No More Sweeping Under The Rug

The Real Housewives of Potomac

As we prepare for a new season of The Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP), let’s remind ourselves of what went down almost 2 years ago. Yes, it’s been that long.

Karen was still dealing with the recent loss of both her parents and her husband’s tax issues. Remember the issues her “friend”, Gizelle, made fun of. SMH. She successfully launched her fragrance and had a pop up in Bloomingdales. You go Karen!

Candiace got married in episode 2 (thank God we didn’t have to sit through a whole season of yet another wedding) and her personal storyline seemed to have ended. This caused her to be a complete mess the rest season. I’ll get to that in a minute. Oh, and she still went at it with her mother over finances. I hope we don’t get a 3rd season of this. There was a moment that I felt bad for her. Dorothy, her mother didn’t want her brother at the wedding. For some reason, Dorothy had an issue with an innocent kid, now a man. She felt like Candiace’s father betrayed her. I didn’t and still don’t comprehend why she was so bitter after over 30 years, especially because Candiace’s brother is almost a decade older than she is. I hope Dorothy got her act together cuz she looked mad ridiculous.

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Gizelle shared a part of her life that we hadn’t seen before. We met her father and learnt a little more about her upbringing. I actually enjoyed learning about her father’s activism. It’s a pity she’s so mean-spirited and hypocritical. Then again, aren’t we all at times. The guy she dated in season 3 dumped her and she was left with her face on the floor. Poor Gizelle, not really. She brought Katie Rost back in the mix and that served for some fun moments. This was an interesting choice by the producers because the last time we really saw Katie she was dragging Gizelle across the reunion floor in season 1. Not literally but you know what I mean.

Robyn planned the trip and was late for everything.

Monique was preparing for the birth of her third child. After saying she was ready to move on with Monique, Gizelle used an incorrect piece of information (told to her by Candiace relating to Katie) to continuously hate on Monique. It’s not Monique’s fault she has four homes…I mean five. LOL. Monique and Ashley made up which seemed to bother Candiace. It’s almost like people forgot that Monique and Ashley were friends before Candiace was ever around the group. Yes, Ashley made it seem like Monique was drunk around the wheel when she had that accident, but she offered a genuine apology and Monique agreed to move on. This is something Candiace and Gizelle seemed to be unable to do. Monique and Candiace had a falling out over the rekindling of the friendship with Ashley, to which the now popular lines “I’ll drag you, pregnant and all” and “Drag me Monique.” were said.

La Escandala (LOL)

If you recall, just like with the upcoming season, a major scandal rocked Potomac. Michael Darby, Ashley‘s husband, was accused of groping a cameraman during the filming of season 4. Everyone was completely shocked but the shock wasn’t where it stopped. Candiace used this to launch a vicious attack against Ashley for the rest of the season. Ashley had suffered a miscarriage (we learnt this at the season 3 reunion) and she was dealing with the aftermath as well as the possibility of meeting her father (sadly it didn’t work out). Candiace didn’t think Ashley was truly grieving her miscarriage and commented that she and Michael were faking that they were hurt over their trauma. How could someone, especially a woman, make such a comment?

Charges were filed against Michael but were then dropped because of lack of evidence and the plaintiff and Bravo (according to Michael’s attorney) didn’t cooperate with the investigation, allegedly. That wasn’t enough for the women, especially Candiace. She and Robyn claimed to have been so drunk that they didn’t recall much from a party but heard Michael say that he’d suck someone’s d^ck. Candiace claimed that she couldn’t understand how a man who does what she alleged to have heard, would also want a baby. Her comments didn’t stop there.

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As the season aired, Candiace let her feelings about Ashley be known on social media. One comment stuck out to me more than the rest. On the day Ashely gave birth, she wrote the following.

Screenshot of Candiace Dillard-Bassett’s tweet from

How can a woman, with the same relationship dynamic as Ashley, make such a comment? That, to me, seems like pure hatred. Does she not realise that saying something of that nature gives agency to a certain type of person to do the same to her? Something I would be furious about and defend her to the fullest. Does she not see how such a comment goes against what she claims to stand for? The sad part is, when pressed to apologise, Candiace said she had nothing to apologise for. So much for loving Black people. It brings me to the current season’s trailer and drama, where we see Gizelle telling Monique that she has brought them down to a stereotype that they tried to stay above. Some have already said they agree with Gizelle but I don’t recall her having the same energy when Candiace was waving a knife in Ashley’s face and then proceeded to throw it at her. Nor do I recall her pushing Candiace to apologise for such a low comment toward Ashley. Will that happen? Only time will tell but that’s Gizelle. If it has to do with Monique, she’ll always think the worst. That’s the hypocrisy Monique and I speak of. So, like Karen said, we’ve got to address this, no more sweeping under the rug, otherwise STFU. Let’s see if Candiace will walk the talk; be as loud with her apology as she was when she degraded another Black woman, since she’s been so vocal recently about supporting and uplifting Black people or if she’ll stand by the horrible comment.

I’m excited for the premiere and can’t wait to see what the women have in store for us. We get a new wife and fresh drama. The jury is still out on the new wife because based on the trailer, she made a comment that sounded very elitist. If you’ve followed my tweets, you’ll know an elitist housewife is one of my least favourites. We’ll see. Here’s the trailer.

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The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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