RHOP Season 6 Trailer: Old Feuds Re-ignite, Betrayal and a New Wife


Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) last aired on December 27, 2020. Shortly after that Monique Samuels quit the show as it was a particularly hard season for her. There was now room for a new wife (or two) to fill the spot which apparently was in the works regardless. As I had mentioned on my podcast, it would be interesting to see how the women move on and based on the season 6 trailer, they didn’t miss a beat.

Part 1 of RHOP season 6 trailer by bravotv.com

The trailer opens up in an oneiric fashion but it was soon interrupted by Wendy Osefo with a warning. She says “one thing you learn about living in Potomac, it’s a town of smoke and mirrors. You never know who you can trust.” What does she mean by that? I’ll give you a hint, it involves a one Gizelle Bryant. Unsurprising.

Per usual, the fun moments are shown first and we are introduced to new housewife, Mia Thornton. She has the Grand Dame‘s stamp of approval as she says, “Mia is a boss. She’s a breath of fresh air.” So, if Karen approves, you know Mia won’t disappoint. She’s not only beautiful but she is a mother of three and a wife to a husband who is 32 years older than she is. Mia seems to have a story to tell as she grew up in the foster care system. Gizelle is seen questioning her about her life which I can only assume will come back to bite Mia in season 7. I can’t wait to see how this is pieced together because from the clip, it seems like she wants answers from her mother as to why she ended up in foster care.

Mia Thornton by bravotv.com

Returning housewife Ashley Darby welcomes her second son with husband Michael after a fifth consecutive season of drama. She appears to be dealing with postpartum depression for the second time and I feel for her. There also seems to be trouble on the relationship front between the two. But what would a season be without Michael and Ashley having issues?

Robyn and Candiace don’t seem to have much conflict though they both get into it with Mia in the second half of the trailer. Candiace has school, this show and is pursuing her acting and singing dreams. She’s being managed by her baldheaded husband (lol) after he is no longer working at the restaurant. A recipe for disaster. Juan is visibly annoyed by Robyn lying in bed as he tells her that she has to get up and do something. Doesn’t she have a wedding to plan? A wedding she’s been wanting since Juan divorced her all those year ago? Get it together Robyn. A new friend of Robyn’s, Askale Davis, also joins the mix and Bravo teases that she “likes to stir the pot”


Gizelle is seen telling her confidant from season 1, the one that gave her those horrible bangs, that the pandemic long relationship with Jamal isn’t working. As if we didn’t see that storyline coming. We see her attempting to produce tears while blowing into a napkin right after Karen (in a scene) says, ” honey you got dragged, then you let him back in and he dragged you again”. So I guess Jamal never came. Karen and Ray prepare for their anniversary but that too isn’t without problems. Ray receives a text from a woman that called him handsome and La’Dame is not happy about it. I like Ray and Karen but who the heck is potentially flirting with Ray at this stage in life? Karen had to bail them out of tax issues. So we know for sure he’s not a sugar daddy. LOL.

Part 2 of RHOP season 6 trailer by bravotv.com

In the more dramatic part of the trailer, Wendy and her husband take centre stage, taking over from a weary Ashley and Michael after giving this show drama for five seasons. Rumours have been going around for a while that Eddie cheated on Wendy and also had(s) a baby with another woman. This rumour obviously made it’s way to the show as we see a very miserable Gizelle doing what she does best by bringing it up to Ashley. Wendy can be seen telling Gizelle that she won’t allow her to play with her husband’s name. She continued by stating “I see you for everything everybody ever said that you were”. A little too late Wendy. Gizelle responds that she doesn’t care. I’m not shocked by this because this is what Gizelle does. I’d feel sorry Wendy but she joined in on the Monique hate train last season with the girls. So, using her words “she [Gizelle] is not your friend”. It’s quite unfortunate that Gizelle betrayed Wendy like this but I guess she had to learn the hard way. Gizelle only cares about Robyn and her three girls.

Karen and Gizelle butt heads again. Gizelle is seen telling her that Ray needs to pay his bills. Candiace and Mia are seen tossing salads at each other, and in another scene Robyn shouts “I don’t need no f^^king moment. Shut the f^^k up” at Mia. Feathers a ruffled and I’m living for it.

The new season of RHOP airs July 11 on Bravo at 8/7c.



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