Chirpy Mexican Is Not A Racial Slur

Hey all. I know I said I was going to start blogging about The Real Housewives of Dallas this season but I honestly felt demotivated. I still watch the episodes but I’d be typing the same thing every week and I wasn’t going to do that. All that has happened is LeeAnne getting ready for her wedding, Stephanie and Kameron going at it about their friendship, D’Andra is still complaining about the company and her mother, Brandi is still hating on LeeAnne and Kary has no other storyline than critiquing everything LeeAnne says or does. Oh! And Cary Deuber has popped up to help LeeAnne with her events for the wedding. That’s it. That’s all. Every week! Anyways…

The Real Housewives of Dallas just released its midseason trailer and it has already caused many discussions among the fan base.

The trailer seems to be well edited to be extremely dramatic and we see Kameron is in the thick of it. Brandi reveals to Stephanie that her son’s biological mother is pregnant again and she does know if she’ll be able to adopt another baby. Kary’s mission to make LeeAnne the villain for season 4, as every other person besides Kameron has done, is obviously going to be all she brings to the show. We see her trying to pit Kameron against LeeAnne. Will she succeed? We’ll see.

If we recall last season D’Andra was exposed at the reunion for complaining to Kameron about showing up to the women’s events to support them, while she supposedly doesn’t get the same support. So for D’Andra to have felt that slighted by the women then to purchase LeeAnne‘s multifunctional dress as a means of mocking her, she truly shows who she is. No matter what has transpired, I don’t recall ever seeing LeeAnne talk down anyone’s business. If she has, direct me to the clip. LeeAnne is seen expressing her frustrations to Kameron about Kary. This leads her to say

“but the little chirpy Mexican…”

Kameron decides to take it back to the group. All of this I assume took place in Thailand for the cast trip. This of course blew up and even Kameron’s husband commented (after they got back home) that the group can’t tolerate RACISM. Now this is where I lost it. Then to go on Twitter and seeing people agree, has me boggled.

I noticed that before the season started, media that reports on the housewives and fans, started talking about “finally a Latina is on a housewives show to bring diversity” (completely ignoring the fact that Joyce was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and we had majority Latinas on The Real Housewives of Miami) which I thought was funny considering The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just casted their first black wife. Anywho, Kary is 100% Latina, a WHITE Latina. They exist but guess what??? If she had no accent, we wouldn’t have known that.

Side bar: I had a brief discussion with some twitter users a few months back about the Latinx community. A news station revealed their journalists who would be covering the 2020 election. The photo showed about two Asian journalists and the rest, white. I commented that there wasn’t even much difference among the other journalist when someone mentioned that there were about 2 or 3 people from the Latinx community on the list. I then said their names may be Latinx and that may be their identity but that’s not their race and if their names weren’t on the list, no one would be able to tell that those journalist were Latinx. This sparked a whole debate about Latinx people facing discrimination from Caucasians, etc. I then mentioned that may be the case for the non white Latinx people but not for the white ones. Why? Because being Latinx is not a race just like being Mexican isn’t. Being Latinx is related to culture and ethnicity and THAT has no colour. But when you have everyone else being called Latinx, while darker skinned Latinx people have “Afro” before Latino/Latina, no wonder people think it’s a race.

Throughout the season so far, Kary points out every single time that she’s from Mexico. LeeAnne saying “chirpy Mexican” means that Kary talks too much. No! It doesn’t have the same meaning as someone using the N word. Do you want to know why? Because if it did, then Bravo wouldn’t have had it subtitled, written all out. It would’ve been censored. When LeeAnne went on to say “I thought you were all Mexican and strong” that gave the same energy as saying to someone who always says they’re from the Bronx or Compton to “knuck if you buck”. In other words, “get at me and show me why being from Mexico, the Bronx or Compton makes you this badass“.

The women and the fandom that are up in arms about whether or not what LeeAnne said was racist is ridiculous. The producers asking Brandi that question and her pausing that long before she answered is so disgusting. Why? If this cast of white women want to bring up racism, they better be able to say with their chest held high, where their political affiliations lie because at this point, it matters. That’s where we are headed and I’m sure they do not want to enter into that territory.

I’m just completely thrown that this is where they chose to go with the season. I mean, we’ve had LuAnn darken her skin to be Diana Ross for Halloween, we’ve had Heather (I like her) a few seasons back, when she was talking to Ramona, gesture smoking weed in relation to Jamaica (a nation of majority black people), we’ve had Brandi say to Joyce that of course she can’t swim cuz she’s black and people defended them or totally ignored the comments or actions. Heck, Joe Giudice called Danielle’s friend a f#%#%# in season two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and he apologised. That was a slur, chirpy Mexican isn’t. Stassi, a privileged white girl who has had many things handed to her for being obnoxious on Vanderpump Rules, boldly declared on her podcast that Black people in Hollywood complained too much about representation. What did everyone do? The fans, the all white cast and Andy jumped to her defense on the show and the reunion, instead of pointing out to her that what she said had racist undertones. So, was LeeAnne being a complete a**hole for dissing Kary that she talks too much? YES. But was it a racist comment? NO!

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


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  1. Ketrina Henderson says:

    If she’s not racist, why would she said let the hanging begin. This happened part 2 of the reunion, so is this not racist.

    1. Keirn says:

      Have you heard or the Salem Witch Trials? This is in reference to that. OMG!

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