Adrianna: A Playboy Bunny?

 90210 Season 5 x Episode 13 (#realness)

This week on 90210, the episode kicks off off with the two now irrelevant cast members, Liam and Navid. They immediately begin to talk about the whole fight that took place last week and that the guys want to it again. An angry Liam shoots the idea down which Navid finds puzzling. He mentions that he has to go meet a casting agent (weird though, you’d think Liam would give acting up since it got him in the whole being kidnapped situation). He goes to meet with the casting agent who mentions that the new role has something to do with football (right up Liam’s alley as he played ball in high school). Of course, he says he’ll think about it but not for long as he is supposed to show up at this charity event that Naomi is supposed to be hosting with Max.

It’s Liam Court!!!!

At the charity event Liam turns it up, along side NFL superstar T.O. His performance was mind blowing which after the game, caused the media + fans to rush up to him. You could see the fear on Liam’s face as the crowd surrounded him. I’m sure he was suffocating. He runs off under the stands to get a breather where the casting agent sees him and assures him that as long as he turns up for the meeting, the role is his. Let’s hear it for Liam y’all. Liam isn’t too keen on this idea as he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore because this was what got him into the situation with psycho Ashley to begin with. He doesn’t show up and ends up at Navid’s old studio space to engage in the fight he had turned down. It’s obvious Liam isn’t the smartest of the bunch and there has to be trouble ahead for him. 

One Final Time

After last week, I didn’t expect to see these two together for a while. But the producers just had to rub the break up in our faces in the most cruel way possible. In preparing for the charity event, Naomi and Max meet up to go over the experiment that they would conduct. This seems like a brilliant idea in Naomi’s eyes as they initially were to do it together. I’m sure Naomi has ulterior motives. While preparing they start getting playful with each other and before you know it, the kissing begins. We then see that it’s the next day which means they made love. All must be well now right? Naomi thinks they are getting back together while Max, at the event, tells her that this was a mistake. She breaks down and uses the showcase to get her feelings out there which made Max realise she is hurt by what he said. Max, tells her that they need to find themselves and that can’t happen with them being just friends because he still loves her. Damn you producers for breaking these two up :'(.

Oh, Navid.

Navid somehow worked his way up this week’s episode after a very irrelevant storyline last week. The story continues this week after her tries to get Liam to fight again. He is still trying to get in with this club that seems to be run by Campbell played by Grant Gustin (from Glee). Since Liam turned him down and going off of Dixon’s advise to use his own talents and not Liam’s, Navid and the guys go out to this bar. Am I the only one concerned that Navid’s storylines in 90210 are always centered around sex, drugs, or some other illegal thing?


Campbell is hear telling Navid about this girl he spots at the bar. Navid assures them that he can get her number and sets off on the mission like a true pick-up artist. The guys sit back and watch as Navid does his thing. The girl introduces herself as Amanda and although Navid wasn’t serious about picking her up, he does just that and wows Campbell. Atta boy Navid!

Adrianna: A Playboy Bunny?

After the whole charity event, Adrianna is scheduled to perform just like every other week. Adamant in her pursuit to get out of Dixon’s contract she devises a plan. Meanwhile, Silver is telling Teddy about using Adrianna as the surrogate since he had mentioned using Shane’s sister. What seemed to almost be logical, soon turned sour. Adrianna gets on stage and delivers the worst performance of her life.

Not only was the singing awful, Adrianna stuns the crowd by flashing everyone, even the very children that were present. The look on everyone’s face was price. Take a good look at Dixon’s face. Adrianna’s plan came to fruition and now she is no longer bounded by the contract.

In Other News

Annie has been blogging about her life and a very known and establishes publisher wants to represent her and publish her work. She meets the publisher and agrees but with one condition; that no one know she is  the author as there are things in her past that her brother have no idea about. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds. 

Remember that girl, Amanda, that Navid met at the bar. Thought we’d seen the last of her. It turns out she is the sister that is suppose to carry Silver’s baby. Silver meets her and Teddy at Teddy’s place and who else shows but Navid, in a very awkward way, the two (Navid and Amanda, whose real name is Mikaela) shake and greet each other as if it were the first time they are meeting each other.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Tune in next week.


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