A Weekend In Tokyo (東京)

Last weekend I decided to take a weekend trip to the city of Tokyo (東京) in Japan (日本). You see, I hadn’t been to Tokyo (東京) in a while and I felt like a trip was needed, especially since my plans for Golden Week, a week off from work due to a bunch of holidays, fell through earlier this month.

I arrived in Tokyo (東京) Saturday, May 18th around lunch time. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I visit this city, arriving at it’s main train station, I always wind up feeling lost. I suppose it’s my fault for not learning enough Japanese. Anyways, as I moved my way through Tokyo Station (東京都) things started to feel familiar, a lost familiarity if you will. I’m not sure that made sense so let me try a different approach. While walking through the station, though I felt lost, the feeling was a familiar one which meant (for me) that I was in the right place and things would be just fine. Lo and behold, I was right. I ended up at the eastern side of the station which borders the city’s busy business district, Marunouchi (丸の内). Like I mentioned before, I hadn’t been to Tokyo (東京)in a while, so colour me surprised to see the massive face-lift that was given to the area around the station.

I stood around taking in the view as I watched residents and visitors alike, snap photos, share in laughter and glare at their phones, probably playing some type of game or browsing an app. Whatever it was, their eyes were locked to the screens. Then it hit me, I was once again in this beautiful city, alone with no one to take my pictures for me. LOL. Didn’t expect that, did you? If you’re honest with yourself, you would agree. One of the worst things on a trip is not having someone there to capture the moments in full. I mean it works both ways, so I would capture their moments too. Then it hit me again, I left my digital camera at home along with the tripod stand and the selfie stick. My trip was going south, it seemed. I sat on my suitcase with my backpack to the side, while I pondered how I’d ask someone to take my picture. The things we fuss about. Haha! As the minutes turned to hours, I envisioned myself in a campaign for WanderlustAmerican Tourister or my fav brand at the moment, Bershka. In my head I looked hella fly (do people still say that? LOL) and I could hear Patrick Demarchelier giving me direction on what it is he wanted. I watched too much America’s Next Top Model, don’t judge me. I looked down at my phone and realised it was almost 3pm and I still didn’t have a picture that wasn’t a selfie.


I don’t really like to bother people so I had to build up the courage and the shamelessness of it all. LOL. Japanese guy was standing right next to me, taking his shots of the station, so I pulled out the few Japanese words I knew to put together from a desolate part of my brain and said すみません写真を撮ってください?In other words, “sumimasen, shashin o totte kudasai?” This basically means “excuse me, could you take my picture, please?” The kind sir obliged and took not one, but two photos. Having this new found courage, I then asked another Japanese man the same question, to see if he could give me more choices to choose from. He was with his son and I welcomed him to crash my picture. The little guy was a trooper and unlike many Japanese kids who cry or shy away from foreigners, he was more than happy to pose with me. Teamwork! Unfortunately, I can’t upload any pictures of kids on the internet without their parents’ consent.

It was now time to move on from Tokyo Station (東京都) and head to the ever buzzing district of Shibuya (渋谷). I was worried about whether I’d be able to find a locker for my luggage at this station because there are only so many, and they are almost always in use. I bolted to the JR Yamanote Line, one of the main train lines in Tokyo Station (東京都), just in time to catch the 27 minute train ride from Tokyo (東京) to Shibuya (渋谷). While on the train, I thought to myself, let me check the photos once more. Bad idea! Though I was appreciative of the pictures taken by the two kind sirs (why do I keep saying that? LOL), I didn’t particularly like the fact that they didn’t come out as I expected them to. I mean, they were no Patrick Demarchelier and by no means, am I Tyson Beckford. LOL. Not even in my dreams. Dusk would be soon, which meant that the natural light from the sun would be no more. How would I get a picture of my outfit? I thought. You’d think I was some major celebrity with a huge following. I just wanted to capture a moment, a look, I probably won’t create again.

27 minutes passed and I arrived in Shibuya (渋谷). In true Shibuya (渋谷) fashion, a bevy of tourists greeted me as I exited the station. I quickly searched for an available locker and I was lucky enough to find one within minutes. Yay me! It was time to either take a video or picture of the famous Shibuya Crossing. Pedestrians gathered at the crossing as the light was about to change and in 5…4…3…2…1 the streets were filled with people, making this fun cross. If people weren’t crossing the street, they’d be trying to catch a photo of themselves in all the chaos. We had only about 25 seconds before the light changed from green to red. It’s always funny seeing people run into the street to get that perfect shot. It reminded me of a video where some performers danced to the Let It Go song where every time the light changed, they’d flock to the streets to perform their number. Not to be outdone, I didn’t let the fact that I had no equipment to help capture the perfect chaos, I pulled my phone out and did what I had to do. I had the Go-Pro experience but with an XSMax. Haha! 

I headed for Starbucks because your boy was hungry. I know what you’re probably thinking. Who goes to Starbucks if they’re starved? Anyways, I got myself a grilled sandwich and the pudding a la mode frappuccino. I didn’t stay very long in Starbucks because my phone needed charging and they didn’t have any outlets. The audacity! I found the closest, if not the only Apple Store, in Shibuya (渋谷) and sat there for like an hour, maybe an hour and a half till my phone was juiced up. I knew I wanted to do some shopping while there but it would be the last thing I did before I left Shibuya (渋谷) evening. I then made my way to Harajuku (原宿) to see if there was anything exciting happening, so that I could return the next day. Harajuku (原宿) was as I expected, filled with the usual tourists and not enough of the unique fashion the area had been known for. Really upset that the thing that made Harajuku (原宿unique is slowly eroding. I went down Takeshita Street to see if there was anything I wanted to try but before I knew, night fell and I had to leave. I hurried back to Shibuya (渋谷) and store hopped until I found a great deal on chino pants and shirts for work.

