuck with it through all 20 episodes, I applaud you. What a whirlwind of a season it was! I don’t know how Evolution USA managed to stretch the same conversation for as long as they did. Anyways, the season has ended and I couldn’t be happier because I can finally write something based on the finale, anything else would have been redundant.

This season, like The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC), the women engaged in conversations about a cast member’s health, Yolanda Foster (now Yolanda Hadid). Some in defense and others outright saying she may be lying about her illness. This is where the M word came into play. After years of fighting Chronic Lyme Disease, seeing numerous doctors and taking all the medication she could, Lisa Rinna (Rinna) brought up the word Munchausen to Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) which set the tone for the rest of the season.

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What I found odd was that Rinna chastised Taylor for questioning the pictures posted by Yolanda but was the one who brought up this word that would cause so much issues throughout the season. From that conversation at LVP’s home, she looked shocked by what Rinna read and LVP even said she didn’t want to talk about that so Rinna should go to the Yolanda with it, since she felt guilty about gossiping. However, Rinna did the opposite and went to everyone else before she fessed up to Yolanda.

Elsewhere, in the midst of this plot, Eileen has an issue LVP because of questions she asked her in the Hamptons. At the time LVP was speaking with Eileen, she fully engaged her and it wasn’t until a day or so after that she brought up she felt LVP was grilling her.

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Here’s where things get a bit tricky. Eileen has a point and is entitled to feel the way she did. She doesn’t like talking about she met Vince, her husband, because it isn’t considered the norm. She felt LVP was insensitive and didn’t like that she brought it up. She explained this to LVP as clearly as she could, but maybe not clear enough.

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LVP, being British (and yes this plays a massive role as this was a clash of cultures) didn’t think it was that big of a deal because she couldn’t understand why Eileen was just now bringing it up. She thought that if Eileen was so bothered by her questions, she should have said something at the time not day(s) later. So, LVP apologized for asking her too many questions and then gave her advice on how to move forward with her re conversations. I get both sides but Eileen didn’t seem to think LVP’s apology was good enough and so begins the battle of the most sincere apology. 

Newcomers to the group, Kathryn and Erika, added their own flavor to this season. Kathryn came in through Rinna as well as her connection to Faye Resnick via a book she wrote after during the OJ Simpson trial. Kathryn joined a little late so a lot of the overall storyline was already developed but she caught on rather quickly.

Erika was introduced through Yolanda who, based on how the season transpired, was brought in to be Yolanda’s ears and eyes when she wasn’t around. She not only reported on everything that happened when Yolanda wasn’t around, but she chose how she relayed the information especially the parts about LVP, and normally it’s never good. It’s also interesting to note that the pair claimed to be friends for over 9 years but Erika had never met Yolanda’s kids nor was at her wedding to David Foster (the person that allegedly connected through) but Hollywood friend as Yolanda wants us to think about LVP was present. Something doesn’t add up with Erika but I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet.

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Erika seemed to judge LVP from the moment they met which shocked viewers as LVP had been nothing but nice to her. It begs one to think that she and Yolanda sat and spoke at length about Yolanda’s dislike for LVP, which Erika used as the basis for disliking LVP. She even compared LVP to Bobby Fischer. This isn’t new as other wives had done this before. The thing is, she wasn’t around when that name was used and claimed she never watched the show before. So where else would she have heard it if not from her confidant, Yolanda?

At one point she even referred to LVP as a sniper from the side, which made no sense because all LVP had shown her was kindness. In fact, when the other women judged her for the music she made, LVP embraced her especially because they have something in common – an more mature husband. You see Erika is married to a Tom Girardi, some big shot lawyer that is highly respected in California who she met while working as a waitress. This is apparently how she is able to find her music career with her $40K a month glam squad. I know lawyers made money but I didn’t know they made that much to fund a music career and pay $40K for glam EACH MONTH. Hmmmm…

The ladies went to Dubai for their cast trip, excluding Yolanda because she couldn’t travel such a far distance. Anyways, if you watched season 4, you’ll recall the beach scene when the ladies all decided to gang up on LVP, completely blindsiding her, then this was a replica of that. Only this time, she was aware of what was going on. Little did she know the extent to which Rinna and Eileen had be slating her behind her back. They confronted her and told her to fess up to her part in the whole Munchausen fiasco but she claimed no part in it. They go back and forth and Eileen doesn’t understand why Kyle would be fine with LVP supposedly wanting her to take the fall for the word. Nothing gets resolved and they leave Dubai not speaking and avoided each other.

We’re finally at the finale party and the end to a long season of the same conversations. Rinna ensures she first speaks to Yolanda before anyone else could and apologizes for her part because, according to her, she was being manipulated by LVP. Once again, passing the blame. Of course Yolanda believes Rinna because she always thinks the worst in LVP, especially when she heard from Erika that LVP claimed Mohamed told her the kids didn’t have Lyme disease.

LVP and Mohamed have been friends for years and that’s how she knows Yolanda as she made clear when Yolanda first joined the cast in season 3. This was clearly a misunderstanding of the words he used when speaking with LVP and this further justified to Yolanda that LVP is not her friend. Simply put, she doesn’t like LVP for whatever reason, even though LVP has always backed her and shown support. In fact it was in that same season 3 reunion where we first saw Yolanda trying to smear LVP’s name when she told Kim and Kyle that LVP is full of sh*t and didn’t care about Kim. LVP at the time sided with Yolanda and  said she didn’t believe Yolanda said that. I guess we can see who was trying to make who look bad from then. The dislike, however, goes both ways as back in season 4, LVP felt Yolanda disrespected her husband and she was hurt by it especially since she had always been respectful to her husbands.

Yolanda and LVP sat down. Yolanda then tells her that she heard she (LVP) was the source of the Munchausen comment which shocked LVP. She had to pull Kyle to verify this wasn’t the case but Yolanda already made her mind up because of what her spy, Erika, told her.

Rinna and Eileen are puzzled as to why LVP hadn’t approached them. I must have not been watching the same show they were filming because how they left things in Dubai, I would think LVP is a fake if she did approach them. She saw what she needed to see and didn’t need anymore clarity on the matter. Eileen loves a resolution and feels the need to always push for that. However, just because she doesn’t see a resolution, doesn’t mean the other party involved, hasn’t moved on from the situation. LVP bows out of the party because she could see the night would turn sour then everyone starts leaving. No resolution, with the audience wondering, what now? I guess we’ll find out at the reunion. With that said, Who Do You Believe?

That’s a wrap on season 6.


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