You Don’t Own Sur

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 12 (Kim Nose About It)

The ladies are still in Vegas for their ‘women empowerment’ venture. We find them at a pole dancing studio where Brandi is helping them find their inner sexy.


Brandi sure knows how to work that pole LOL. Everyone seems to be wild about the idea except for Debbie DownerMarisa Zanuck. (I guess Marisa isn’t that comfortable doing stuff like this. Still LOVEher nonetheless). They each take turns on the pole and show what they are made of. Lisa seems to be enjoying this session more than everyone else. (Remember Pandora’s Bachelorette Party at the Chippendale’s?) >>>>>quick flashback<<<<<

The proof is in the pudding as Lisa does it again, but this time on the pole. 

Meanwhile…Adrienne is back in Beverly Hills at some business meeting. You’d think she would stick to her business but she has to go on about Brandi doesn’t work and she does, so she doesn’t have time for ‘stripper poles’. What a b_tch! For someone who claims she doesn’t like drama, she sure brings up Brandi’s name a lot.

Pole dancing is over and Kyle receives a call from her sister Kim. Kims drops a bomb on Kyle that she is going to get her nose done. Um…does Kim have a big nose? I didn’t see anything wrong with her nose but whatever helps her recovery. Brandi is the first to show concern as Kim is a recovering alcoholic and taking medication may be risky. (Way to go Brandi <3) Yolanda is upset at how Kyle just easily brushes off what Kim just said to her. (Yolanda really does care for her friends. She just epitomizes positivity)

Surgery In The Hills

Adrienne and Paul are seen looking like a loving couple. We don’t buy this for a second. Anyways, Paul undergoes laser hair removal on his back. Adrienne has to point out that he doesn’t have the Mauricio body and then make it seem like Paul says stuff about her body too. She has always put Paul down. Not that I care anymore because of what he did to Brandi. I’m sure Adrienne is thinking that Paul should just fry.

In the same breath, Kim goes under the knife and gets her nose done. She is in pain after surgery but is reassured by the doctor that she will be ok in about 4 days.

Not Dinner and a Movie

The girls meet up to for dinner and they begin to speak Kim’s surgery and what may happen as a result. They start irritating Kyle and ended the discussion. Yolanda opened up a can of worms as soon as she asks Camille how she is. Camille, with her dramatic self, says she misses Adrienne. Here comes the drama. The issue cam up again about the season 2 reunion and what happened prior to. There was some call with Camille, Brandi and Adrienne where Adrienne was asking Brandi to go after Lisa. Now the drama intensifies. Camille and Brandi disagree because they both have different sides to the story. (Check out Camille’s dramatic exit).


Kyle runs after her and she brings her back in. They continue to argue and Brandi brings up something about Adrienne owning only 2% of The Palms and once again everyone (Kyle and Camille) are upset at her. However, this is public record, so what really is the big deal? Yolanda jumps in and tells them to just leave it alone because it isn’t there business. But Kyle and Camille still don’t think so and go to bat for Adrienne once more. Out of nowhere, Camille blurts out: 

Like really Camille?


So, why does Camille have to attack Lisa here when she said nothing about Adrienne. Some friend she is. The ladies end dinner because Yolanda has to leave. Kyle and Camille decide to leave with her, so they take the jet back to Beverly Hills.


We find Kim and Kyle and Ken and Lisa catching each other up in separate scenes, about what happened in Vegas. Based on the two discussions, it is clear that Kyle and Lisa need a meeting. (I love them both, but I have to agree with Lisa that Kyle never seems to stick up for her.) Kyle keeps going on and on about Lisa can defend herself so she doesn’t need to yet she defends Adrienne. A friend should stick up for a friend no matter what, so that excuse Kyle keeps giving is getting old. We’ll see what happens.

Next week: The Tea Party: Brandi vs Adrienne


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