There’s always tomorrow, I thought





Lights, Camera, Oh My God That Ending!

Season 9 Episode 14 – The Show Must Go On

First off, I apologise for my blog being so late. I went to Tokyo for the weekend and frankly, my getaway was well needed. I even missed a day of work. LOL. But here goes…

We got a glimpse of Camille trying on her wedding dress as her wedding was right around the corner. Her dress was looked so beautiful and perfect for a wedding in Hawaii.

Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) finally revealed the end result of her new kitchen and it was every bit of glamorous as I expected. It looked so much lighter than before and as John Sessa pointed out, very Lisa Vanderpump.

Since Erika’s concert was back in LA, she was doing press for it and she seemed excited. Dorit was then seen catching up her husband on the RV trip she had with girls.

Kyle, Dorit and Lisa Rinna (Rinna) took a run around Kyle’s property and once again, they gave us a workout scene. I’m over it!

Denise, again won’t be filming with the women because she had work in Miami. I’m not sure many people take note of the fact that Denise had not filmed much with the women at all. Most of her scenes were with her husband and kids. I like her but she needs to go. Not a good fit. No shade to OC but send her there. We then saw Denise go to tell one of her daughters that she was saddened she would be missing her first dance. It was a sweet moment but I’m bored. All Denise talks about is sex.


Erika started her preparation for the concert with last minute run throughs. Her husband made his second appearance for the season, to see what the money he’s spending on Erika is truly used for. He seemed pretty much into her stage persona and she, happy to see him. Their interaction was a bit odd but I guess that’s just them.

The women started showing up to the concert and at this point, halfway through the episode, nothing dramatic happened. Erika had an entire episode dedicated to her and it fell flat. How? The mic went out on her set but they quickly fixed it and the show went on. Good for her.


Camille rung up LVP for a chat, so LVP invited her over. Camille expressed how much she wanted LVP to be at her wedding but LVP wasn’t budging. LVP basically told her that there was no sense in attending her wedding when the focus should be her but the women wouldn’t let her have it. Camille seemed to understand to LVP’s face but had something completely different to say in her interviews.

Not long after Camille left, what could probably be a game changer for housewives everywhere, LVP was seen strapping herself to a polygraph in an effort to prove herself once and for all.

This episode was sort of a bust.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


Camp Fires and Happy Endings (Sorta)

Season 9 Episode 13 – Grilling Me Softly



On this episode, the ladies treated us with an unexpected twist; they went camping. I know! I was a bit surprised too because none of the women have shown, over the years, that this is something they’d enjoy. But hey, they can only film so much more content of Erika and Lisa Rinna (Rinna) at the gym. LoL. As is expected when the women are preparing for travel, we see individual clips of them packing the “necessities”.

We started off with Kyle and Teddi exchanging words over the phone about the amount of stuff needed then made a joke about glam squads going. Dorit was then seen telling her glam squad that they won’t be able to go on the trip, so she’s going to be all natural.

Next up, Rinna was with her husband, HarryHarry seemed genuinely amused by Rinna’s 24 hour bag. The trip was just for a day. I gotta say, seeing Harry this excited about Rinna going camping was a delight. I can only imagine how many times he’d invited her to join him. Rinna being Rinna, packed a whole bunch of stuff, you’d think she was going away for two weeks.

The women began arriving at Teddi’s (she sure is getting a lot of screen time this season at her home) one by one. As soon as Kyle arrived she mentioned that PK messaged her and apologised. She said Dorit could have handled the situation better and that she lets things go easily. Yea, right!

Soon after they headed off to the campsite but not before they go crazy in the Vons for groceries. I swear it’s like these women have never bought groceries before. LOL. They grabbed things they all like and the bill came to over $700. To be rich…ahhh.

They arrived at the campsite then went straight for their tents. The tents were decked out to the fullest, way better than when the women went glamping on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Erika opted for a massage as the rest of the women indulged in a game of beer pong. To my surprise, Dorit smashed this game and emerged the victor. Shocked.

After Erika returned, the conversation shifted a little bit to their favourite pastime, talking about Lisa Vanderpump (LVP). Okay…they sorta have to address things related to LVP because whilst she wasn’t filming with everyone, she was still in communication with a few people and information was still being brought back to the group. Dorit claimed she still doesn’t know what she did for LVP to cut her off, when Teddi made sure to say this was Dorit’s punishment and that LVP was angry with her initially. All lies! If we go back to the very first episode of the season when LVP, Kyle and Teddi filmed at Vanderpump Dogs Center (VDC)Kyle got upset at LVP for asking her why she hadn’t been by TomTom all year when she wasn’t angry at Dorit for giving away Lucy. 

