Vanderpump Rules S03 E02 “All Fired Up” Recap

Go Take A Honda Civic Selfie?

This week we pick where we last saw the gang, at Scheana’s birthday party. Tom Sandoval decides he wants to confront Kristen about the rumor that she has now started to spread. Kristen doesn’t want to engage him so she is basically uncooperative which was getting to Sandoval. James, Kristen’s new boyfriend thinks it’s his duty to rescue Kristen from this situation which winds up causing things to escalate. Sandoval suggests James go take a Beemer selfie and James hits back by saying Sandoval should take a selfie with his Honda. BURN! He and Sandoval sling more shots at each other which proved to be too much for Sandoval. He shoves James in the face and the chaos begins.

Tag! You’re It

Everyone within reach starts to jump in, whether to break it up or offer assistance where needed. I felt like I was watching WWE and this was the tag team match. Heck it even brought me back to Bad Girls Club 11 when Hailey was being jumped. Everything happened so quickly but I do have a pretty good idea of what went down.

Breakdown of the fightTom shoved James, he retaliates. Brad, Kristen’s friend tries to break it up but Tom Schwartz, Katie’s boyfriend, decides he needs to save Sandoval from the now headlock he was in, by also putting James in a headlock as well. See a pattern? WWE? While all this is happening Kristen is pounding away at the head of one of the Toms, who I believe to be Schwartz. Schwartz realizing he probably did screw up started yelling that he was only trying to break them up

Could this have been a ploy to save his own ass when the clip would be played again? Glasses are being broken and of course Scheana who was nowhere near what was going on gets her foot sliced open. I mean can’t she catch a break? She has a wedding in two months. Sheesh! To make things worse Shay, Scheana’s fiancé’s Dad also got knocked over in the fracas which Sandoval revealed on WWHLScheana was livid. I’ve never seen her like that before on the show. So she orders that the parties involved in the fight be removed. Well, she did it more like this.

Now, when I first heard about what happened I was rather upset. I said to myself, “not Sandoval again”. We were treated with a video clip of him apologizing to Scheana and Shay for yet again ruining another party of theirs. I knew about this video but seeing it made put things into perspective. Sandoval was truly remorseful. (See clip of apology video here

Who Started It?

The next day we see everyone having an opinion on what went down even those who weren’t there. We see Ariana and Sandoval talking about what had happened and also about the rumors. Ariana makes it clear that she is aware of Sandoval’s past but whatever is happening in their relationship is their business. I completely agree with Ariana and I do believe she’s smart enough to weed out lies from the truth.

However, I was completely thrown for a loop when I heard majority of the cast saying James initiated the confrontation. Mind you, I’m not the biggest fan of Kristen nor James but I was annoyed at how much blame they were getting for the fiasco that took place. Peter, a manager at SUR is seen relaying information to Lisa about the incident. This was when I realized what was happening or rather it was a foreshadowing of what was to come. How could Peter be so hateful that he’s willing to speak on what he doesn’t know? In my fairest of opinions, I think they all decided that someone has to take the blame for what happened and since James was fairly new and not liked as well as Kristen, this would be the perfect way to get Lisa to fire them. Doesn’t this seem eerily familiar? Think back to Season 1, Vegas, Stassi’s birthday disaster when Frank got blamed for everything and was soon fired.

Suspended, Suspended. You No Longer Work Here

Lisa has been busy with getting things ready for the opening of her new restaurant PUMP and has to take time off to have a meeting to dissolve the situation once and for all. Schwartz got off lucky as Katie plead to Lisa to give him a chance and hear him out which she did but he’s hanging by a thread. Lisa puts her boss cap on and gets down to business. She gives them a proper scolding and asks James to give his side of the story. We don’t know if she spoke to Sandoval cuz that wasn’t aired. James basically tells her that no matter what was said, the situation would probably still occur. Lisa also decides to rip Kristen to threads when out of nowhere Peter chimes in throwing Kristen under the bus. For some reason he doesn’t like her which I find confusing because she did nothing that would have affected him. Anyways, Lisa hands down the verdict and both Kristen and Sandoval were suspended and as for James, well according to Lisa 

Lisa claims that she has more allegiance to the former couple than she does James so she wants him to get out. As a viewer I was rather miffed because from what we saw he got fired because of the fight. Like most, I took to Twitter to air my views where Lisa highlighted there were other factors. She’s the boss so she knows what works for her place of business.


There were a few scenes that I found lacklustre which had some connection to Stassi. Jax covered up the tattoo he got of her name and also decided he wanted to break things off with one of his on again – off again girlfriends, Carmen because he realizes he has stronger feelings for Tiffany. The two ladies are gorgeous so I could see why he had a problem. He invites Carmen to a pizza place and in his attempt to break up with her, she instead broke up with him. I’ve never seen that before in my life and it was funny to watch. She broke up with him similar to how Stassi ended things with him at one point in Season 1.

Speaking of Stassi, she was pretty much absent from the episode as she had been for the 6 months she moved to NY. We only saw her with Schwartz and Katie which I don’t mind at all. She had this idea she made the show what it was but from how this season has started, I’m pretty sure she won’t be as involved.

Till next time
– KT Speaks

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