A Respite From PuppyGate

Season 9 Episode 7 Recap: Eat, Drink, and Be Married

Finally, we got a break from #puppygate for majority of the episode this week. We start off with Erika meeting her team like she has been doing for the past 4 seasons since she’s been on the show.  At this point, if I wasn’t convinced she has nothing else to offer the show, I am now. How many times are we going to see Erika meet her team to talk about looks for performance? It’s not enough to dress up and stand in a scene but she needs to prove why she keeps earning a diamond. All she’s offered thus far is superficial stuff. If that’s her real life, then my bad, but that can’t be all of who she is. I refuse to believe it. Where are her friends? Fans of the show have been complaining that Lisa Vanderpump (LVP) has nothing to offer anymore but I would ask them to honestly state what they’ve learnt about Erika now that they didn’t know when she joined back in season 6. Then she keeps drinking wine in her confessional because she’s again playing a character. So contrived but it’s a good gif (lol).


Kyle, Teddi and Dorit, meet to purchase a gift for Denise’s upcoming nuptials. Kyle wastes no time in telling them that she and LVP met with Denise and Aaron and spills everything that they talked about. She informs them that Denise proclaims that Aaron is well endowed. I don’t even know why she brought this up. She could’ve simply told the women she had a good time with LVP, getting to know Aaron and Denise better. But knowing Kyle, that isn’t what interest her. 

Not long after she brings up that LVP will be attending the wedding, to hear what the women will say. We see her calling both LVP and Teddi for them to sit down and try to hash things out but both decline the invite. I see what Kyle is doing. She’s keeping herself busy in the middle then moans about being stuck in the middle. Teddi should have met with LVP weeks prior if this #puppygate was this elaborate plan. However, not once has she filmed with LVP alone so far and I think for the whole season, with the exception of the 3 minutes in The Bahamas, which begs the question, why?


Denise and Aaron plan the fastest wedding I’ve ever seen and I must say, I enjoyed it. First they meet with the planner at their desired location and informs him they want to get married in 2 days. Luckily for them, the venue was available and the planner seemed anxious but excited to take on the task. 

Rinna and Erika meet to drive to Denise’s wedding together. Erika shows up in a Lisa Rinna polyester jumpsuit which turned out to be bad idea as she was burning up. She tells Rinna that Kyle called her and told her the same story she told Teddi and DoritWho else has Kyle told this to? She seems to be telling anyone with ears, who will listen, that Aaron is packing. Erika then tells Rinna that #puppygate wasn’t brought up. But why would it? LVP has been the only one who to not bring up #puppygate outside of who it concerned. Rinna states that Lucy is fine and everyone should move on. I find this laughable because they all want to move on now that they’ve successfully changed the narrative of the story and have blamed LVP for this whole mess. 

The ladies start filing in one by one with the exception of Kyle because she and Mauricio had a party for The Agency on the same day. I bet she was fuming that they didn’t get to film this promotional event for Mauricio’s company after planning for it months because Denise decided to have her wedding. This might be why they had filmed event for the company later on in the season. All seemed well as LVP greets everyone with a kiss and joked around like she usually does. They seemed surprised at that fact as if they don’t know she isn’t the type to start any confrontation.

Denise is running over an hour late but when you’re The Denise Richards you can do whatever the heck you want, at your wedding. LOL. She’s clad in an off-white, laced romper with what seems to a chiffon or organza detachable train. Only in California can this happen. Remember Scheana’s crop top wedding dress (which I loved) in season 3 of Vanderpump Rules? They finally arrive and said there I dos at a ceremony true to who they are.

Retrieved from Us Weekly.

I must say, this episode was a clean one and it didn’t dawn on me until the very end as to why. Kyle was only shown for 3 minutes. LOL. I still like her though but the episode flowed really well with her limited role. 


In the final scene of the episode, we see Dorit and PK in their home, mentioning briefly payments they need to make but it wasn’t long before that changed. PK looked uneasy as he walked to and from the bathroom, while Dorit kept checking her phone. Shortly, a notification comes in and it’s an article from Radar Online, stating what we have been seeing on screen since the season started as well as what we’ve been following since last SeptemberDorit goes on to accuse LVP of leaking the story to Radar Online because the article used words like “nipped” and mentioned the type of dog Lucy was. They must really think the audience are a bunch of numbskulls. Then again, some are. 

Anyone who follows these women on social media, knows about their pets. That is no secret. I find it interesting that she and PK chose to immediately castigate their friend for this whole #puppygate fiasco when they have made it extremely convoluted since the beginning. Dorit speaks of the article as the ultimate betrayal because it paints a negative picture of her and people will think she doesn’t care for animals. Not once has she expressed any remorse for what she did, instead she offers up one excuse after another. Dorit has also not paid the $5000 fine for breaching the contract she signed when adopting Lucy, and as far as we know, LVP isn’t hounding her for it. Sounds like LVP is more of a friend to Dorit than Dorit is to her. Dorit mentions she doesn’t know where to begin with her friendship LVP because of the article yet she’s bosom buddies with the woman who called her husband a pervert (Erika) and the woman who accused her of hosting a party where people did cocaine in the bathroom (Rinna). Miss me with the faux outrage Dorit. 

Let’s remember, that Dorit gave Lucy away (breaking her contract) to a friend, and didn’t inform LVP until after this was done. LVP asked her for this friend’s information and had yet to receive it. According to Dorit, the friend then gave Lucy away to another home because Lucy wasn’t a good fit there either and then Lucy ended up in the kill shelter. Mind you, it was LVP who alerted Dorit as the whereabouts of Lucy after it left Dorit’s home. Now, whether you like LVP or not, and whether you want go back to what Adrienne accused her of doing at the season 2 reunion, why would she leak a story about a dog from her centre (completely ran by donations) ending up in a kill shelter, to the press? You lot claim she is this manipulative person but why would she want any negative press about her business, just to stick it to Dorit? I say this every week, make it make sense.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.


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    Keirn – incredible as usual – thank you x

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    You are the man! All your blogs are to the point and outstanding!

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    Love your voice of reason.

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