In Love With Warupan

A few months ago I did an interview with Jiri Mills, the creative force behind the character, Warupan. (See interview here) While talking with Jiri, I could see the passion and enthusiasm he has for Warupan. As a lover of pandas, I was happy with what I heard. The question of when he’d have merchandise available for sale arose. As promised, Warupan sweatshirts and caps were ready for purchase February 2018.


I knew I had to own at least one item, so I reached out to Jiri the best way I knew how, via text message because he didn’t have an official website, up and running. However, if you need to contact him, check out the official Instagram page for Warupan hereWithin seconds of expressing my interest in a sweatshirt, Jiri gave me a price and the PayPal info needed to make the purchase. But…a sweatshirt wouldn’t be enough so I bought a Warupan cap to wear on days when my head isn’t as big as it normally is. LOL. Since I live in Japan and so does Jiri shipping took a day and I couldn’t be happier when I opened the package. Everything fit to perfection and I couldn’t be happier. Usually I’d hesitate when making purchases for a sweatshirt and especially a cap but supporting Jiri felt right, and his prices were fair. Did I mention the quality? LOVE.

Anyways, I had a holiday coming up and I always try to dress in comfortable clothing when traveling, so this was perfect. More on my holiday to come. A friend of mine loved the cap so much, that I bought a second one as gift. IMG_5134.JPG

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Warupan.

Till next time.


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