Matcha x Vanilla


It’s the weekend which means I would be spending it in one of the many Starbucks (スターバ) in Nagoya, Japan (名古屋、日本). I had the intention of first attending my students’ volleyball game but I missed it by about two hours. Seeing as it was too early in the morning make my weekend Starbucks (スターバ) visit, I went to the Nagoya Port Aquarium (名古屋港水族館) to kill time. But, my cravings were getting the better of me, so that visit had to be cut short and to Starbucks (スターバ) I went. 


Matcha Donut

It seems the trend this summer is to fill Starbucks (スターバ) with traditionally Japanese (日本人) desserts, particularly matcha flavoured desserts. After trying the delicious American Scone Matcha (アメリカンスコーン 抹茶), I was more than willing to go all in on the Matcha Donut (抹茶ドーナツ). Not only is this donut appealing to the eye but it’s as delectable as it looks. Sinking my into this treat was like taking a bite out of a well made shortcake. Heaven!

Trying to add some colour to my tray, I got myself a Vanilla Frappuccino (バニラフラップ). This was the perfect choice because it wasn’t as sweet as some of the other frappes on the menu. 

Vanilla Frappuccino

My afternoon was made. Sitting in Starbucks (スターバ), catching up on Orange Is The New Black while making my tastebuds dance with today’s orders, is how the weekends are supposed to be spent. Get into a Starbucks (スターバ) as soon as you can, and have a frappuccino on me. 


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