Denim and Pink

I’ve always wanted to share my style and love for fashion but didn’t think I had what it took. I might still don’t but I think I’ve acquired a few tricks over the years to put pieces together, all on a budget. This being my first fashion post, I decided to write about taboo colour for men, PINK. Growing up where I did, I never thought I’d ever put this colour on, due in part to my then, love for everything dark, grunge and goth. We all had that phase. LOL. Fast forward to 2013 when I wore my first ever pink shirt, I was in love. I made the decision then and there that I’d start adding more colour to my wardrobe.

As a resident in Japan (日本) I was introduced to a whole new set of styles that, surprisingly, were very much my aesthetic. Everything about how they mixed print and colour fascinated me. In the west for example, many people shop at chain stores like Forever21, ASOS, ZaraH&M, Pacsun, Hot Topic, just to name a few. All those stores have really affordable apparel for your average shopper. Japan is no different. We have some of the same stores that is in the west but they’re tailored to suit the Japanese aesthetic. So we’ll have articles of clothing that’s just be for us. Then there are the Japanese/Asian brands, that I absolutely love.

I was invited to join a friend for dinner a few nights ago and so this was the look I went with. Don’t mind the background. Haha! I just realised me saying that is drawing more attention to the background and not my outfit.

The pink top as well as the black and white striped undershirt, I got for about $25 (USD) from Method. The store had the two pieces on a special for the holidays and I just had to get them. I could have chosen a something else to wear because it’s Spring, I thought it best to be on trend with my colours for the season. Bare in that the pieces sold separately range from $20 – $30 (USD).

What type of pants would I need? I’m always of the view that darker pants make whatever I’m wearing seem a bit dressy and I wasn’t going for that. Then it came to me, skinny light wash blue denim jeans. Luckily, I went shopping in one of my favourite stores, WEGO Japan, which had the perfect pair. The pants I got for $15 (USD) and that my friends was shocking to me. Males don’t get jeans for $15 (USD) everyday. I felt like I had just won an Olympic gold medal.

I knew I didn’t need to get any shoes cuz I have just enough for the space that I have. You can only wear one pair at a time anyways. Like a smart budgetor (I know that’s not a word) my shoes are usually the basic colours, black, brown and white, cuz we all know these go with 90% of anything we wear. So I chose my black Back Number canvas shoes I bought from Right On, almost 3 years now, for $9 (USD). You heard me, $9! I could little about labels, as long as the price and quality is right, I’m getting it. Sorry Toms.

To put the whole look together, and still sticking to the season’s trends, I added my blue denim jacket I purchased for $39 (USD) from H&M in Seoul, Korea last year. One year later, and it’s still wearable. A lot of people probably wouldn’t admit to repeating their stuff but if you love it, wear it. Besides, guys don’t worry about stuff like this, right? Haha! I’m not a real fan of necklaces accessories, but I wore the only two I do have. My necklace is from WEGO Japan which I paid $10 (USD) for and my black bracelet is from the amazing Bershka, also $10 (USD).

I tried to find the links for these specific items but some of these stores don’t have websites so I’ll post links of similar pieces if you want to to achieve something like this. Nothing to break the bank of course. 😀



Top –  Undershirt – Denim Jacket – Pants – Shoes – Necklace – Bracelet 

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