PINK for the Party

“Every once in a while, we find ourselves in a this-is-a-first-for-me type of situation. Today, I experienced such.”

A year ago, a friend of mine decided to move from her old apartment to a new one which accommodated pets. She wanted a cat. Lucky for her, some guy had some kittens to give away and she wound up getting one. She named him Levi Jenkins BrownI’m not really a cat person because I believe they are too vicious and scary. Anyways, this meant that I’d have to interact with the Levi any time I’d visit my friend. I wasn’t too excited about the idea. Then came Christmas 2017 and my friend asked me to catsit for her while she was away visiting family and friends. I was really hesitant because if anything happened to him, I’d be held responsible. Fast forward to summer 2018 and I’ve grown fond of Levi. So much so that I suggested throwing a party for him.

Every once in a while, we find ourselves in a this-is-a-first-for-me type of situation. Today, I experienced such. Having prompted my friend to plan Levi’s party, I was now caught in a fashion dilemma. Bet you didn’t suspect this was where I was headed, did you? LOL. What do people wear to a cat party? Since this was the first cat party for me (not unusual for pet owners) I felt like we should dress up for Levi. After all, summer is almost over and I need an excuse to wear some of the stuff I bought earlier. LOL. 

I decided to use pink as the main colour. Summer is the time to experiment with colour and I was willing to fail my way to successful colour combos. My shirt was from H&M which cost me about 15USD. When I saw it I knew it would go perfectly with my slim fit cropped pants from Bershka. At the time of purchase the pants cost me roughly 45USD but now it has dropped to about 10USD and I’m so mad. Missed out on a good sale.

My shoes were also from Bershka and I waited for them to go on sale before I bought them for 20USD. Heck, Berhska needs to make me some kind of ambassador cuz I really shop there quite often. Haha! I completed my party look with my sunglasses from Forever21 Men (click here for details on the glasses) as well as my cat ears, bracelets being a mixture of H&M and WEGO Japan and a black Cordura messenger bag from GU Japan. 

Levi was very happy to see me and I couldn’t resit photo op so I could post and pretend I was as happy to see him. Jokes. Although he did scratch me immediately after the pic was taken. I guess he sensed the hug was lacking sincerity. I did, however, get him a gift which he seemed to love. For my first ever cat party, I must say, I had fun. Can’t wait for the next one…or can I?


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Spring Into Summer

It’s been a while since my last style post as I’ve been trying to reorganize my closet and put away all the late winter/early spring clothing I had out. However, since we are still technically in the spring season, yes summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21st, I decided to share with you one of my favourite looks.

A friend of mine posted a picture of some beautiful floral arrangements and I was dying to know where it was located cuz what’s spring without flowers, right? When I received the info, I knew I had to do a capture a moment there. This not so hidden treasure was located in Hoshigaoka, Nagoya, Japan (星ヶ丘, 名古屋, 日本), about 20 minutes from my apartment. But you didn’t need to know that. Ha! So I took up my phone and messaged another friend, who has no life (kidding), that their services would be needed in the early hours of a bright Sunday morning. The usual complaints followed but we agreed on a time and the shoot was set.

I already saw the outfits in my head and actually planned on wearing them to different events, which is why it didn’t take long for me to decide what to wear on this shoot. Per usual, I didn’t spend a lot when shopping for trendy spring fashion and I was quite pleased with my purchases. For the first look, I wanted to be comfortable but stylish at the same time. I wanted the look to scream look at me but not really. Get it? I got the top and bottom from Zara, my shoes from Bershka love me some Bershka), the mini shoulder bag is Cordura Brand Fabric which I got from GU Japan and my glasses are from Forever 21.

For my second look, I wore the same top but this time I went with a plaid shorts from Bershka and my pair of black, high top converse from ABC Mart. I wanted a more preppy street style, at least my interpretation of it and I felt like the patterns and colour combinations worked perfectly.


The Other Side Of The #MeToo Movement

For months, I’ve been wrestling with whether or not I should write this blog, from fear of massive public annihilation. However, in light of the lastest controversy surrounding Henry Cavill’s statement in a recent interview with GQ Australia, I feel the timing couldn’t be more perfect or worse depending on how you take this. In short, Henry feels afraid to approach women, in hopes of igniting some type of relationship, because he doesn’t want to be dubbed a “rapist or something else”. This he attributes to the #MeToo Movement. He couldn’t be serious, right? The media chose to highlight a small portion of a very lengthy interview, typical. Henry’s choice of saying he doesn’t want to be called a rapist for flirting was indeed taking a shot at the #MeToo Movement. I believe, and as he apologised for, he didn’t mean to be offensive nor insensitive to the movement. We, however, should no act like there isn’t some merit to the point he raised. Yes, there are some truths to his fears. 

