My Camo Debut

On Sunday September 3rd, the One Love, One Heart: JAMAICA FESTIVAL was held in Sakae, Aichi, Japan. Typically, the dress code would be Jamaican colours, but I had other plans. I had an idea for an outfit that I wanted to try and this was the perfect place to do so. Since it’s summer and I had been wearing an overall at almost every event I could, this would be no different.


Did Someone Say Camo?

If you’ve been following my style journey, you’ll notice that I stick to very affordable clothing cuz I’m not rolling in dough like Zuckerberg. The first place I checked was Bershka. I knew they had a sale going on and they usually bring out some never seen before merch. I rummaged through the racks and came upon a blue denim overall. I already own about 3 of them and wasn’t looking to add another to my wardrobe. Next! It made sense, then, to walk over to Forever21 Men and luckily I found the perfect camo overall. I felt like a real hypocrite in even liking this particular pattern cuz I always told people that I don’t like camouflage AND I thought it only worked if you’re in the military. Boy was I wrong! Thankfully, they had my size (an issue I have with purchasing clothes cuz I’m the same size as the average Japanese guy) and I was able to nab my first camo pattern for about 36USD.


These Is Bloody Shoes

I’ve had Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow on repeat nonstop since its release. If you ask me what she’s saying I’d tell you a bold face lie cuz I never hear the lyrics right. But when she said “these expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes” I knew I had to wear my red sneakers I got from Bershka a while back. If you thought for a second I owned actual Louboutins, you’ve lost the plot. I don’t have that kind of cash, so my 60USD red sneakers would work just fine. After all, Cardi could have also meant that she’s stepping on haters with her expensive shoes, hence the bloody. But this isn’t about her. LOL. I know red might be the obvious colour of choice to pair with green clothing, but I have another idea I’ll share when I retire this overall in October.


White Top x Denim Jacket
This was by far the easiest decision. I love wearing white and Sunday’s event would be perfect to wear a white top. I thought of a tshirt but I had three new white tank tops that needed attention. I know, who has three of the same shirt in the same colour? Well, when items are on sale, you should never pass up a chance to grab as many as you can. 







I ended up going with one I purchased in H&M for a measly 12USD. The look was complete. Or so I thought. After putting everything together, I felt like something was missing. I tried adding several jackets until I came upon my blue denim jacket from H&M. Adding this extra layer gave my look a different vibe. The best part being, I could wear the jacket however I pleased or none at all.


With my hair braided and a full beard, I was now ready for the One Love, One Heart: JAMAICA FESTIVAL.


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