Erika chimed in, stating that she only cared about the women on the camping trip and those who show up. She continued further in her confessional that she can’t be friends with someone who keeps score and moves people around like chess pieces. She then said she’s never bought into LVP and never will. Erika was being her usual self, talking crap about LVP while never giving her a fair shot nor say any of this to her face, like she claims she does with people. The thing is, if she didn’t have to pretend to have this great friendship with her Hollywood friend, Yolanda, she and LVP could have possibly been a great duo. Kyle let us know once more that she has no regrets of accusing LVP of being angry at Dorit , so she (LVP) tried to set her (Dorit) up, without any proof. She’s only sorry about the outcome, that is, her getting kicked out.

They went for a short trek till they came upon the area for rock climbing. Dorit showcased her skillset by beating out Teddi and Denise. When it was Camille’s turn, she mentioned that she used a contraption like the rock climbing harness on an ex of hers. Hey Kelsey! 


Night fell and they gathered around a campfire after eating the burgers they made. Unseasoned, I might add. Talk changed to happy endings after Denise returned from her massage and made a comment about being bummed about not getting one. An obvious joke…maybe. The women seemed completely thrown as mouths dropped wide open. Denise decided this would be her moment to shine and shared that she and her new husband, Aaron, went on the hunt for a massage with a happy ending. I couldn’t believe my ears. Her excuse was that she hadn’t met a man who hadn’t received one and she wanted that for him.

The ladies reaction were hilarious and most of them seemed to be blushing. It didn’t end there. Denise further added that she has also received a happy ending which was an also another shocker for the women. Oh DeniseCamille then shared when she was dating a guy in New York, she would help him get better orgasms by massaging his prostrate. Is that Dimitri?

Camille asked Kyle if things were good with her Dorit after their dinner at Teddi’s. Kyle stated that PK apologised and things are fine. Dorit joins them and soon after Teddi added, like she has been doing since LVP neglected to be her storyline, that nothing comes out of people’s mouth’s unless they’re thinking it. She just can’t accept that Kyle and Dorit want to move on. Camille decided to let her know she needs to stop inserting herself into things that weren’t her business. It is here that Camille probably saw what Teddi’s gameplay was. Teddi responded by telling Camille that she only talks out of the side of her mouth and never to her face and that she should stick to her storyline of coming for her. Season 1 Camille returned and told Teddi that her face was right there, basically knuck if you buckWhile all this was happening, Kyle kept playing with her and giving her usual wry smile. This is Kyle’s tell. She does this whenever someone is repeating stuff she talks about, to the person, the gossip is usually about. Before things got further off course, Rinna piped up and reminded the group what the purpose of the trip was for, by saying this all started from one person.

Camille pulled her reigns and fell in line. She added that it’s the hurt from LVP that was seeping into the group. Wrong again ladies! This all started because Dorit gave up LucyTeddi was planning a take down and thought LVP would be on board since she this was her work, and when she realised that wasn’t the case, reeled Kyle in, who helped her hide the messaged from everyone and kept bringing the topic up to LVP. That’s how we they got to that point. It’s all documented. You might disagree if you dislike LVP but that’s how it is. Kyle gave her bits and said that they all care about LVP but it was time to move on, an indication the storyline was about to switch. 

They retired for bed shortly after and had a very awkward morning at the table as Teddi and Camille didn’t really acknowledge each other. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

It would have been so good seeing LVP on the trip because she would have added for more content and fun moments but that’s the way the cookie crumbled. I liked the episode as I do every episode of every season, even if I say it was slow. What I found funny was the fan reaction as well as the cast tweeting up a storm about the episode being so fun. The fans moaned and groaned about how boring last season was and that they needed drama (I never did as I thought the women laughed way more last season). Now the same fans are praising an episode for light drama and fun, that they’ve been complaining about for two years. All this just to stick it to LVP and that she isn’t needed. Well, they couldn’t stop talking about her and that was what was edited.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


We Don’t Have A Friendship

Season 9 Episode 12 – The Ultimate Ultimatum


Here we go!

Coming off such a painfully boring episode last week, with the exception of the last 7 minutes or so, I didn’t really have much expectations from this week’s episode besides the sit down between Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) & Ken with Paul Kemsley (PK) & Dorit.


Erika and Lisa Rinna (Rinna) decided to catch up while working out. Rinna claimed that whenever Erika was in town from touring, they always try to see each other. Maybe that’s true but this only happens during filming as Erika doesn’t hang out with anyone from the show when the cameras aren’t rolling. They talked about their shared respect for each other and that things didn’t start out in the best of ways. Erika said she liked that Rinna was able to say when she was wrong unlike other people who don’t ever think they could make a mistake. A clear dig at LVP. It’s fascinating to see how Rinna can say the most outrageous things (spread that Yolanda had munchausen, saying to Eden that Kim was close to death and that Kyle was enabling Kim’s alcoholism, accuse Dorit of facilitating cocaine usage at her party, send threatening texts to Kim that she will f’k her up) as long as she “owns it” and people simply move on but someone (LVP) who has never treated Erika unkindly, can’t even be given a fair shot? What a joke! At this point, I guess it’s safe to say that Erika only sees LVP as her coworker and not as a friend. Anyways, I’m bored of these two because this was their only contribution to the episode…and one other comment Erika made (will be brought up later). 

