Camille Is An Enigma

Season 9 Episode 10 – A Supreme Snub


Hello readers, these blogs are getting harder to write as the weeks progress. The women have little to nothing going without Lisa Vanderpump (LVP). We’re halfway through the season and I can’t tell you what anyone’s storyline is. Bored! I want to be able to produce a good blog entry but these women are making it hard. So here goes…


Denise invited Dorit to her home to catch up and get to know her better because she liked her upon first meeting her. I did too, Denise but she’s making it really hard for me this season. It didn’t take long for Dorit to once again throw it out there that LVP is the one behind the RadarOnline article. She still has no proof. She went on to say she knows LVP still cares for her but wants her to own up to the accusations. She claimed she still hadn’t heard from LVP and doesn’t understand why she’s basically ghosted her. Gee Dorit, maybe it had something to do with everyone deciding she was guilty of trying to set up her friend, without giving her a fair shot, then sending a very good friend to deliver the accusations? She’s beyond thick! 


I’ve been saying on Twitter for weeks that after Goodbye Kyle LVP’s screen time will be limited to about 2 minutes and it seems like I was right. I mean, there’s only so much filler the editors can plug into an episode that doesn’t work with the overall storyline. Since LVP won’t be around the women for the rest of the season, they will now have to find new ways to ‘entertain’ us. 

– Oh and Erika rehearsed for her show, AGAIN.


Kyle decided to throw Camille a bridal shower as her wedding was just weeks away. She set the table and put out name cards for seating. Of course she had one for LVPKyle pointed out that in Beverly Hills, a place card at a table has to be done right. But LVP is the one that is worried about image in Beverly Hills? Riiiiiiiight. All the other women show up and they take their place at the table. They have light chatter then Camille asks where LVP was. She felt disappointed that LVP wasn’t there and Rinna thinks she’s being a p***y for avoiding them. These women obviously did not comprehend what LVP was going through. Camille posits that LVP encouraged her to be strong when she was going through her divorce with Kelsey but failed to admit that divorce and death aren’t the same thing. I’m so over this!

– Rinna’s mother came to town for a visit and she takes her, along with her daughters, out for a day of treatments. I won’t lie, the scene was a little funny but this can’t be all Rinna has to offer, can it?


Since Rinna’s mother was in town, she planned a dinner for her with the women. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits. Camille is asked about LVP and she reveals that LVP said she wasn’t invited to the shower. Kyle felt like this was yet another lie that LVP has told because she sent a text message that said it was delivered to her. As most have come to know after reading LVP’s blog on her website, LVP blocked Kyle after she sent her a measly birthday message instead of calling her like the usual, so she wouldn’t have received the invite that Kyle sent to everyone. 

The conversation turns to the Supreme Court nomination last year and things got pretty heated. Camille felt as though there wasn’t enough evidence in Dr. Ford’s case and the person who was truly suffering was the judge and his family. She felt as though his character was being maligned and she could identify with that. Not giving a care in the wold to what Dr. Ford had gone through and what her family was also going through at the time. Camille’s saw herself in the judge because she too was accused of things in the past that she hadn’t done and all of the world was judging her based on lies. This is where Camille confuses me. Like Rinna stated, Camille comparing her situation to Dr. Ford and the judge’s is weird, especially because she’s on the side of the accused, as a victim herself. 

It’s perfectly fine for Camille to say there wasn’t enough evidence (although most cases are like that because there are hardly any witnesses to assault or rape), but she shouldn’t assume just because she told people what happened to her, that every woman (or man) would do the same. There may not have been enough evidence (as with a lot of cases) because of who were interviewed and the time frame the interviews were done. That narrative needs to cease. I’m not bashing her for her opinion but I hope, like she said, that things weren’t that way for both parties involved . The thing about this is that everyone believed Camille when she accused her ex boyfriend of same. As a woman, Camille should believe victims until otherwise. The fact that she could conflate her name being smeared for being a mean housewife in season 1 (she was) and that of her divorce, to the judge being accused of sexual assault is only the most Beverly Hills thing to do. Or maybe some of the labels Andy read out in the flashback weren’t so far off. I’m befuddled. This woman told her therapist years before this administration and judge were thought of. She wasn’t lying but the “law” is the “law”.

– We got a glimpse of Kim Richards at the same restaurant that the women were having dinner and I was so excited to see her. She ignored the heck out of Rinna but Rinna acted like she was the one trying to avoid Kim. 


Rinna’s mother, Lois, was the star of the episode for me. While sitting at the dinner table, watching Camille defend the judge and basically call Dr. Ford a liar, she must have thought that Camille had lost the plot. We came to find out that Lois had been a survivor of not just a rapist but a serial murdererShe would have been that man’S first victim had she wasn’t saved by the police. So thankful that she survived and was able to tell her story, 18 years after Rinna was born. So people who think speaking out about assault is as easy as knowing your fundamental basics, need to get their head checked. Instead of judgment, show understanding and compassion. Lois is a true rockstar.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


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