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Hello my readers! For those of you who don’t know, I started a podcast a little over 6 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been turning out episode after episode about my “favourite” Bravo shows as well as episodes about different topics. You know, sort of like this blog. So, check out the podcast Chatterbox Keirn on all podcast platforms or click this link. Now, let’s get into what I really want to address.

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Two days ago Bravo released its trailer for The Real Housewives of Dallas season 5. Now, when this show first aired, I watched it but unlike many, I didn’t really like it . It felt like the women were relying on one person for drama while they do minimal work. This literally happened for 4 straight seasons. I also found that after season 1, two women in particular cut the cameras out of their personal lives and we never saw them with their husbands unless it was a scene where they weren’t having any discussions of substance. You may not want to admit it, but now this show wouldn’t have it pass season 1 if it wasn’t for the drama because we’d have been left with poop jokes and nothing else.

So, for those who follow this type entertainment, like I do, you would’ve seen the rumours about the cast for the upcoming season. Two new women were casted; Tiffany Moon and Jennifer Davis- Long. I didn’t really care about the rumours or anything related to the show because I had checked out. However, with how things ended last season and what happened after the reunion started to air, I was nosy. For a recap of that, click here.

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Upon seeing the trailer, I was brought back to January. I was brought to back watching 4 women, sit on tv and label one woman a racist for comments that didn’t have anything to do with race but went mute when a video of their friend popped up. I was brought back to people flooding my twitter mentions with some bad messages for what they thought was me defending the actions of LeeAnne but quickly doubled down after the video of their fav resurfaced.

These four are the reason I lost interest in Dallas after the season 4 reunion. Mind you, so not think these women are bad people but they’re on a show which and that’s where the critique is coming from. Steph showed herself with the position she held during the filming of S4, as the season was airing and she saw the public feedback, at the reunion and finally how she refused to hold her bestfriend accountable or label her as she did with LeeAnne.

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Brandi showed complete hypocrisy. Had she not make such a grand gesture at the season 4 reunion calling LeeAnne a racist, even bringing out a chair to shame her, I’d say “give her a chance” (something she never gave LeeAnne). Then to leave “racism rehab” and instead of saying she saw the error in her ways, she went on to say someone’s team was trying to hurt her. Like, did she not record this video herself? This, after she had initially say she would’ve done the act again, until someone from NBC spoke about what was done, and two days after she defended herself, she offered up an “apology”.

Kary came on the show with the specific agenda to have an issue with LeeAnne that was well resolved after season 2. An issue that had nothing to do with her. Provoking and prodding along the way. I must make this very clear before this gets lost. She did not deserve LeeAnne’s verbal attacks on her ethnicity. This I stated then and I’m now restating. Somehow this was lost in all the noise back in January. Again, Mexican is not a race, neither is being Latino/Latina). Yet she was silent about the video of her sweet friend. What was the difference? Why wasn’t she as equally offended by what her sweet friend did, since she was so in her feelings about what was said about her?

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Most of all, D’Andra really let me down. I was such a fan of hers but things shifted in season 3. I believe her own mother said that she let the show get to her and that it ruined her relationship with LeeAnne. For her to then say “I believe LeeAnne is a racist” after knowing her over 10 years and she was the maid of honour (don’t quote me here) in her wedding. What does it say about D’andra? Opportunistic, as her mom said in the new trailer.

The icing on the cake is how they all (and their fans) quickly rallied around the sweet friend, when they had no issues with labelling someone a racist because they didn’t like her. This is funny, considering Kary cannot face racism (I’m not asking a question). These four and fans of the show were so vociferous against LeeAnne but want people to “give Brandi a chance” because “she apologised”. Well, so did LeeAnne (multiple times) but that didn’t stop them and their base even after Brandi’s video resurfaced. They’re even now getting upset at people calling it out because Bravo fired 4 of Vanderpump Rules cast members in June, fired LeeAnne but somehow Brandi wasn’t fired. Seems performative and selective. (I also spoke about that here).

Like I said in my January blog, if you’re going to stand for what’s right, stand for it all the time and not for what’s popular or when it’s popular. So for me, I’d respect the heck out of these four women if they acknowledge the fact that they went too hard on LeeAnne and wanted her gone (they won’t ever admit the latter, even if they cop to the former). It just seems, based on how they treated both women, that they’re able to move on from racism (Kary didn’t experience that) if it’s coming from someone they like and that’s f-cked up.

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What this shows is that one shouldn’t be so quick to slate someone’s character for a mistake because as we’ve seen, they want the same compassion they didn’t give to someone else. Do I believe Brandi or LeeAnne are racists? Nope! Is Andy for still employing Brandi (like some say Lisa Vanderpump was for employing the fired four from Vanderpump Rules), nope! However, since Bravo decided that Brandi needs to have her image repaired, let’s see how they’re going to have this play out. By the looks of things, she’s going to be victimised when she is no victim. I can almost guarantee you that they’ll talk about this quickly, using Tiffany as the surrogate of forgiveness and it’ll be brushed under the rug just like how silent they’ve been about all that had been happening in the US since around June. Will the season be good? Judging by just the trailer alone, my suspicions were right that the drama will be for forced as they’re all friends and don’t want to be real as the show suggests.

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