How Dare You, Piers Morgan?!

I’m just another angry black man. Or that’s what Piers Morgan would want me or any other person of colour to think if I dare challenge him. According to an article published April 25, 2016 by MailOnline, Mr. Morgan wrote re Beyoncé most recent visual album, LEMONADE, he prefers the old Beyoncé, “the less inflammatory, agitating one.” (See link for article Mr. Morgan asserts that this new found blackness that Beyoncé is embracing is downright disrespectful and is a slap in the face to her supporters. He goes on to highlight that her supporters are very diverse so this political statement is reprehensible. He doesn’t stop there. He continues by adding snippets of an interview he did with the artist for CNN in 2008, where she said she was happy people saw her as an entertainer and that she doesn’t think they look at her race. He even lauds her for being “incredibly impressive”. You can already sense the prejudgment he had of her. Mr. Morgan brings up this interview as a catalyst to prove his point that the artist has changed. However, Mr. Morgan fails to or, at least, doesn’t want to admit that his issue with LEMONADE simply stems from the fact that he can’t connect with it. He, in all his whiteness, saw Beyoncé as an ally to his privilege, and she’s now gone against it. I mean, how dare she betray her white fans like that?! How dare Beyoncé, a black woman, who according to Mr. Morgan, has experienced racism herself, use her voice to speak out on issues affecting her and people who look like her?!

Did Mr. Morgan forget that Beyoncé was not put on this earth to entertain white rich men? That no matter what, she was born and will die a black woman? Is the onus not on her to advocate for just treatment for her people? Mr. Morgan also honed in on the fact that Oprah was such a huge tv presenter, Tiger Woods was a number 1 golfer and…wait for it…Barack Obama became President of the United States of America. What do all of them have in common? Why, their blackness of course! So because these black people became successful, Beyoncé has no right to talk about issues that people of colour face every single day, in every parts of this world? So should I be shocked as a black man, Mr. Morgan doesn’t understand why what Beyoncé has done is so important?

Photo Courtesy of MailOnline

[Of all the pictures to choose from, this is one they chose from LEMONADE]

No! No, Mr. Morgan, you will not silence another black woman as your forefathers have done and descendants are still doing! No, Mr. Morgan you will not get away with hiding behind your privilege to say because you were uncomfortable, Beyoncé should not engage in anything political! She’s isn’t the problem. Finally, you will not succeeded in trying to tell us Beyoncé is using the tragedies which befell young black men in America as a marketing tactic to add to her millions. You, whether directly or indirectly, are contributing to it, when people of colour try to have their voices heard. So Mr. Morgan you can take several seats with this headline “Jay-Z’s not the only one who needs to be nervous about Beyonce, the born-again-black woman with a political mission” because Beyoncé was always black and if it took her doing this for you to realize then please reassess your so called ‘fairness’ because those white privilege glasses affixed to your face, need to be removed. Some would say you don’t have to get LEMONADE, it’s not meant for you. However, it is for you and the fact that you choose not to highlight the importance of such a statement, proves why black people and other ‘minorities’ still have to be fighting to be heard.


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