LVP and Ken met with Steven at Royal Stone to choose the perfect white marble for the their new kitchen. They were shown a greyish-white marble slab but LVP wanted no parts of any dark colours for the kitchen. Puffy (LVP’s dog), strutting his stuff and wagging his tail decided to mark his territory on one of the large marble slabs. LOL. You can’t bring those fur babies anywhere. I can’t wait to see to see the finished product. LVP then revealed to Ken that PK called her and she agreed to a sit down with him and Dorit. Ken is completely on board with this but he cautioned that it may be tricky with Dorit. If he only knew how right he was! 

Dorit invited us to her new office space because she was tired of working from her home as her company grew. A company, if we go by the tabloids and the video from Jasmine Lennard’s Twitter, she screwed her business partner out of. She’s even made claims that the guy was never a partner but Bravo cameras say otherwise. PK then informs her that he spoke to LVP and that a meeting was set up for them to iron things out. Dorit claimed she won’t put her integrity on the line. I almost choked on my breakfast when I heard that. What integrity does Dorit possibly have to see the proof of Teddi’s texts and nothing of LVP’s involvement, but believes Teddi’s word over the only person who had her back since she joined the show? If she had any integrity at all, she would pay the $5000 fine for breaching the contract.

Kyle and Teddi went on a walk in some park or whatever to talk about their upcoming RV trip. I really have no interest in anything they have to do because they’re not sharing anything that doesn’t make them look good. Kyle brought up yet again (like she always does) that she was still upset at PK’s comment. Kyle mentioned that LVP surrounds herself with yes people but here she has Teddi agreeing with everything she says. Like I said, the projection queen. Kyle further added that she was defending Dorit against LVP because she spoke up and told the truth and that Dorit PK should be thanking her. What truth is Kyle talking about? Why does she keep repeating the same lines? She literally told no truths so far because she’s told no one that she saw the texts messages between Teddi and John Blizzard the very first day she filmed with LVP. I’m so disappointed in Kyle. 


Camille met with Denise to fill her in on what she missed at the concert with Boy George as well as to talk about her upcoming nuptials. Let’s just say, Camille had a whole lot to say about everyone and she wasn’t even drinking. Oh Camille, your comments were pretty catty, some more on point than others. 

  • Denise filled us in on her morning routine for getting her kids ready for school and Kyle showed us she lets Portia sleep with her and Mauricio. I don’t see anything wrong with Kyle’s parenting because her kids are great but I found this particular storyline, and if you look back at how she was with her kids throughout the years, it seemed a bit hypocritical because she scolded her sister, Kim, when she was on the show for being an attached parent.


Ken and LVP were getting things sorted for an event being held to celebrate LGBT rights being acknowledged in India when Dorit PK pull up for their scheduled meeting. Now, before I dive into the scene, I’ve noticed across social media platforms, the anti-LVP clan are accusing her appropriating Indian culture because all in attendance wore traditional Indian garb. They spend all their time obsessing over and trash talking LVP, calling her supporters delusional but you never hear them talk about their actual favs. Sad, really. LVP was never using the event for profit. She didn’t darken her skin to look like the average, stereotypical Indian nor did her guests. What she did was adorn herself in Indian clothing, celebrating a massive moment in the India’s history. None of it was for personal gain. What LVP did is called appreciation, not appropriation. Stop trying to sound “woke” when your intentions are impure. Disgusting!

They were meeting for lunch at PUMP but it wasn’t open for business so LVP had sushi ordered for them. Dorit and PK discussed their feelings going into the lunch. PK decided to leave a lot of what happens at lunch up to Dorit. She exclaimed that she has to be true to herself and that people in a friendship can have a difference of opinion. That is true but things change when one person, in a friendship, accuses the other of some trying to defame them with NO PROOF. It’s not like LVP said Madonna wouldn’t be as huge of a star if she came out today. That’s an opinion, not what Dorit wants LVP to fess up to.

LVP wasted no time in telling Dorit that she hadn’t been happy lately because of the whole Radar Online article. Dorit responded by asking her why she went to TMZ instead of calling her about it. Dorit may have had a point about LVP calling to find out what was going on with the article, if we didn’t see her say on camera to PK, without even talking to LVP that she knows for a fact that LVP leaked the article. She came to the conclusion because of the word “nipped” being used in the article, a word she says she never uses.

If you pay attention to the After Shows on bravotv.com, you would’ve come across a segment where Dorit makes some accusations of her own. She started off by stating that Vanderpump Dogs Centre (VDC) basically coerced her into getting a dog. I’m no rocket scientist but isn’t she the parent? Isn’t she the one responsible for any decisions made regarding her kids? So, we are to believe that LVP passed on her power of manipulation to her partner and employees at the VDC, which is how Dorit got Maddie and then Lucy? Are you really buying this? Bollocks! In the same After Show, Dorit accused John Sessa of saying if she got Lucy, she (Lucy) would be the new Giggy (LVP’s dogbecause Giggy had been sick and would soon be out the door. Erika added she knew this as well because Dorit told her. How could Dorit call herself a friend of LVP and Ken’s and not tell them about such a comment made by their business partner? Instead she brushed it off as him being catty but yet she told Erika. Make it make sense. 

Here’s the kicker. Dorit protested while talking to PK that she knew LVP leaked the story because only a handful of people knew the type of dog that Lucy was. She added that when she told LVP about it, LVP’s exact words were “so she (Lucy) nipped at the kids, well, you know that can happen” and that is a word she’s never used before. PK followed up by saying “nipped is an English word. Well, here she is using that word so freely on the After Show. I thought “nipped” was a word Dorit never uses? Or did LVP manipulate her into adding it to her vocabulary? Again, grasping for straws. 

