Teddi-Bear “Richards” Caught In A Blizzard

Season 9 Episode 1 Recap: Lucy Lucy Apple Juice


The ladies of Beverly Hills are back and this season has already started off with a bang. As most fans of the show would have already know, some major drama took place during filming last summer which caused a divide. If we’ve learnt anything from the prior 8 seasons, when there is a divide, we can expect to see Kyle in the middle of it with Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) on the receiving end. Since this was brought to light in September 2018, there have been numerous theories and articles written about who was/were the guilty party. I, too, had a lot say. I think I even spent everyday talking about this as if this was my livelihood. But when you’ve been following these shows for as long as some fans have, the cast are like our family and we protect them at all cost.

Fast forward to the premiere of season 9 on February 12 and the first 50 seconds were some of the best product this show has put out since Amsterdam.

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Here we see LVP, Kyle and Ken in a very heated exchange. Now, many reports came out that Kyle was indeed kicked out of LVP’s home September and of course the rumour mills immediately started painting this Ken is aggressive toward women narrative. In fact, Erika even alluded to that in her Bravotv.com blog by stating she was troubled by the yelling at Kyle. This, coming from the woman who yelled and screamed PK in season 7. Kyle really has some guts, going to Villa Rosa to accuse LVP of lying, AGAIN. Isn’t she tired of this? She never gives LVP the benefit of the doubt and takes everything LVP says personal but she is allowed to make her jabs without any repercussions. Ken is angry and rightfully so because this is the 4th time the cast have decided to make LVP the scapegoat for the season so they can avoid talking about their issues. I bet production will find some old clip of Ken calling Kim stupid in season 4 and when Yolanda lied about Ken grabbing her arm, to prove some sick point. If so, they should remember that dinner at the Moroccan restaurant when Mauricio was yelling at Brandi. LVP is literally crying, pleading to her “friend” to believe her this one time. Kyle really has a habit of always believing the worst in LVP and because she can cry at the drop of a hat, LVP is always seen as the bad guy. The fact that she knew LVP was more emotional than she’s ever been due to her brother’s passing, was busy with Tom Tom, and she still believed LVP had a hand in this story, shows how much she values the friendship.


The next vital scene in this episode and what viewers should keep in mind, is what went down at Vanderpump Dogs. 

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By now, we’ve all been anticipating how the drama with the dog went down to begin with. We find out that an employee at Vanderpump Dogs and Teddi’s friend actually told her about it and this solves the mystery of “who phoned Teddi?” If you read Teddi’s blog on Braavotv.com she claims John Blizzard and her are not close friends so LVP is exaggerating. I wondered why she was so defensive on social media and this episode proved why. How can she expect us to believe that an employee would just call and text her if they didn’t have some type of friendship and in the same breath wants us to believe she didn’t tell her bestie Kyle about the incident? Teddi must really think we just started watching this show. Blizzard messaged and phoned Teddi  because at that time, she and Dorit weren’t cool so I bet they gossiped quite often about her. The text exchange doesn’t seem like two people who do not know each other well. You decide.

Kyle is enquiring about what happened with he usual “confused” face when she’s given information. This is the same look she had on her face back in season 6 when Rinna dropped the Munchausen comment at LVP’s home. If you recall, Kyle acted completely shocked by what Rinna said, only for us to find out in their blogs and at the reunion that she and Rinna had dinner off camera and spoke about Munchausen and that they’d tell LVP about it. We know how that went. They, instead of being mad that Rinna would say such a thing about Yolanda, turned it around to LVP asking if Rinna was going to bring Kyle into the discussion she would have with Yolanda. Kyle most definitely skated that whole season without ever being called out when she was instrumental in Munchausen being brought up. Yolanda told her about her kids having lyme disease and she brought up the question to LVP, laying the trap for her to fall in. So I’m unconvinced she hadn’t a clue about puppy-gate until that day. Just like season 6, they’re focusing on the wrong thing.

LVP cherishes dogs and would never do anything to jeopardize their lives. For them to start thinking even though she said it was handled, she didn’t mean it, is ridiculous. I don’t agree much with Erika but last season she said Teddi wasn’t this frail, weak woman and in the season’s trailer, she seems to be calling out Kyle and Teddi for working together. She may be on to something. I think though, that the producers saw how the audience disliked Erika after last year and they probably gave her some hints on how to approach talking about the issue while being filmed. If the episode showed me anything, it was that Kyle and Teddi already had it in their heads that LVP somehow was jealous of their new found friendship. Haven’t we heard that before? Their blogs on the episode this week even echoed, almost identical thoughts.

Sorry Teddi-Bear but running with gossip is never good especially when there’s a blizzard of varying accounts of what took place. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


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    Well written. Bravo

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      Thanks for reading.

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    Receipts a-go-go! Love the work you’ve put in here, and I’ve enjoyed reading the rest of your blog, as well. It’s very thoughtful and impassioned! Bookmarked!

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      Thank you so much.

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