I asked my Facebook friends in December of last year about how men should go about approaching women, if all it takes is for her to feel uncomfortable for her to say #MeToo? Mind you, a woman reserves the right to choose who she wants to speak to her, however, where is the line when it comes to saying #MeToo? This was my post.






I had quite a few responses from this post, from both men and women and I’d like to share some with you. One user wrote:

“…Too many people are being accused of harassment, it’s kinda hard to believe them allThe lines between harassment and compliment are being blurred….”

I made it clear that I wouldn’t say it’s hard to believe anyone as it’s not my place to say anything, without evidence.

Another user added:

It is best to not try to pick up someone at work…keep  your compliments to yourself, unless you have a good relationship with the other person…”

I was in full agreement with this sentiment as I do believe work is for work. I them posed the question, what if the man just offers compliments when he deems the situation worthy of one but because he’s not the most attractive guy, the female cries #MeToo? Is that fair? Is the woman’s subjectivity of the situation enough to shun the man without context?

Sick individuals like Harvery Weinsten, Bill Cosby, Louis C.K., Bill O’Reilly, Michael Douglas and a host of other well known men have deserved whatever scrutiny and punishment they’ve received. However, we can’t paint all with the same brush. There are good men who are fighting right beside women, giving them the support they rightly deserve. Look at MTV’S Catfish creator, Nev Schulman for example. He was recently cleared of all sexual allegations made by a former cast on the hit show. Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t believe the women re harassment claims but with the current climate, good men are not given the benefit of the doubt and, in some cases, understandably so. The whole, innocent until proven guilty, does little in the court of public opinion and people’s lives are forever changed because of allegations which are later proven to be false. Nev’s show had suspended production and is likely to resume since he’s been cleared. But doesn’t that leave a sour taste in your mouth? Will people still want to watch Catfish? The ratings will tell. Some might say if he didn’t put himself in a position to be lied on, none of this would have happened. Sounds familiar? This is the same sentiment many have re victims of abuse, rape and assault. That thought is wrong, no matter who the victim is.

Again, where does the line fall when it comes to how men interact with women? Should women therefore be the new pick artists? Should men learn how to read body language? Should women, verbalise their thoughts instead of holding it in, assuming cues should be read?

#MeToo is a powerful movement and should not deter anyone from having open and honest relations with each other. It should also not be weaponized by deceitful women, looking to make a quick buck. Instead, men and women, the former being the majority, should treat each other with respect. That way, no one will ever need to say #MeToo again.



The Perfect Start To Summer 2018

Hello my readers,

Is it just me or does this summer seem like it’s much hotter than last year’s? What I wouldn’t give for some autumn breeze or winter nights right now. Until then, I decided to do what I like best about this season and head to the beach. If this is your first time reading my blog, I’m in Japan (日本) and summer here is dreadful. Last weekend was a holiday weekend and the beach festivities kicked off for summer 2018. I look forward in going to the beach every year since moving to Nagoya (名古屋) as it is probably one of the few times I feel like I’m back home in Montego Bay, Jamaica (モンテゴベイ、ジャマイカ). This year was a bit different as I wasn’t alone nor was I with my usual beach partner. I was joined by another friend who is filled with such vibes, I knew the day would be lit.

In keeping with a summer favourite of mine, I opted to wear yet another overall. I was lucky to have gotten it on sale. I had been waiting on Bershka to drop the price of the overall from 62USD and when it finally reached 17USD, I had to get it. The tank top was purchased from H&M at 3USD, the lowest cost I’ve ever paid for male clothing. What a joy!







By this, I hadn’t worn sandals in forever. I can’t even recall the last time I did wear sandals but I knew it would be the right footwear for the beach. Lucky for me, Uniqlo had a sale. By now you should realise that I love a sale. Style On A Dime, right? LOL. I bought a pair for about 15USD. The fit and comfort made the purchase even better. I decided to pair my sandals with some ankle socks, something I did years ago and shocked to see it trending now.


What beach look would be complete without accessories? My hair didn’t need any but I had the perfect pair of sunglasses from Forever21 Men (12USD) that I have been rocking for a year now. The bracelets are from from H&M and my duffle bag cost me 10USD from Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

With my look complete and confidence at an all time high, I was ready to hit the sand and the water but not before a quick drink. Cheers.

Links provided for exact outfit or similar.