LVP tried to reassure Dorit that she went to TMZ because this was now out in the public and she wanted it to be known that everything was fine and that she (Dorit) shouldn’t be chastised. Dorit didn’t want to hear that because she expected LVP to call her. LVP told her (Dorit) that she will unfortunately find out too late that she was indeed trying to protect her and I believe she was proven right from the very first episode as we saw Kyle getting upset at LVP for not being angier at Dorit and that Teddi was actually planning to take her down. Ken of course gave his thoughts on the situation and told PK and Dorit that his wife is honest and has no need to lie and she is a good friend. PK seemed torn between his wife and his friends as he tried to have everyone come to an understanding. LVP, swore to him on her kids lives, that she nor anyone she knows would do such a thing to Dorit. That was enough for PK to tell Dorit that if LVP is swearing on her kids lives, he had to accept it. Maybe it’s a British thing but why do the Americans not accept such an oath? Is it because an oath means nothing to them? Like LVP stated, them not accepting what she said, even after swearing on her kids’ lives, says more about them than her. 

Dorit, with no proof of anything that LVP was involved but had seen proof of what Teddi planned on doing and did actually do, told her (LVP) that she believed she had a hand in #puppygate since the texts. At that point Ken had enough. He walked off but not before letting Dorit know that there can’t be a friendship if she’s think his wife is a liar and I have to agree. As LVP said, why would anyone want to be friends with a person they think lies and would try to defame them? Dorit seems to not understand this concept and mentioned to PK that she doesn’t want a friendship with conditions because that’s what LVP was basically asking her to do. “I have to be true to myself” she says. But isn’t she asking LVP to be her friend with a condition as well? It goes both ways darling. 

As they got up to leave, Dorit pulled what Kyle did when she went LVP’S house. She tried one more time for LVP to admit that she did what she was being accused of so they could move past it because she (Dorit) loves her. LVP told her she doesn’t want love like that because she wouldn’t love nor want to be friends with someone who she thinks horribly of. It was at this point that Dorit’s narrative changed and she threw another accusation out there at LVP, by stating LVP was holding a grudge from last year when she (Dorit) told Kyle and the other women that LVP was needy and sought attention. How this came about, I really don’t know but it seems they’re trying their hardest to make something stick. I mean, if LVP was reticent about her feelings toward the situation last season, she wouldn’t have begged the fans to give Dorit another chance. UGH! I’m over Dorit.

  • Kyle had a photoshoot with her family for a Christmas card and her dogs ran out through the gate. Luckily they weren’t hurt and she got them back on the property. The shoot was simple and seemed fun and I liked the card. I actually used the service for my own holiday cards as well.


The women gathered at Teddi’s house for drinks before they left for their RV trip. Erika informs the women that LVP invited her to the event she was having for LGBT rights in India. Erika however, declined the invitation and I was a bit surprised

that no one, not even the producers asked her why she didn’t go. Erika is fine with performing all across America and Greece, in clubs and she’s worshipped for being “fabulous” (so shallow) but can’t show up to an event for LGBT rights being recognised in India? She could have gone to the event and then go to meet the women after. Out of everyone, LVP invited her to the event. This was a moment Erika could’ve proven she is as fair as she claims. But it’s all posturing, isn’t it? I guess India’s LGBT community isn’t her audience. It’s even sadder to know she declined the invite for such a historic event, given the fact that we have never seen seen any philanthropy of hers on the show. They said LVP didn’t want to film with them (she didn’t) but it seems LVP took Denise’s advise and that’s why she reached out to Erika

but I came to find out she was hosting the AMAs pre-show on the red carpet, so she couldn’t have gone. (I struck out the above after receiving the info. Clever editing Bravo. I still think she wouldn’t have gone even if there were no AMAs.) Teddi announced she too messaged LVP about the RV trip but didn’t get a response. Teddi had some nerve sending LVP texts messages now that she stopped filming with them especially because she didn’t think to text to her to confirm if what John Blizzard texted her was the truth. You know why she didn’t do that? Because this was never a plan of LVP’s

Dorit then filled them in on her lunch with LVP and Ken. She told them that LVP said if she (Dorit) didn’t believe her then there was no friendship. I’m surprised she relayed the correct information. Rinna claims LVP can’t say she’s sorry after Denise suggests that LVP should apologise. Kyle was the first to make some snide comment as if she would ever apologise for doing something she didn’t do. Kyle further added that it seemed strange how protective Ken, LVP and PK are of each other, that they must have some business or secrets on each other. This confirmed what LVP said in season 3 to Kyle that she was only close to her (LVP) and Ken so that Mauricio could get the listing on their home. I say this because for Kyle to make such insinuations, showed how her mind works and probably how she see friendships. She just can’t understand that loyalty means something to some people and there doesn’t have to be anything shady going on. Camille jumped in by stating they never heard of Dorit and PK until about two years ago in support of Kyle’s view that she is a closer to LVP and had never heard of PK nor Dorit. Well, Kyle thought Nanny Kay was a cartoon character after LVP had talked about her from the second season. Kyle is the last person to claim closeness. It made LVP’s comment at last season’s reunion that their friendship had always been her listening to Kyle‘s concerns, very true. It also shun a brighter light what on the first episode when she said to Kyle that she was dealing with a lot (LVP had just buried her brother) and Kyle responded by saying she had a lot of stuff dealing with too. 

