The First Ladies Are Back

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 x Episode 1 (Bullies and Babies)

It’s a new year which means new set of drama from the OC housewives. If we recall last season clearly, new housewife Heather Dubrow came waltzing into town with her holier than thou attitude and immediately started hating on my girl Alexis Bellino. Friendships were tested, some broken beyond repair it seems while new ones were formed. Tamra and Gretchen finally got what they wanted, each other which saw Gretchen instantly switching on Alexis and start bashing her with Heather and Tamra. Vicki was the only who had Alexis’ back last season and because of this, she and Tamra were at odds.

The reunion proved that Gretchen, Heather and Tamra will always be on one side and include Vicki if they felt like but Alexis was on the outskirts. Where does this leave us?

Let The Clam Bake Begin

We kick off this season with the very irrelevant and forced Heather preparing for a clam bake she is having. She makes it clear that she isn’t inviting Alexis, like we care, because she and her just don’t seem to mesh. Alexis only appears in one scene with her husband as she is focusing more on her new home that she bought and her clothing line which means she works from home. Still #TeamAlexis.

Vicki’s daughter, Briana, is still very much pregnant from the last time we saw her at the reunion. She has, since then with her husband, moved back in with her mom and is just moments away from having her baby. She is in the hospital and has to undergo a C-section to have her baby. She has a baby boy which turns Vicki in a grandma. Things aren’t the same with Vicki either as we learn that she and Brooks, her ex [I think], are no longer together. That’s not the only thing that’s different with Vicki, she has done some surgical reconstruction to her face as she wants look revitalized and much younger. I mean, she has the money, so why not do it? She knows that she will be the topic of discussion at the clam bake especially because she has not seen Tamra nor have she spoken to her since the reunion. Can you spot the tension already?

Gretchen and Slade are still together it seems and things look good for them. Likewise Eddie and Tamra have moved in together since he proposed last season. I refuse to believe that all will be well with these two. Slade finally has a job that isn’t centered around Gretchen which means he may or may not be seen as often this season hanging around Gretchen like a pup.

The clam bake has begun and Heather has set up and is waiting for the ladies to show up. Of course, Gretchen and Tamra have to arrive together because they are now joint to the hip it seems with Tamra’s handbag, Eddie. They arrive at Heather’s house and start talking about Vicki and Alexis. Like when will they stop talking about Alexis though? Tamra/Gretchen [I don’t remember who] asks Heather if she has spoken to Vicki and Heather makes it known she and Vicki are good and text on occasion. They immediately ask her if she has seen what she’s done to her face which we know will stir the pot.Vicki shows up and the drama begins.

Stay tuned for the next episode as the First Ladies of The Real Housewives are back!


No More Adrienne Maloof

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion Part 1

So The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 has finally ended and the reunion came right after. A first for BravoTv. Like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season had a lot of firsts which was just simply amazing. Anyways let’s get right into it.

Once again Andy is seated with the ladies from Beverly Hills to go over what has transpired in the season.

Andy begins by telling us that Adrienne is not going to be at the reunion and that her final act as a housewife is not turning up for the reunion. Simply put, she won’t be part of the show anymore. It’s a bit odd that Adrienne decided not to attend the reunion and that she went to the press bashing the show. The ladies all share their views about this act that and that they think Adrienne is a bit cowardice for leaving things unsettled. I for one will not miss her as she was a too much self involved and was probably as fake as her face. Anyways, no more Adrienne Maloof.

Andy then goes into his questions immediately and asks Brandi about what happened between her and Adrienne. Brandi sticks to her story that Adrienne had wanted her to bash Lisa in the Season 2 reunion which she was going to do. This decision made things tense between Adrienne and Brandi which built up during filming and Brandi went ham on Adrienne. She revealed something that all the ladies may have known but didn’t say to the group which sparked a series long feud. Not much was said about it as Adrienne refused to speak on the issue and since she wasn’t there to explain, Andy quickly shifted gears.

