Vanderpump Rules S03 E01 “Instafight” Recap

It’s a new year which means #PumpRules is back and by the looks of things, it will be a doozy of a season. In case you forgot, last season we left the cast at complete odds after the fiasco that took place at Scheana and Shay’s engagement party. The last we saw and heard from them was at the reunion which was aired in February and some shocking revelations were made. To catch you up to speed, Stassi quit SUR and moved to New York with her boyfriend (whose name I care not to know), Kristen started dating this British guy, Katie was…well Katie, Tom Sandoval started dating ArianaJax wasn’t remorseful about what he and Kristen had done, Lisa was upset with Stassi for how she left SUR and Scheana was just happy to start planning her wedding. Now let’s get into this season

Like most series premiere, we are being caught up with what had transpired since the cameras had stopped rolling. We find that Jax has been dating two women at the same time and he professes they know about it this time. I’m guessing Jax turned over a new leaf. Tom Sandoval and Ariana are now officially a couple and seem to be happier than ever but don’t take my word for it, Tom said so himself.

Kristen on the other hand makes it known yet again that she’s dating James and that he’s British. I’m assuming this a plus. She does look happier in her interviews but one thing’s for sure, she and Tom aren’t living together anymore. No surprise there.

Kristen has also taken it up on herself to now be spreading a rumor that Tom cheated on Ariana with some random girl in Miami. Of course she tells Scheana who is placed in a very uncomfortable situation.

Katie is seen taking a more upfront role as this is the first time we’re seeing her without Stassi on screen and she held her own in the scene. She’s thanking Lisa for giving her boyfriend, Tom Schwartz, a job at Lisa’s new hotspot in WeHoPUMP. So now he’s been bumped up to full cast member.

Stassi Returns

I’m not shocked to say the least that Stassi couldn’t stay away from SUR. Having moved to New York, the cast was getting along fine but of course she had to come back to stir things up. She’s seen throughout the episode trying to sell this idea that she’s grown and out of the fray that’s likely to be at SUR. This is quite funny because why would someone return to a situation they think themselves better than? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. However, this is how I feel about Stassi’s return. 

The rest of the cast must be feeling like Tom Sandoval about Stassi and I wouldn’t blame them 

Let The Battle Begin

It’s Scheana’s birthday once again and she’s invited all her friends to attend her party. Katie made it clear that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for everyone to be there and by everyone she means Tom Sandoval Ariana and Kristen and James. We found out later that she may have been right. 

The night kicks off with Stassi, Katie, Kristina Kelly and another friend having a night out at a different location, obviously not in attendance at Scheana’s party. They decide to spend their time on screen talking about Scheana and how much of a better time they are having. Smh! 

Anywho, Scheana’s party is in full swing as ShayFKennedy (Shay and James’ collaboration) is going crazy with he mixes. Tom Sandoval decides he wants to have words with Kristen and what happens next is pure mess. I guess Scheana can’t have just one good event. 

Until next time.

– KT Speaks

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