They’re arguing over who was a closer friend to LVP but it doesn’t matter because neither acted like a friend to her at all of last summer into fall, instead they kept accusing her of things without any proof. Friends don’t do that. 

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Scrambling For A Storyline

Season 9 Episode 11 – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?



The episode started off with Kyle and Teddi taking their daughters, Portia and Slate respectively, on a photo-shoot for some children’s makeup brand. This was such a cute little scene. I always enjoy any scene with Kyle and Portia, make that any scene with the women and their kids. Portia is a natural in front of the camera but poor little Slate is still finding her groove. They both looked adorable and their moms were just beaming with pride. It made me think about this gif…Image result for you're doing amazing sweetie

But what is a meet up without a bit of tittle-tattle with these two? Kyle went on to share that she was having doubts about being Camille’s bridesmaid at her wedding. *insert eye rollWhy don’t these women go to the source of their discontentment FIRST, before going to each other? Though I’d like to give Kyle the benefit of the doubt, I’m not so certain she deserves it.

She told Teddi that Camille chose a dress with a capped sleeve (I have no idea what that is) for her bridesmaid dress and she doesn’t wear dresses with capped sleeves because it makes her arms look bigger than they should or something of the sort. I really don’t think this is the reason Kyle had doubts about being there for Camille, as a bridesmaid. I think she was rather pissed off Camille didn’t “defend” her in the text to Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) re the bridal shower. But if she was being serious and that was the reason, then she sure let her narcissism show. I mean, did she expect to outshine Camille on her big day? They talked about some RV trip and going camping soon which shocked me because the last time I checked, this was The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, not the OC (sorry, but you know what I mean).

Rinna is then seen filling in Erika (who is supposed to be on tour, AGAIN) about what went down at the dinner with her mother. Instead of talking about the drama she had with Camille re the judge, she talked about LVP. I thought they said once LVP stopped filming with them they were much happier and getting along? Rinna went on to say they’ve all been friends a long time so LVP should reach out to them and not turn her back on them. Isn’t this laughable? These women hadn’t even reached out to LVP to hear her side of things and all agreed she was lying. But LVP decided she wasn’t going to be around that type of negativity in her fragile state, and somehow they can’t understand it? Wow!


Kyle and Dorit met up at Kyle’s home to discuss some upcoming concert for Boy George but it didn’t take long before they yap about their favourite subject, LVP. Dorit tells Kyle if she had a friend that wanted space, she would give it to them and Kyle commented that she and Dorit are in the same boat and that this whole thing is on LVP. Yea right! None of this was Kyle’s business in the first place. She didn’t even wish LVP a happy birthday publicly, especially after posting everyone else. Something she could have done because the audience had no clue she was that involved in #puppygate. Kyle claims LVP doesn’t like being told she’s wrong and she only surrounds herself with yes people. She goes on to say that friends should be able to call each other out on stuff and grow from it. Once again, she says she believes LVP did what she’s been accused of but loves her just the same. How does that make any sense to a sane person? How can you want someone in your life whom you think so negatively of? The only reason for that is if you benefit in some weird way. I mean, no one is asking Kyle about her life anymore, it’s all about LVP. Kyle goes on to say LVP is a Virgo so she’s very “me, me, me”. So funny coming from the woman who couldn’t recall who Nanny Kay was, even though LVP had talked about her so many times. You know who else is a Virgo? Kim Richards. LOL.

Dorit played ignorant as to why LVP cut her off because she wasn’t the one who had an argument with her. I swear, these women are doing my head in. Dorit told every single cast member that she won’t let LVP bully her and she knew for a fact that LVP was behind the Radar Online article. It’s so funny how everyone has dismissed Teddi’s texts (actual proof) and because there was no tangible evidence to pin on LVP they went the route of #tabloidgate. Dorit needs to accept that she wasn’t innocent and it was her being extremely vocal about how upset she was which also gave Kyle more ammo attack LVP in her own home.

While Kyle and Dorit have their little chat, the 2 minutes of LVP continued as she had lunch with Denise. I like how Denise but so far she’s not given us much and I’m getting bored. Bravo is basically paying her to workout with her husband, something they already have been doing with Tamra from The Real Housewives of Orange County for about 6 years now. Denise tells LVP she’s missed by the women and that they love her. LVP responds by telling her she wouldn’t love someone who did the things she’s been accused of and she doubts the women miss her. She chose to distance herself because she couldn’t have that type of negativity at that time. Denise seems to think LVP should defend herself and not run away, something Rinna obviously has voiced. Denise, it doesn’t work like that. Had anyone of the women reached out to her since filming started all of 3 months prior, then I’d be more inclined to agree but no one filmed any scenes with LVP besides Kyle, Teddi and Dorit and sadly, they are the ones who caused everything to happen. Denise still thinks the friendships are salvageable and basically is agreeing with Kyle that the onus is on LVP to fix it. Bullsh*t!


Erika had been talking about her tour, AGAIN, since the season started and every scene the producers showed of her tour, were flashbacks. I can’t even laugh. The other half of the episode was centred around the women meeting up at Teddi’s so they could all go to the concert together. Denise opted not to go, so she could spend time with her kids.

