Matcha Baby! Matcha!


As the seasons come and go in Japan (日本) so do the frappuccino of the season. Summer is technically here and a new frappuccino was launched on June 14th. I introduce to you the Chocolate Cake Frappuccino with a Matcha Shot (チョコレートケーキトップフラップ). 

Chocolate Cake Frappuccino w/ Matcha Shot

As a connoisseur of all things Starbucks Japan (スターバ) L O L, I was very excited to try it. Can I just say, I wasn’t disappointed. The chocolate cake sits perfectly on top of the the almond milk mixture, topped with the matcha syrup and whipped cream, garnished by matcha powder. Usually, when I purchase a new frappuccino, I go for the sweetest treat that is paired perfectly with it. This wasn’t much different. Like the boss Starbucks Japan (スターバ) is, the American Scone Matcha (アメリカンスコーン抹茶) was on the menu. 

American Scone Matcha
My tastebuds were in matcha heaven. The matcha flavour didn’t overpower chocolate, nor did the chocolate overpower the almond milk. Perfection! This is by far two of my most favourite types of frappuccino and scone ever to be served in Starbucks Japan (スターバ). If you’re making a trip to Japan (日本) any time soon, be sure to get you matcha shot. It’s well worth the 8USD. 

Chocolate Cake Frappuccino & American Scone Matcha


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