The Best Hot Dog I’ve Ever Had

Like the title suggests, on April 5, 2018 I had the best hot dog ever (so far). Where, you might ask? Well, I just happened to be doing my usual scroll through Instagram when I noticed a friend of mine promoting an eatery. As an on & off again vegan for a year and 3 months, this was one instance when I’d forget that path. I mean, how could I? It’s a freaking HOT DOG. The eatery I’m speaking of is The Original Hot Dog Factory. Now, I had no idea what I was in for when I visited and I wasn’t disappointed. I went to one of two locations in Atlanta, more specifically, at 75 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta.

When I walked inside I immediately fell in love. I live for a graffitied wall and when I saw that the walls of The Original Hot Dog Factory has that illusion, for sure the food would good. You can do whole photo shoot in the freaking restroom. Haha! But let’s get back to what we’re all here for, the food. There were so many good options but I went for the Chicago Dog with Onion Rings and my friends got the California Slaw Dog and the New Yorker. As Jamaicans, we couldn’t pass up the chance of indulging in something jerked so we all shared the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Dog.

I took one bite, and a burst of flavours enveloped my mouth. How the fuck could a hot dog be this good? I bit into it again and I swore I died and was in heaven. In Jamaica terms, di hot dog baaaaaad! bloodclaat!I was extremely happy to support my girl, Fel, and I was happy that I brought other along for the ride. If you’re ever in Atlanta, you have to check them out. You will not be disappointed.


In Love With Warupan

A few months ago I did an interview with Jiri Mills, the creative force behind the character, Warupan. (See interview here) While talking with Jiri, I could see the passion and enthusiasm he has for Warupan. As a lover of pandas, I was happy with what I heard. The question of when he’d have merchandise available for sale arose. As promised, Warupan sweatshirts and caps were ready for purchase February 2018.


I knew I had to own at least one item, so I reached out to Jiri the best way I knew how, via text message because he didn’t have an official website, up and running. However, if you need to contact him, check out the official Instagram page for Warupan hereWithin seconds of expressing my interest in a sweatshirt, Jiri gave me a price and the PayPal info needed to make the purchase. But…a sweatshirt wouldn’t be enough so I bought a Warupan cap to wear on days when my head isn’t as big as it normally is. LOL. Since I live in Japan and so does Jiri shipping took a day and I couldn’t be happier when I opened the package. Everything fit to perfection and I couldn’t be happier. Usually I’d hesitate when making purchases for a sweatshirt and especially a cap but supporting Jiri felt right, and his prices were fair. Did I mention the quality? LOVE.

Anyways, I had a holiday coming up and I always try to dress in comfortable clothing when traveling, so this was perfect. More on my holiday to come. A friend of mine loved the cap so much, that I bought a second one as gift. IMG_5134.JPG

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Warupan.

Till next time.


Thought I’d Make A Christmas Ad

Christmas has always been my favourite holiday of the year. I get to see family members I wouldn’t normally see throughout the year, catch up with friends of old and new and most importantly (for me at least) I take the time to appreciate the joys of life. This Christmas will be the second time that I’ll be spending the holidays away from family and close friends. Sucks! I usually do a Christmas/holiday card around this time but this year I wanted to dabble in something different. I’ve always wanted to be in an ad, but sadly, I wasn’t blessed with the look. LOL. It didn’t and doesn’t help that I hate hearing myself speak on any type of recording. Yeah, I know, a lot of people don’t like hearing themselves speak but this isn’t about them, now is it? LOL. Maybe it has something to do with people telling me that I sounded like a girl when I was much younger, Idk, but that’s a whole other story. Anyways, I took pen to paper and started jotting down ideas. Honestly, I nailed the concept in my head but it was challenging to have the script make sense. It took me a minute but I finally had the perfect script but I was now left stranded as one of my models, my only model, dropped out. Not to be deterred my this, I reenvisioned the concept and I was going to be only star of this video. Laugh with me, haha!

The day of the shoot arrived and I was extremely energised. However, it dawned on me that the location I chose would have all eyes on me and that I didn’t want. Especially being black in Japan. I already stood out, I didn’t need any more attention but that’s what I was calling for with all my props and my own cameraman, shout out to Dre. We started shooting at around 12 noon because of course, natural lighting and all that good stuff. Haha! I knew exactly what I wanted and so, we didn’t need to spend an excessive amount of time filming. As this was my first time directing and starring in anything of this sort, I wanted to do something true to who I am. So it may be a little cheesy, but hey, I’m no pro. I enjoy doing this type of thing and if it can bring a smile to your face, then mission accomplished. I had so much fun doing this. I honestly could do this forever but it doesn’t pay the bills. Sigh. We wrapped up filming some 4 hours later. I could tell the cameraman was just about ready to leave. I had tons of footage to choose from and after multiple editing, this was the end result. Merry Christmas