A New Housewife

Yolanda was the newest cast member for Beverly Hills and my oh my did she come in at the right time. She came in having neutral ground as she isn’t one for drama but is taken with Brandi. I’m so glad she was on Brandi’s side because Lisa alone could not do. Andy asked her how she felt joining the cast and why do people think she holds herself to a higher degree than the other ladies. Yolanda made it clear that she isn’t like that at all and it’s the Dutch within her that warrants her behaviour as she is by no means some who looks down on others. More questions came flying in at Yolanda from viewers who wanted to know why she puts David on a pedestal. She defends her husband by making it clear she feels honored to even be married to him and just wanted the ladies to respect that.

Soon after, the claws came out when Andy touched on the Kyle and Lisa issue. Viewers, like myself, wanted to know why Kyle didn’t back Lisa all throughout the season.

Quite shockingly, Lisa says, Kyle switched on her because she and Mauricio needed to nurture that business relationship with Adrienne and Paul in order to get the listing for their house.  I was like, did Lisa really just say that? Kyle says that is a low blow on Lisa’s part and a defamation of her character.

Lisa then asks if she and Adrienne speak currently

and Kyle responds by saying, she and Adrienne were never really friends.

Pause for a minute. Is this the same Kyle that was basically “blowing sunshine up Adrienne’s ass” the whole season? Lisa’s went further to say that her relationship with Kyle also changed after Mauricio sold their house. Kim jumps in to defend Kyle like a true sister should. How long will this last? Did I even see right? Kim is actually making a lot of sense with her speech in this reunion. Finally she is lucid. I’m happy for her.

Kim decides she wants to call Lisa out on what she did to her in Paris. She starts saying Lisa was talking behind her back the whole time and didn’t really care about her. She basically insinuated that Lisa was doing it for the camera.

Of course Yolanda jumps in to defend Lisa, something Kyle would have never done.

A very lucid and in control Kim, totally flips out

I was like whoa! Where did this come from. Are they now turning on Lisa?

Brandi and Yolanda give their two cents while Taylor sits and observes as her time is basically done with the wives as far as I’m concerned. Brandi and Yolanda both agree with this bit and Brandi also says that she and Lisa are friends even outside of filming because she doesn’t talk smack behind her friends’ backs. Yolanda agrees which has Kyle on the war path.

She and Kim jump in to say Yolanda called Lisa a fake, phony and pretentious when they were at the airport.  Yolanda was like

Meanwhile, all Lisa could do was


Now if this were the case, why didn’t the producers show this to the world to stir up more drama? Lisa makes it clear she doesn’t believe Yolanda said that which Kyle and Kim are shocked to hear.

You don’t want to miss what’s coming on Part 2 of the reunion.


Lisa & Ken: Forever

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 19 (Finale)

A Night of Romance Maybe?

After such a long and drama filled season, we are now in the finale. Last week were left with Faye barging in on a conversation that had nothing to do with her and instantly she, Brandi and Yolanda went at it. The drama continued as soon as the episode started. Yolanda and Brandi are seen talking about what Faye did where Lisa joins them and they fill her in. Since Faye had barged in on the discussion with Marissa, Jennifer (Brandi’s friend) calls out to Marissa so the conversation could be finished. Marissa comes joins Yolanda, Brandi, Lisa and Jennifer and they go over what the text meant that Brandi sent to Marissa. The seem to  have resolved that bit but Brandi wants to know who said she would sleep with a married man. Of course, Marissa [probably feeling cornered] threw Faye right under the bus 😀 which not only is a recipe for disaster at this point but upset Lisa.

We then see Taylor and her friend Dwight (who got quite a few air time his season) speaking to Linda, who was married to Yolanda’s husband at one point. What a world these ladies live in! They go on to talk about Yolanda and how Taylor felt at first when she met her. I could understand where Taylor was coming from but it’s always best to know people for yourself instead of using information received from a third party. Taylor told her she judged Yolanda wrongfully and she just wants to know if Linda will feel betrayed if she becomes friends with Yolanda. Linda of course tells her, the past is the past and she and Yolanda and David are in a good place so she needs not worry her head.