While on their way, Teddi revealed she messaged LVP. So let me get this straight. Teddi found the time to message LVP, to talk about moving on but 3 months prior, she couldn’t message her to find out if what Blizzard supposedly told her, was coming directly from her? Yet, she, her fans and the women want us to believe LVP set this up? She’s so transparent. Teddi, at that point, successfully turned the attention away from herself but expected to have LVP around for a storyline because what has she brought to us this season except lies?

It’s not lost on me that even though the producers wet themselves over Erika that they chose to highlight Boy George’s concert instead of hers. LOL. I’m still shocked that the women truly had nothing to give that we sat through 10 minutes of a concert, on a programme about the Housewives, that didn’t feature any of them.

After the concert, the women gathered backstage, with the exception of Erika as she had to leave for another performance on her tour. They began debriefing. Kyle talked about feeling vulnerable if she was a performer on stage and that she would be scared, when Paul Kemsley (PK) quipped that she can’t even get along with her best friend (LVP) so she would have issues like that.

Who told PK to say that? All hell broke loose and you could see the colour disappear from Kyle’s face because she didn’t expect that remark. They begin to go back and forth as PK and Dorit tell her that it was a bad joke. Kyle seems to think she is in the same doghouse as PK and Dorit when it comes to LVP, and PK made sure to let her know, that’s not the case because he spoke to Ken about meeting up to smooth things over. Kyle started getting worked up over the situation as she usually does and throws a fit. Typical of Kyle when she gets called out. I guess LVP isn’t the only one who doesn’t like it when people don’t agree with her, huh? The women all sided with Kyle because they think PK was out of line and is mocking the situation with Kyle and LVP.


Kyle, after stating to Dorit while they met at her house, that LVP always runs away from a confrontation (I don’t see how that’s a bad thing, even though it’s completely false because the clips Evolution showed to back up Kyle’s claims were all clips of LVP walking away from what can be described as an ambush or as Ken put it in season 4, a sabotage attack) couldn’t get out of the room fast enough from PK. Upon leaving she said some not so nice things about PK and that she wished him luck sleeping with his wife later when they get home.

Dorit tried to explain to PK that his joke was in poor taste and that he should apologise but PK seemed to not care because whatever Kyle told them had happened when she went to LVP’s home, caused him to lose communication with his long time friends.

Kyle was so upset about the one comment PK made which I found to be ironic given she had been saying LVP’s reaction to being called a liar in her own home, was extreme. Kyle then stated she was only in the situation because she stuck of Dorit and was being honest and telling the truth. But she inserted herself in the situation from the beginning and was pissed off that LVP wasn’t madder at Dorit. When she spoke of honesty, what did she mean? She knew about the text messages from the first day she filmed with Teddi and LVP at Vanderpump Dog Centre, and from what we’ve been shown, had not told anyone. Instead, she helped Teddi bury the messages and craft the plan to go after LVP. Kyle claims she doesn’t hold grudges but I feel like everything thing she’s always accused LVP of, are the worst qualities she possesses and does a great deal of projection. LVP is there so Kyle can always have someone to be the villain, while she sheds her tears.

One comment that stood out and possible Kyle veering off script, was whole venting to the women on the outside, she claimed if Dorit hadn’t given up the dog, then they wouldn’t be in the situation. She could admit that because she was angry that PK called her out but yet she and the rest wanted to protect Dorit? Sounds to me that the need to make LVP the villain was far greater than holding Dorit accountable. Dorit arrives on scene to apologise on PK’a behalf but Teddi would not keep quiet. She kept chiming in, which caused Dorit to snap at her. Good on you Dorit! It was at this juncture that Dorit let’s Kyle know that her issues with LVP had nothing to do with her so she should stop saying that. Another shining moment for Dorit. Kyle seemed to accept her apology but decided to throw one more jab at PK in her confessional. But only LVP isn’t allowed jabs.

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Camille Is An Enigma

Season 9 Episode 10 – A Supreme Snub


Hello readers, these blogs are getting harder to write as the weeks progress. The women have little to nothing going without Lisa Vanderpump (LVP). We’re halfway through the season and I can’t tell you what anyone’s storyline is. Bored! I want to be able to produce a good blog entry but these women are making it hard. So here goes…


Denise invited Dorit to her home to catch up and get to know her better because she liked her upon first meeting her. I did too, Denise but she’s making it really hard for me this season. It didn’t take long for Dorit to once again throw it out there that LVP is the one behind the RadarOnline article. She still has no proof. She went on to say she knows LVP still cares for her but wants her to own up to the accusations. She claimed she still hadn’t heard from LVP and doesn’t understand why she’s basically ghosted her. Gee Dorit, maybe it had something to do with everyone deciding she was guilty of trying to set up her friend, without giving her a fair shot, then sending a very good friend to deliver the accusations? She’s beyond thick! 


I’ve been saying on Twitter for weeks that after Goodbye Kyle LVP’s screen time will be limited to about 2 minutes and it seems like I was right. I mean, there’s only so much filler the editors can plug into an episode that doesn’t work with the overall storyline. Since LVP won’t be around the women for the rest of the season, they will now have to find new ways to ‘entertain’ us. 

– Oh and Erika rehearsed for her show, AGAIN.


