Below is a blog post from a friend of mine. I agree with everything said so I won’t write my own.  Via http://recessesofmymind.weebly.com

“So the British Prime Minister, what’s his face-David Cameron-who by the way, comes from a family of slave owners, visited Jamaica recently. His very visit in my opinion was an insult to our country, as he had already made it clear beforehand that he had no plans of discussing the issue many Jamaicans-nay the whole world- had been waiting for-REPARATION. What exactly was the purpose of his visit then? Wait for it……to announce that Britain wanted to gift us with a state of the art prison. Pause people…..pause and let that soak in. Have you ever seen the meme that says “I survived another meeting that should have been an email”? if you have then might I liken that meme to Mr. Cameron’s visit? He didn’t need to fly all the way from England to tell us this, he could have dropped our heads of government an email, or he simply could have posted it to Facebook. He did not need to waste precious British tax payer money-which he is sooo concerned about- but you know what? He hopped on a plane, and I think we should all raise our hands in unison and give Mr. Cameron a round of applause.

Why thank you Mr. Cameron! And in extension thank you your royal highness! Because I fail to believe you had no inkling of this awesome gift that your Prime Minister wants to offer us. Ever since the day Britain started to buy and sell us into chattel we have realized that your generosity truly has no bounds! Not only were you so kind as to abolish the very slavery YOU profited from for HUNDREDS of years (after you built your roads, railways, bridges, infrastructure, started banks, factories and the whole works) but in the end you were also able to pay the slave owners because losing us (your slaves) was a big blow for those who ran your plantations. Beating slaves in the broiling sun was no joke! it wasn’t easy work! SO thank you for acknowledging the good men and women that were our slave masters and all their hard work. Also we thank you so much for championing the cause for the abolition of slavery AFTER you realized that the demand for sugar was on the decline and we, (your slaves) were not needed much anymore. Nobody can say you didn’t do us a favor. No one can say you didn’t stand up for basic human rights even if it took you HUNDREDS of years to do so.

Furthermore we thank you for digging us up out of the huts in Africa, away from the little gold that was there and taking us to the Americas! We had never been overseas before! In fact some of us were so excited we jumped off of your ships into the big wonderful Atlantic Ocean. We had never gone deep sea diving before either. We thank you for ripping our families apart, killing pregnant women, raping our women and children. We thank you for child and forced labor in the cane fields. Sugar was king! and you had the foresight to see that the world needed sugar and only the strongest people could work on the plantations day in and day out. We also thank you for granting us one day a week to rest when you realized that we kept dying from exhaustion and the slave masters whip. We thank you oh Britain, for taking our names….I personally thank you for the last name “Stewart” everyday, god forbid I was ever to know my true black identity… Thank you for giving all of us white men’s names….and NOW YOU’RE GIVING US A PRISON? What have we done to deserve such an amazing gift? tell us so we can share it with everyone else please!

AND TO YOU Madam Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller we owe the biggest of thanks. Our hearts overflow with gratitude to you, for welcoming Mr. Cameron here with open arms and your usual kiss. Thank you for shielding him from the media so the public could not get their questions and issues aired. Thanks for silencing the nation yet again. I heard that you agreed to the terms as well…..correct? If so thank you for transferring the tax that the British would be paying for THEIR prisoners to us. We simply don’t pay enough taxes in Jamaica, and we MUST take into consideration that Britain cannot waste anymore of their tax payer dollars unless it is to fund useless trips for their prime minister. Most Jamaicans had their doubts about your intellect,but Madam Prime Minister, now we can say they were wrong about you, because you also had the gumption to “raise” not press the issue of reparation to the British PM, lest we offend him with our poor state of affairs and the need to rectify the injustices that we endured for HUNDREDS of years. Mr. Cameron should not be burdened with the after effects of slavery: the skin bleaching, the deterioration of families, our economy, the class system-Classism (Which I mentioned in my last piece). No, he should’t because he himself, nor the people of Britain today, did not enslave us…they merely benefited from our enslavement. They had nothing to do with it and Britain has proven once again just how much it is willing to help us move on and forget about olden day slavery, by guiding us into a new, albeit, more socially acceptable kind.

Furthermore that estimated 4-7trillion in reparation is not needed. We don’t need to build more schools, remove potholes from our roads, OR BUILD ROADS for that matter. What is an IMF debt? We don’t need to pay that as long as we cooperate with the structural changes the IMF demands. We are doing so well at the moment and the only thing that could possibly make Jamaica better is a STATE OF THE ART PRISON….not a regular prison people but a STATE OF THE ART PRISON, get with it. Thank you Madame Prime Minister, you and Prime Minister David Cameron are just God-sent!”

KT Speaks

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