Lisa is then seen with Faye which has everyone on high alert because they know something’s about to go down. Lisa asks Faye if she thinks Brandi is her mouth piece which we then see a very rude and morally corrupt Faye responding that she thinks Brandi speaks for Lisa and that she is out to get Adrienne. Like I’m so tired of Faye and her meddling and hope Lisa puts her in her place. Being the lady Lisa is, she cusses Faye out in the most respectable way possible. They keep going at it, back and forth, where we then see Yolanda walking up to them, somewhat similar to what Faye did a few moments before, to show her that she was in the wrong. Brandi follows shortly and Lisa immediately tells her what Faye is saying about her. How dare Faye come in Lisa’s home and accuse her of being cowardice, manipulative and inauthentic? Faye then uses a phrase that Kyle used on Lisa in last season’s reunion, that being in a friendship with Lisa is like playing chess, which made Lisa realize that Kyle really has been filling Faye on a whole lot. Lisa is irritated at Faye because basically they are accusing her of being calculated just like actual chess so that when the time comes Lisa can goimage.

I have been sticking up for Kyle all season because I genuinely thought she was staying true to Lisa but that statement proved she isn’t as loyal as she makes herself out to be. Faye goes on and on about how Brandi broke up a family yet again, which I found quite interesting as she is doing what she’s accusing Brandi of. Hypocritical much!

Kyle sees what is taking place and decides she needs to go over to where the ladies were because she wants to find out what is happening. She goes on to say in her interview she is tired of fighting people’s battles but we know that’s not true. Soon after, Kim and Taylor are seen and the discussion go more intense. Yolanda, Brandi and Lisa start going in on Faye again about her accusations about Brandi having sex in Kyle’s house at the white party, which no one saw, and Kyle just stands there looking. Soon after, Faye blurts out she is bored of the conversation when Brandi tells her again she should leave because she has no real place there. This is where Lisa mentions to Kyle that  Faye has been saying stuff about her and Kyle responds this is not about her, which offends Lisa and proves that Kyle doesn’t have her back. I bet this is the end of the friendship :(.

Faye walks away leaving Kyle to defend her as the ladies are all riled up at the moment. In doing so, she gets Kim angry at her because she wasn’t that much defensive of Kim last season. Kim’s view here was a bit off as this wasn’t needed. 

The drama then subsides and the atmosphere changes a bit.

Out of the blue, Adrienne turns up at Lisa’s house, tonight of all nights. Kyle , Kim, Camille , Wendy and Mauricio all greet her and the very emotional Kyle starts crying. I am very surprised to see Adrienne at Lisa’s house because she just announced that she and Paul will be separating. But we all know Adrienne is a fame seeker so she wouldn’t miss this opportunity. She sits down an starts telling them about the situation. She lets little out and appears to be broken but I bet you are as much confused as I am because she didn’t appear to love her husband

She then stops crying and tells Kyle to give Lisa her best. She even went on to say that she thinks Lisa is cold for not going over to her but neglects to recognize that she came to Lisa’s house and not the other way around. Ken was even upset that Adrienne came and did not say an thing to them. She then leaves and her friends follow her out. Kyle responds in her interview that it’s weird that  she found out her friend was getting a divorce in the press and not from her friend. Uh, if someone you thought was your friend didn’t tell you they were getting a divorce, that means you aren’t friends. Get it right Kyle.

Lisa is then seen upstairs feeling uncomfortable about the night to come. Brandi joins her and tells her not to let Adrienne’s drama cloud her night as this was about her and not Adrienne.  Being the type of person Lisa is, she just didn’t feel right but Brandi reassures her that she and Ken need to do this as their love is unlike no other.

A very good friend indeed Brandi.

The Moment For Life

Finally, after such a long and exhausting evening, The Vanderpump-Todd family renewed their vows which was just magical. Ken was adorable as ever and his vows were unbelievable. He made a little joke that he will obey Lisa forever because that’s just how much he loved her. Lisa recites her vows which brought tears to my eyes. Of course she made it very much emotional and fun just as how their relationship have been. 30 years in love and she made it clear that she is the woman today because she grew up with Ken. :’) ❤

The ceremony was beautiful and everyone could not stop talking about Lisa and Ken.

As for the wives…


An amazing end to one of my favourite housewives franchise. Can’t wait for the reunion and Season 4. No more Adrienne 😀 :D.