Kyle decided to throw Camille a bridal shower as her wedding was just weeks away. She set the table and put out name cards for seating. Of course she had one for LVPKyle pointed out that in Beverly Hills, a place card at a table has to be done right. But LVP is the one that is worried about image in Beverly Hills? Riiiiiiiight. All the other women show up and they take their place at the table. They have light chatter then Camille asks where LVP was. She felt disappointed that LVP wasn’t there and Rinna thinks she’s being a p***y for avoiding them. These women obviously did not comprehend what LVP was going through. Camille posits that LVP encouraged her to be strong when she was going through her divorce with Kelsey but failed to admit that divorce and death aren’t the same thing. I’m so over this!

– Rinna’s mother came to town for a visit and she takes her, along with her daughters, out for a day of treatments. I won’t lie, the scene was a little funny but this can’t be all Rinna has to offer, can it?


Since Rinna’s mother was in town, she planned a dinner for her with the women. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Camille is asked about LVP and she reveals that LVP said she wasn’t invited to the shower. Kyle felt like this was yet another lie that LVP has told because she sent a text message that said it was delivered to her. As most have come to know after reading LVP’s blog on her website, LVP blocked Kyle after she sent her a measly birthday message instead of calling her like the usual, so she wouldn’t have received the invite that Kyle sent to everyone. 

The conversation turns to the Supreme Court nomination last year and things got pretty heated. Camille felt as though there wasn’t enough evidence in Dr. Ford’s case and the person who was truly suffering was the judge and his family. She felt as though his character was being maligned and she could identify with that. Not giving a care in the wold to what Dr. Ford had gone through and what her family was also going through at the time. Camille’s saw herself in the judge because she too was accused of things in the past that she hadn’t done and all of the world was judging her based on lies. This is where Camille confuses me. Like Rinna stated, Camille comparing her situation to Dr. Ford and the judge’s is weird, especially because she’s on the side of the accused, as a victim herself. 

It’s perfectly fine for Camille to say there wasn’t enough evidence (although most cases are like that because there are hardly any witnesses to assault or rape), but she shouldn’t assume just because she told people what happened to her, that every woman (or man) would do the same. There may not have been enough evidence (as with a lot of cases) because of who were interviewed and the time frame the interviews were done. That narrative needs to cease. I’m not bashing her for her opinion but I hope, like she said, that things weren’t that way for both parties involved . The thing about this is that everyone believed Camille when she accused her ex boyfriend of same. As a woman, Camille should believe victims until otherwise. The fact that she could conflate her name being smeared for being a mean housewife in season 1 (she was) and that of her divorce, to the judge being accused of sexual assault is only the most Beverly Hills thing to do. Or maybe some of the labels Andy read out in the flashback weren’t so far off. I’m befuddled. This woman told her therapist years before this administration and judge were thought of. She wasn’t lying but the “law” is the “law”.

– We got a glimpse of Kim Richards at the same restaurant that the women were having dinner and I was so excited to see her. She ignored the heck out of Rinna but Rinna acted like she was the one trying to avoid Kim. 


Rinna’s mother, Lois, was the star of the episode for me. While sitting at the dinner table, watching Camille defend the judge and basically call Dr. Ford a liar, she must have thought that Camille had lost the plot. We came to find out that Lois had been a survivor of not just a rapist but a serial murdererShe would have been that man’S first victim had she wasn’t saved by the police. So thankful that she survived and was able to tell her story, 18 years after Rinna was born. So people who think speaking out about assault is as easy as knowing your fundamental basics, need to get their head checked. Instead of judgment, show understanding and compassion. Lois is a true rockstar.

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It’s Still The Lisa Vanderpump Show

Season 9 Midseason Trailer

Bravo knows that the fans are drifting because of how this season is playing out. So what do they do? Bravo dropped a midseason trailer to try and keep the fans at bay. We’ve already gone 9 episodes and all we’ve had is the women talking about Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) yet they (and their fans) would have us think that they can do the show without her. I have to admit, there were moments of drama but it was extremely underwhelming and LVP’s presence was noticeably not felt throughout.

After Kyle’s voice introduces the other half of the season, the first clip is of LVP opening her new restaurant, Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I really have to laugh at this because the s opening literally happened on March 30th, about 4 months after the season supposedly finished filming. If I were the women, I’d be annoyed because production filmed more content for LVP outside of the filming schedule by then again, LVP doesn’t make up stuff for tv, this is her life and she always has content to give.

We see fun moments of the women at Boy George’s concert and at Erika’s tour (AGAIN). They even went camping. Can you believe these boogie women went camping? Evolution sneaked in that trip to France in the fun bits but we know that they went to France while Camille’s house was under flames during the Woolsey Fires. If they think fans are upset now and like Erika has said in the press, that some of us have to be laid bots, they haven’t seen anything yet.

Cut to a clip of Denise telling LVP that the women still love her but she responds with nothing but facts, “you don’t treat people you love like that”. Then you have Kyle saying to Dorit that LVP is going to make herself the victim in all that’s happened. She still doesn’t get it. LVP is the victim of her gossiping and trying to let everyone know about what happened, to avoid the women speaking about their real life issues. The rest of trailer shows the women “turning” on each other and Camille but the fans aren’t stupid. They had to manufacture some type of drama because their storyline left them high and dry.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.