Vanderpump Rules S03 E04 “Jax “Nose” Best” Recap

This week was somehow centered around Jax for one reason or the other, which actually wasn’t such a bad episode. I was beginning to wonder if Jax would have any relevance on the show now that he lost the Stassi storyline, but him getting this nose job was good for him. Mind you, he does have these two girls juggling but it isn’t so attention grabbing.

Boys Thread Too

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I always liked the friendship Jax  and Schwartz had which I’m happy we’re seeing most of this season. What stuck out to me was at the beginning of this episode, we see the guys (Jax, Sandavol and Schwartz) having beers and doing what any modern day guy would do in LA, get their eyebrows threaded. I have never seen men thread their eyebrows before but it was rather funny to watch. They share a genuine bro moment but the talk of course was about Jax’s upcoming surgery for his “deviated septum” as well how awesome they looked. Jax even went on to say he’s glad to be hanging out with the guys as they’re like his brothers. Funny he says that especially when he acted like he didn’t feel remorseful for sleeping with Kristen.

Stassi Can’t Do Without SUR

Stassi decides to visit SUR, the place she claims she’s so over. Just because you keep saying something doesn’t make it true StassiShe engages Ariana in a very awkward conversation. You could tell they weren’t friends nor did they ever had quality exchanges. Kristen’s name comes up and Stassi is just salivating over what Ariana is telling her. Trust me, Kristen is the last person Ariana wants to be talking about. She brings up the fact that Scheana is friends with Kristen which I’m really trying to comprehend what that has to do with Stassi. Ariana rightfully stands up for her friendship with Scheana reaffirming that they are solid. Too bad Stassi is still hung up on Scheana. Just move on already! 

Schwartz Runs Scared

Elsewhere, Schwartz his having a conversation with Katie because he had a panic attack on his very first day of work. Schwartz was acting rather puerile in this moment. Schwartz is probably in his late 20s yet he can’t handle 30 minutes behind a bar? Katie expresses her disappointment in him and right away you can tell that this is going to cause an issue for them because questions about Schwartz’s inability to commit come into play. Katie was obviously hurt by this because she literally chased Lisa down Robertson Blvd, begging her to give her boyfriend a chance. To add insult to injury, Katie witnessed James going the extra mile in hopes of getting his job back, which he did.

What a joke! It leaves one to wonder if Schwartz ever really wanted a job or he was just ensuring he secures his spot as a full time cast member? Hmm….

It’s Broken So Fix It

We see Katie and Stassi meeting up to talk about an event that almost all are going to and of course Jax’s procedure is brought up. Stassi decides she needs to laugh about the situation yet we all remember how fat a face she had before whatever surgery she did to her face. She said it best herself when she said she felt like a hypocrite. That you are Stassi! That you are! Laugh all you want at Jax because at least he still looks the same.

Fast forward a bit and Jax is undergoing surgery and who but Schwartz is there for moral support. Did I mention how much I like the friendship they have? Hours pass and the surgery is complete but Jax starts babbling as he is completely out of it. At this moment, Jax regained his stripes and stole the episode. He was completely funny and I laughed uncontrollably while watching

Lisa, Peter, Sandoval, Ariana, Scheana, and Shay all visit Jax on separate occasions which was such a treat especially for Jax. The fact that Lisa visited him showed she not only cares for him as an employee but as person. The gang all starts talking about Katie and Schwartz’s relationship and why she would rather hang out with Stassi than her own boyfriend. I would like an answer to that question too. Here again we see Katie and Schwartz’s relationship coming under scrutiny. I can tell that this season their relationship will definitely be tested.

OK – Let’s Party

It’s the night of the OK Magazine party and I was very excited because I recall when this happened a few months ago. Scheana and Ariana looked stunning and were accompanied by their fiance and boyfriend respectively. No doubt Stassi and her minions showed up and walked right pass Scheana and the others. Her minions being Katie, Peter, Kristina Kelly and Schwartz by extension. Within minutes of sitting down they start talking about Scheana and the gang as if they have nothing else to talk about. Well at this point I’m convinced they don’t. 

Ariana and Scheana made a slight joke about inviting Kristen and James to sit with them. As luck would have it (for Kristen and James) they wound up  sitting with them. As awkward as it was to watch, it must have been even more awkward for them. Since Stassi has nothing else to do with her life and has been mulching off of her boyfriend for half of a year, she, after losing some silly game, walks over to Scheana and Ariana’s table. Oh yes, her minion Peter wasn’t too far behind. Scheana tries to be nice but senses what she was up to and played along with her silly game. Kristina Kelly and Katie start making fun of Scheana like a bunch of mean spirited girls. Last week I cheered Kristina Kelly for slamming Jax but this week, she was nothing short of annoying. She deserved a Schwartz alcohol shower.

Stassi has a problem with the fact that Scheana is friends with Kristen but for the life of me, I can’t fathom what that has to do with Stassi. Scheana is her own woman and does what she wants. FOH! She has an awkward exchange with Kristen who upsets her by mentioning Jax so she leaves. Scheana and Kristen decide to play Stassi’s game and waltzed over to their table. Stassi again brings up why they are all cool and sh_t storm begins. Seriously, what is Stassi’s prerogative? Sheesh Can’t she just leave?

Till next Time

– KT Speaks

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