No Matter How Many Chanel’s You Borrow, You’ll Never Be A Lady

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 18 (A Shot Through The Heart)



After Kyle’s big store opening last week, the only event that we knew of to be held was Lisa’s housewarming party (Anniversary Party). However, out of nowhere Adrienne is also throwing a party launching her new vodka Zing. Adrienne goes big with party and she had invited all the girls except Brandi of course. Meanwhile at Villa Rosa we see Brandi and Lisa having a little spa get together. I assume Lisa did this so that Brandi does not feel alone if she went to Adrienne’s party. Brandi and Lisa touch on the topic of Adrienne’s marriage stating she and Paul do not look happy. Brandi even alludes to the fact that their marriage must be some business type thing and not affectionate. Ken joins in to add his little humour,

and climbs atop Lisa. I just love these two. 

Zing Party

So Adrienne’s party is in full swing and the ladies and the rest of the guests start turning up. I must admit, the party is extravagant and is looking quite amazing. They starting taking shots which Yolanda isn’t really into it. Soon after Marisa brings up a text that Brandi sent her in the group which has everyone in a state of shock. Everyone starts going in on how Brandi is rude to be texting Marisa about how she can save her marriage and of course the very irrelevant Faye decides she wants to make her name on the show once again. I am so tired on Faye because she just stirs the pot. I don’t know why Marisa did this because she and Brandi are friends. Kyle actually sticks up for Brandi which was unexpected. She tells the girls she doesn’t think Brandi would get involved with a married man. Faye was like

It’s clear Faye disagrees. Faye goes on to say that Brandi had sex at Kyle’s White Party which even Kyle said she didn’t see so she doesn’t believe it happened. The chatter continues and Yolanda (thank God she was there) tells them  

I’m a firm believer in what Yolanda preaches throughout the season. Love her to bits. I felt really sick to my stomach when Marisa was going in on Brandi because I thought they were cool but you never know. The party continues and Paul decides to so something spontaneous for Adrienne by getting spray painted and pretends to be one of the models in the tree. When she sees this, she does what she does best and insults him. Even calling him pathetic. I really do feel for Paul as Adrienne always bring him down. Yolanda pulls Kyle to the side and tells her what Marisa did was not the best thing and she thinks she needs to bring it up to Brandi herself. I wonder how the confrontation will turn out.

Lisa and Ken’s Anniversary Party

It’s the day of Lisa and Ken’s anniversary and a big announcement rocked the group. Adrienne announces her separation from Paul on Radar Online. Big surprise there. All the guests starts showing up and everyone has something to say about the Adrienne issue. Her friend Wendy defends her by saying Paul embarrasses her and always wants the attention and what not which Kyle jumps in and says her piece by defending Paul. We learn from the various conversations that the marriage wasn’t good especially when Kyle says she knows they had problems but was dealing with them even more so with the whole Brandi situation. Faye (who enters with her fiance [suspicious?]) and Camille of course want to point fingers at Brandi claiming she pushed them there. Like really Faye? And Camille, I thought you were cool with Brandi.

Yolanda and Brandi then call Marisa over to ask her about what happened at Adrienne’s party. Marisa crawls in a shell and starts saying Yolanda may have misinterpreted what she was saying and that she has no issue with Brandi. She claims she never really said she didn’t like her husband. However, we have seen where Marisa has said that but she says she is joking.

Camille sees what is going on which is when Faye tries to get Kyle over to where Yolanda and Brandi are but she says no. Like the attack dog that Faye is she walks right over there and tries to pry in what doesn’t concern her. Immediately Brandi tunes her out. 

Like the fame hungry person Faye is she decides she isn’t going anywhere because she claims that this is her business too.

Brandi and Yolanda start going in on her because they have had it. She tries to be nice to Yolanda but disses Brandi in a way that none expected.

I’m sorry but is this lady-like for Faye to be this insulting to someone who has done nothing to her? Faye continues her diatribe and starts accusing Brandi for breaking up Paul and Adrienne. If she was truly Adrienne’s friend, she would have known that their marriage had problems. Marisa at this point jumps in and tells Faye that is unfair of her because everyone knows that they had problems before what Brandi said. While all this is going on with these four ladies, Kyle and Camille are watching the drama from the sidelines. No Lisa in sight. Yolanda and Brandi, having had enough of this morally corrupt woman, walk off before anything further erupts. Can we just ban Faye from the show? Furthermore..

