We Should Buy The Hospital Ourselves

Grey Anatomy Season 9 Episode 14 (The Face of Change)

This week I’m doing this a bit different. I’m going to start with the end of the episode and work my way back to the beginning.  So where should I start? Ok. Here goes…

We Should Buy The Hospital Ourselves

Finally, the group (well Torres) decides that the best way to save the hospital is by buying it themselves. This was after a long day spent with Webber. Both Webber and Torres visited a different hospital that the potential buyer, Pegasus, already owns. Both Torres and Webber posed as patients to see how that hospital’s patient care is. They were astonished when told by a Dr. Khan (no, not Dr. Khan, the heart surgeon) that he only has 15 minutes with them. (15 minutes? Is this even possible?They then posed as employees of Pegasus who are evaluating the program which showed them even more why something has to be done. Hence, the buy in. (Way to go Torres. I always knew you were smart.

I Like You, I Really Like YOU

So Kepner and the EMT guy, whose name is just heard in the final scene, Matthew, finally kissed. This was after spending their ‘date’ – which turned into them saving some kid’s life. If you didn’t already know or just forgot, these two have been seeing each other since Matthew asked Kepner out. (Aren’t they just the cutest? Finally she is over Avery) I’m sure Matthew didn’t expect Kepner to kiss him but who wouldn’t after such a hectic day at the hospital. The Kid’s life they helped save was after they both were in the ambulance on their date and Matthew got a call that the ambulance was needed. Kepner jumped along and ta dah! a trauma case for Kepner. Now there’s a slight problem as Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital closed their ER due to the buy out and the closest ER is an hour away. Kepner calls Jackson and they devise a plan to operate under the radar. (Talk about ballsy and risky.) They wind up in the ER and all the doctors are basically summoned. (This had me biting all my nails as the buyers were in the hospital on a tour and were headed that direction) Luckily they moved the patient before Cahil and the buyers reached the ER but she noticed blood on the floor.

Can’t Run From Change

Avery and Karev (both up for being the Brand Ambassador if the buy out happens) were part of the risky move. They each have been competing all day as they had photographers following their every move. However, they left the other doctors to deal with the patient as they had their own take care of. Their patient was doing a gender sex change but in stages. We were introduced to a Brianna and Jess (the actual guy who I find looks an awful lot like Blaine from GLEE) in the beginning. These two have been seeing each other Karev introduced Brianna to a therapy session to deal with herhis gender issues. Anyways, Brianna wants to be a male but his father doesn’t think this makes any sense as he thinks his child is too young.  However, Brianna still decides to do the surgery and Karev and Avery have to respect their patient’s wishes as the patient is 18. (What a cute transgender couple! Bleh! I’m not one for sex change cuz I really don’t understand it or why people do it. But it’s not for me to judge).

That’s What Interns Are For

After a week without Brooks, she comes back banging. Literally. Yang and Meredith (notice how I say Yang instead of Christina and Meredith instead of Grey? Weird but ok) were the two doctors that had to take over when the patient Kepner brought in had to be moved to the OR. The interns played a vital role here as they were the eyes, ears and mouthpiece of the operation. Brooks did a number on that door because they forgot the electricity was turned off on the automatic doors in the ER. (Can’t you just die!). Luckily she did this as that would have been poor Meredith or Yang running head on in the door. Anyways, while in the OR, Cahil and Hunt barged in asking where the patient came from. With their updated system, she attempts to check but Meredith used her wit and got to the tablet first. She played dumb and deleted the patient information on purpose. (Bet you thought you saved the group, didn’t you Mer?) Cahil figured it out and wanted to find out who was solely responsible. Karev and Avery both took the blame (bravo!), so Kepner’s butt has been saved.

Final Thoughts

I’m kind of glad that Bailey only had one scene in this week’s episode. I could not deal with her at all this week. Avery and Edwards are growing on me as their relationship seem to be getting serious. It was good to see Derek do something so risky by covering for the others and helping them to save the patient. It’s been a while, especially since it had nothing to do with him. Webber seems to be heading into early retirement which has been delayed for far too long. I was really happy when Torres made that suggestion about buying the hospital but the look on everyone’s faces makes wonder.

See you next week.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. So, I really liked the Kepner kiss at the end but I still love Jackson and Kepner together for some reason…

    Buying the hospital… eh, actually didnt come as a shock to me (even though I am not sure they even have that kinda money because a hospital like Seattle Grace Mercy West should be selling for billions not millions)… Surprisingly, I was actually expecting Derrick to make that proposal but the look on his face is what the hell is this chick smoking??!!

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      lol…well i’m glad it came up. let’s see what will unfold

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