Vanderpump Rules S03 E03 “Grand Opening And Closure” Recap

All Fired Up cont’d

The cameras picked up where we left off last week as Lisa was laying down the rule. Seeing the scene for the second time evoked the same emotions it did last week and I still believe firing James wasn’t a good move. Kristen and James left together and wound up talking to Lisa’s son, Max, about what how they felt everything went down. You could tell James was hurt and I felt for him in that moment. Lisa went on to console Sandoval which I found to be absolutely ridiculous. Now, I love Lisa but this was not a good move and showed her bias completely. Sandoval seemed to have been reveling in the fact that James was fired which would make one think he planned to attack James that night.

I’m a bit shocked to see Schwartz involved in the jeering although he did go off on Shay last year at Scheana’s party for no reason.Anyways lets get down to business.

This week was all about the opening of PUMP but drama still found it’s way into the episode.

We see Stassi finally getting the screen time she so desperately craves by having drinks with her father to talk about none other than Scheana. I find it hard to believe that someone who claims she’s over Scheana, Stassi sure brings her name up every chance she gets, to anyone who’ll listen. I can’t fault her for that though because even if it’s not about Scheana it will still be about Scheana. So thank you Stassi for using Scheana to stay relevant. I won’t even delve into the convo she had with her dad because even though I don’t like her, I wouldn’t want to be disrespectful to her dad.

PUMP Is Open

After working on this restaurant for 14 months, Lisa is finally opening its doors. We all watched as she stood looking so regal in that purple dress, looking like the Queen she is. Of course Stassi shows up, I mean she can’t resist being in front of the cameras.

Scheana runs into her and the awkward exchange begins. I just wish Scheana didn’t have to talk to her but they had a job to do so I get it. She wanted to put make Scheana look bad by saying she always plays the victim but Scheana quickly checks her and exits the scene. No camera time for you Stassi!

Meanwhile, James shows up at SUR causing Peter to run off to Ken to report this. So not liking Peter right now. He then asks James to leave but not before James lets him know that his actions towards him are unjustified and I have to agree. The best moment of the night was when Kristina Kelly put Jax in his place by telling him he’s basically irrelevant and trying to use Stassi to get more airtime isn’t going to work. Well that’s what I got from the chat.

Finally Some Closure?

James couldn’t come to terms with being fired so he visits Lisa to offer and apology and hopefully get his job back. He pour his heart out in a letter and looked awfully sincere about it. Hopefully Lisa gives him another chance.

Elsewhere, Kristen tries to find closure by going over to Tom’s but didn’t expect to see Ariana there. This was really a very sad situation to watch. However, one may feel about Kristen it wasn’t fun seeing someone cry. Ariana was put in a very awkward place and I’m sure she would have rather not witnessed that scene. I for one would love to see more of Ariana and Tom outside of the scenes that have to do with Kristen. Likewise I’d love to see more of Kristen and James to draw my own conclusions about the pair. The episode ended on such a sad note with Kristen walking out in tears. Hopefully this is closure.

Till next time
– KT Speaks

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  1. Yaya says:

    I get you like scheana but the girl is a constant martyr. She was constantly re tweeting negative things about stassi bit now claps she didn’t. None of these people are good and have all done stupid stuff. I at least respect that stassi has been honest abs has focused on making a legitimate career

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      If shes focused on making a legitimate career, why is she still on the show? Lol

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