Until next week week in the Finale. Really hope she isn’t at the reunion…then again, here’s the link to the promo for the reunion


Au Revoir Paris




The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 17 (No Business Like Clothes Business)



Au Revoir Paris

It’s the final day in Paris and the ladies along with Ken and Mauricio go on a cruise. The atmosphere is light and fun and it seems everyone is in better spirits. Even Kim who was a bit moody just last week, is laughing and just sharing in the laughs with everyone. They sit to have dinner and Yolanda brings a gift for Brandi because she wants Brandi to have something special since they are in the City of Love and Brandi has no spouse.

The shoes must cost a fortune but hey, Brandi deserves the best.

They start reminiscing on good times and Lisa and is thinking it’s time to renew her vows with Ken because it is just romantic. To everyone’s surprise after Kim does her very thoughtful toast, Brandi announces that her favourite part of being in Paris was with Kim as they basically buried the hatchet and moved on. I’m sure Kim is like… 

Anyways, I happen to like a good dinner without drama and this was a very lovely one 😀 😀 :D. 

It’s Good To Be Home

The ladies are now back in the Hills and we see Marisa (who I missed dearly because she wasn’t in Paris with the ladies) and Kyle catching up. If we recall, Marisa’s father-in-law Richard Zanuck died the very day they were leaving for Paris. May he rest in peace. Anyways, Kyle tells her the trip was fun and she is gearing up for her store opening. She’s been hinting about this for quite sometime, so I can’t wait to see it. She mentions the little scare they had with Kim and that she still worries for her. Marisa is there to talk business though and tells Kyle she wants to sell Richard’s house and she wants to do the listing with Mauricio. This is the first time I’ve ever heard what Marisa does. Pretty cool stuff. Marisa later joins Mauricio at the Richard’s house and they take a tour of it and talk business.


I mean with a house like this, the pricing better be right and they come up with a $23M price. Whoa!!! That’s more than I will ever make in my entire life. Meanwhile…Kyle is seen with her business partners buying some more merchandise for her new store called Kyle by Alene Too which is part of the Alene Too businesses.

Lisa is then joined by Kevin Lee at her beautiful home because she is planning a house warming party and of course, Kevin Lee is the man for the job. He goes on with his ever dramatic self about his plans which is quite hilarious to watch. Lisa and Ken shares their ideas for the party and that they also want to renew their vows the same day. I can’t wait for this day. I just love me some Vanderpump. 🙂

The gorgeous Yolanda has a photoshoot to do with David for some Asian magazine. I’m sure you’re like an Asian magazine? I guess David really is known worldwide. She gets dressed and David joins her for the shoot. The shoot goes beautifully but David has to wrap it up quite quickly because he has a show to prepare for with Barbara Streisand.  Like these housewives sure have connections.

Isn’t this just divine? 

Where was Dana?

So last year we met one of Taylor’s friends Dana and since the start of the season I’ve been wondering where she was. I guess it’s time to find out. So Taylor meets up with Dana who we met last year as the girl who just spends money on let’s say a $25 000 sunglasses. This time Dana is not so rich as she seems to be coming out of a divorce and is basically broke. Like Taylor Dana turns to alcohol to soothe her. Taylor even said she wants to help Dana because she was where she was at one point. Now hold up! Wasn’t Taylor just given an intervention with Kyle and Kim like yesterday? Who is she to speak on someone else’s drinking problem? Dana goes on and on about the ladies in their group which leaves me wondering, when did Dana become part of the group? However, Taylor seems more lucid than Dana as she appears very fidgety.  

Can you say nutjob? LOL. Although quite tipsy now, Dana tells Taylor to be careful of her friends and she should reevaluate some of the friendships she has formed in “their” group.

Kyle By Alene Too

It’s finally the opening of Kyle’s store and everything is just going perfect. The paparazzi is there snapping pictures of the wives, good music and the shopping atmosphere is pretty cool. Brandi and Adrienne stay at opposite ends of the store to avoid any form of interaction as they are seeing each other for the first time since the Kyle’s White Party. You’d think this would be drama free, but there is no party without a little drama. Taylor confronts Yolanda about the issue she has, not with her but with her husband. Yolanda is infuriated as Taylor has no business talking about her husband. Take a look for yourself…

Anyways Taylor apologises and she and Yolanda hug it out. This probably something Adrienne and Brandi need to do as well as Kyle and Lisa.

