How Dare You, Piers Morgan?!

I’m just another angry black man. Or that’s what Piers Morgan would want me or any other person of colour to think if I dare challenge him. According to an article published April 25, 2016 by MailOnline, Mr. Morgan wrote re Beyoncé most recent visual album, LEMONADE, he prefers the old Beyoncé, “the less inflammatory, agitating […]

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Sorry You’re Not Black Enough

Sorry You’re Not Black Enough Time and time again I see posts all over social media about black vs whites, light skinned vs dark skinned, among a slew of other issues surrounding race. However, black people don’t think they can be racist towards their own kind and in doing so, a term such as colorism […]

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Us Against Them

In light of the present trend, the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, there have been quite a number of posts; positive and negative, about this disease. Mind you, I had no idea there was a disease of this sort before the videos started circulating and I’m sure most of you were also unaware. So kudos to person who thought of this […]

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Being Jamaican: A Technicality

I have been missing from the blogging world for a few months, not because I wanted to, but merely because I didn’t feel like writing. It wasn’t until a friend of mine shared a link with me that the urge to write resurfaced. For most people within Jamaica, and for Jamaican expats, who keep abreast […]

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On February 13, 2014, I attended a show put on by the Quilt Performing Arts Company held at The Philip Sherlock Centre, UWI Mona. This show was like, yet unlike any other that the group has put on. Well, from my vantage point. The show was given the name RELEASE. Now, when I first heard the name of the […]


And What Do WE Teach OUR Boys?

Hi there readers, I’m once again going to use Beyoncé’s self-titled album as the pivot for this entry. Specifically looking at “Flawless” (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie). As a matter of fact, Beyoncé’s part in the song will hardly be looked at as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s verse has been stirring up a lot of thoughts in my head. I hope you’re ready, cuz I […]

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Pretty Hurts…Right?

Hi my readers, I want to apologize for being absent these past couple of months with my blogs. Too much was happening in my personal and professional life, that I couldn’t find the time to sit around the computer and put my thoughts together. However, I have decided that instead of making a post on every episode […]

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Being x Seeming

Often times, we as humans, because of our imperfect state of existence, tend to try our best to stage our lives for public approval. Notice the use of the pronouns “we” and our “our” as I, too, fall in this mold. Why do we do this? This is a question asked by many and have […]

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