Summer Blues

June 21st, summer officially begins. For some parts of Japan (日本), this also means the beginning of barbecue season. I for one love a good barbecue and can’t get enough of them. The day after I saw Britney Spears live in Tokyo (東京), I was invited to one. Though it wasn’t official summer yet, this late spring event would do just fine. The weather was the same at this point.  Per usual, I needed an outfit. Since I was already in Tokyo (東京), I had to have planned my barbecue look if I was supposed to get back to Nagoya (名古屋) in time for it.

One of the standout colours for the spring/summer season in Japan (日本) is blue, so that was the colour scheme I went with. Some people might find matching colours instead of complementing them a bit basic and or juvenile but there’s nothing wrong with a little youthful exuberance.


I bought a navy blue hat a few months ago and have been itching to wear it ever since. Having a huge head, I wondered what it would look like but it fit perfectly, especially if my hair’s in twists. The hat, I purchased at a Japanese (日本人) store, Shimamura (アベイル – Casual & Shoes – しまむらグループ)for 9 USD. I was excited when I saw the sale; so excited that I nabbed two more. It was there the inspiration for this barbecue look took form. (Can’t find an affordable substitute to direct you to. Sorry. 😦) The top is a big pullover shirt with a rounded hem, perfect for layering but I chose not to. Sticking with blue the colour is a light blue, denim. Bought it GU (ジーユー), another Japanese (日本人) store for roughly 15 USD.




I really had no idea what I wanted to wear. I knew it had to blue but the material or style of bottoms, was the dilemma. “I have to get new joggers”, I thought. Given the season we are in, I wanted something light and dry. GU (ジーユー) had the perfect pair going for 25 USD. Joggers aren’t known to fit me well because they never hug my ankles like they do other guys (sad) but the price plus the make, made my decision much easier.


To complete the look, I chose to wear my blue canvas shoes. I think I bought it in GU (ジーユー) as well for only 20 USD. The thing with this look, if that you could actually mix any hue of blue and it would totally work. Since most of my outfit was purchased in Japan (日本), I’m not too sure if similar styles are on offer in more known, international stores.

You might see me holding what seems to be a murse but it actually is my iPad case. L O L. Because I needed a bag to bring the whole look together, I thought this gray case would do the trick. Mission accomplished! Though I didn’t use it at the barbecue, if it was an actual bag, it would work well. I added my signature bracelet, necklace and sunglasses (see other blogs for links) and I was barbecue ready. This look was perfect for a Sunday barbecue here in Japan (日本). 


img_2590-1    img_2591-1







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