Gears shifted a bit to Kyle and Kim in the back having their sisterly talk. Kim explains why he behaviour waas off on the trip. She has mixed up her meds and had taken the wrong one on the trip. As usual Kyle starts crying because she loves her sister and doesn’t want her to relapse. They hug and express their love and all that good stuff as Kim shared that there was a time where she thought she was dying and that no one cared. Really heartbreaking moment. The night goes on and the ladies buy what they could and leave for their homes.

Till next time. Yolanda gets annoyed at Faye’s meddling, so stay tuned.


I Don’t Do Strip Clubs

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 5 x Episode 17 (Strip Is A Trip)


So the ladies are ready for part 2 of their girls trip and are headed to Vegas. NeNe hires a party bus to take the girls to Vega but she is doing it in style. She is flying first class to meet them there as she has a scene to shoot for The New NormalThis is going to be one interesting ride from LA to Vegas. 

Party Bus or Kenya Bus?

The girls are seen getting ready for the bus but before they do Kenya of course goes in to talk to Cynthia bout what happened the night before. She goes on to say she flipped out because she doesn’t want to share any personal information around her enemies (FakePhaedra and Porsha). She further adds that she better get more lotion on her because she can’t b ashy.

Clearly what Porsha said to her must have been true. That discussion dies down and they are now in the bus.

Kenya, thinking she is the vibe queen, decides to play games to pass the time in the bus. They play a game that allows them to imitate each other and who else to impersonate Kenya than Phaedra herself. She does the gone with the wind twirl and flips her hair which everyone immediately knew it was Kenya. Let’s have a look at the twirl again. image

Can’t get enough of this twirl. LOL. Kenya seems to be annoyed by this and proclaims that in order to do that twirl one must have beauty. Clearly implying Phaedra is ugly. Now I’m not Kenya’s biggest fan but Phaedra isn’t the cutest of all the ladies. They continue their fun and the topic of Porsha and her eating comes up. They believe she is pregnant but no one knows and Porsha isn’t letting anything out.

Meanwhile…NeNe arrives at Planet Hollywood and does so before the girls show up. Now she is going on about how these “bitches” are late again and she shows signs of being annoyed and irritated. Nene is really getting on my nerves right now. I mean when did she ever show up on time for anything? Not because she is making it big now means she has changed all of a sudden. 

The girls continue on what was supposed to be 4 hours journey, which turned into 8 hours. They touch on which places they would go and someone mentioned a something like a strip club. This raised flags for Porsha as she isn’t about that strip club life.

Finally, they all arrive at the hotel and they immediately ran to their rooms to get dressed.

I Don’t Do Strip Clubs

After getting dressed they all jump in the limo. Once again the strip club is brought up and Porsha makes it know she isn’t going. NeNe begins rolling her eyes at Porsha because she is now thinking this is total bullsh_t. Porsha defends herself and of course sticks to her decision by not going and goes back to the hotel. The other ladies keep on hinting that Kordell is controlling and I’m beginning to think they may be right. Kenya makes a very snide remark about Kordell not signing a permission slip for Porsha to go to the club. I’m like when will Kenya stop hating? Does she not realise that she cannot get a husband? The ladies say their goodbyes to Porsha and in the club they went. Judging by the GIF below it is obvious they are having a good time. Phaedra sure is.


It’s the next day and the ladies are gearing up for a fun day at Jubilee. However, NeNe wants them to have a Porsha-vention. What this is, is a talk amongs all the women to Porsha about leaving from under Kordell’s shadow. They go in on her and how Kordell is and what it means for her. She assures them that Kordell isn’t like that but still listens and is taking it in. If we look carefully at this episode, Kenya’s face looks concerned and sincere about this whole Porsha situation but when she is in her interviews she shows a different side. Kenya just be real. NeNe offers some sound advice as she knows what it’s like for the guy to be in charge.

They arrive at Jubilee and start having a ball. While trying the various boas on Kenya decides to strut her stuff with her boobs hanging out. NeNe was not having it and was like

so Kenya better recognise who’s HBIC – Head Bitch In Charge. Move over, this ain’t your show. 

They visit a jewelry store and Kandi is there scoping out diamonds. She and Todd seem to be taking things serious and she sends him a picture of the diamond ring. Really hope all goes well.

