The Restaurant With The Refrigerator For A Door

Every now and then I try to find a new place to eat out. Japan (日本) has an insane eating out culture as you can find a restaurant at every corner. Living in the busiest and largest city the Tokai (東海地方)region, Nagoya (名古屋市) I have many places to choose from. I usually shy away from restaurants that aren’t on the forefront until a few days ago when I decided to make a change.

Taking my usual evening stroll through Sakae () I stumbled upon a menu board for Amelie, near one of my favourite restaurants to have breakfast, Eggs ‘n Things. I saw some amazing summer drinks and thought I’d try one unfortunately I later found out they didn’t have the one I wanted to try. Upon exiting the elevator on the third floor, I was greeted with one of, if not, the most interesting entrances I’d ever seen. At the entrance lay a very antique sink and a door looked like a refrigerator. Very Little House on the Prairie meets Pleasantville. I knew immediately this was a good pick.

I was seated by one of the waitresses in a cozy section. After browsing through the menu for about 10 minutes (it was all in Japanese) I made my order. To start, I had the most delicious herb chicken, quinoa salad cuz that’s what we do, LOL. The salad was everything. You know how sometimes, chefs get carried with the herbs, well, this salad was balanced and flavourful. Then again, I’ve only ever had quinoa from Costco so I didn’t have much else to compare it to.

Believe it or not, the salad sorta filled me up but I wasn’t done. I wanted something sweet, so I got the triple berry pancake for dessert with a pink grapefruit juice. When the waitress brought out the pancakes, I began salivating. I’ve had something similar at Eggs ‘n Things but never with fluffy pancakes. Every bite I took of this berry filled goodness sent me to another realm. It was that magical.

Amelie did not disappoint, especially when I saw the bill (35USD). It would have been less but I ordered two rounds of that pink grapefruit juice. If you ever find yourself in Japan (日本), particularly Sakae () in Nagoya (名古屋) make sure you visit Amelie. You’ll be happy you did.

As most who follow my instagram would notice, currently, I’m on this pink trend. So here’s something that I thought about wearing (I actually did wear it but just to get a photo at the door).

I really liked this shirt I got from Zara for roughly 22USD and knew it would be worn sooner than later. (Though I didn’t wear it inside Amelie. LOL. I contemplated on wearing plan denim jeans or ripped jeans but when I threw on the latter, I loved it too much to take it off. These jeans I’ve had for about two years, purchases from H&M but I forgot the cost. My shoes are from my favourite store…you know itBershka which I’ve only now worn for a second time. These babies cost me just a measly 40USD, on sale. The main look was complete so I grabbed my messenger bag from GU and my accessories from both WEGO Japan and H&M. How’d I do?


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