Bedroom Kandi

Kandi throws a party for the ladies in the hotel since Porsha doesn’y want to go out with them really. Everyone gets a gift and Kandi plays a little joke on Porsha by giving her a pregnancy test. LOL 😀 :D. Kenya mentions that the balls can’t hold as she is small but is instantly reminded that if a penis can hold, the balls should be no problem. Things seemed to be going well until Phaedra stirs the pot by bringing up Walter. She and Kenya get into it yet once again. My thing is why get into it if you don’t want an apology Kenya? NeNe goes on to say Kenya saw Phaedra for who she really is. I’m like what is NeNe talking about because she doesn’t have the best track record for being a saint. 

The drama doesn’t end here. Next week will bring a lot to the front.


Let’s Go To France (Part 2)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 x Episode 16 (The Real Housewives of Paris Part Deux)


We join in on the fun with Yolanda and Brandi as they jog through the streets of Paris. They start talking about what it was like living in Paris and that nothing much has changed. I just love this new found friendship. They even go into discussions about modeling and what it was like back then. Such an amazing start.

The City of Love/Drama

Mauricio and Kyle take a walk down by the river. He starts talking about how romantic Paris is and show Kyle a bridge that lovers visit when in Paris. The bridge is filled with locks that are initialed by couples and Kyle and Mauricio place a lock on the bridge and they through the key into the river. I’m just loving each scene here in Paris.

Kim, Lisa and Ken take walk through the streets from shopping. Lisa is concerned about Kim’s speech as she is slurring and it appears she may have relapsed. Kim goes on to say that her relationship with Kyle is still not so strong but they are working on it where Lisa interjects and let Kim know that her and Kyle are in a bit of a rough spot too. The discussion eventually dies down and they leave for their rooms as the rain has started. Well Kim leaves and Yolanda joins Ken and Lisa. They of course go into talks about Kim’s sobriety as Lisa is genuinely concerned and so too is Yolanda. Why do I get the feeling that Lisa’s concern for Kim is going to cause some problem?

Where Is Kim?

Since Paris is also known for it’s cuisine the ladies decide to make dinner for themselves. We see them at the front of the hotel, all in attendance except Kim. Immediately they start asking where the heck is she? Lisa tells them she was with her and left for her room so Kyle starts to call her. Yolanda suggests they should go to the room  and look for her.

They knock at the door and Kim takes a while to answer, however she opens up and let’s Yolanda and Kyle in. Yolanda assures us that there weren’t any alcohol bottles nor pills in the room, so it was obvious she overslept. They go back downstairs and start to wait for Kim in the car. When Kim arrives Lisa immediately starts asking her why she was late and if it is because she took sleeping pills. Who told Lisa to do this? Kim reacts in a very defensive manner to Lisa and gets upset. They arrive at the place for cooking but Kim stays in the car with Kyle while the other ladies leave. She starts saying how mean Lisa was for saying what she said and that she is having a hard time with being sober. Come on now Kim. Lisa was just concerned although it may come across negatively.

Cooking Time

So the ladies all get themselves together for cooking. Kim decides to join them after talking to Kyle. The chef starts explaining the process and the fun begins. Lisa pulls Kyle to the side and goes in on the Kim situation again. Yolanda is annoyed at this as she thinks Lisa should not be talking about the issue with Kim in the room. Kim gets upset and starts talking about Lisa stirring the pot. 

Although I love Lisa, I think she should let this go before it blows up in her face. The men join them as they are finished cooking and they have a very beautiful dinner. Lisa pulls Mauricio aside and start telling him about the Kim situation again. Yolanda outright tells her that they have already spoken about it so let it go now. I’m sort of tired of hearing about this too, so Lisa just needs to keep quiet right now for reals.

The Eiffel Tower Confrontation

After shopping in the early morning, the ladies take a tour of the Eiffel Tower. Kyle confronts Lisa about their friendship yet again and that she  needs to let her knows where their friendship stands. Lisa thinks this was resolve but Kyle starts talking about things aren’t the same and that Lisa has more time for Brandi than she does for her. A bit of jealousy? Lisa assures her that she doesn’t hold a grudge but the moment she didn’t have her back, things changed and they should just accept it. I don’t know what to make of this friendship now and I’m worried they may breakup. 😦

See you guys next week.