Who Matters More?

“Are the lives of the nation’s kids less valuable than that of a pet?”

A month ago I saw a video on my Facebook from CNN. In this video Louisiana Senator John Kennedy proposed introducing a bill that would ban pets from being placed in overhead bins on airplanes. The Senator thought this move was necessary following the tragic loss of a dog who suffocated in an overhead bin on a United Airlines aircraft. Pet owners and sympathizers alike were fired up because of this incident, with reason. Animal activists came out in numbers, voicing their support for this move. I thought this was a great move by the Senator as well. I then shared the video to my Facebook wall with the following caption.IMG_5350 2Little did I know that this would cause controversy. Well, I should’ve figured cuz people love their pets. Now before you lot think I hate animals, let me stop you right there. I do not hate any creature (unless it’s a frog or a goat – a whole story behind this one). Besides, even if I did hate animals, I wouldn’t wish death on any living creature. Under the comments section of the post, two Facebook friends, MM and KLC, left their views. One of which was IMG_5351

When MM made the comment, I knew exactly what was meant by it. Being Jamaican and from a certain area, pets aren’t treated in the same manner as they are in America. We may love them but that love has its limits. This isn’t the case for Americans so I know it will be a touchy subject. The mentioning of white people I assumed was zooming in on who the media portrays as majority pet owners and how they behave with said pet. Jamaica is majority black and like I mentioned before pets aren’t necessarily seen as a permanent fixture in some families. Yes, no one’s life is permanent and we all die but from vantage point, there’s the illusion that mom and dad, for example, will live forever. Anyways, after reading the comment, I felt compelled to respond like I usually do most comments. IMG_5352When this comment was made, all I could think about was how quickly the Senator and a lot Americans were up in arms over the loss of the dog, tragic of course, but a month prior another tragedy struck in Parkland, Florida and people were split on what to do. Yep, it had to do with gun reform. The narrative was the same from some citizens and senators like John Kennedyit’s too soon to talk about gun reform. How many more mass shootings will have to occur for such swift movement to introduce a bill for gun reform, like the Senator did for the death of a pet?

This, however, isn’t about gun reform. Remember earlier I mentioned two friends? Well, KLC didn’t like the use of “white people” and had this to say.IMG_5352 2

Like I mentioned before, I get that people, Americans, would die for their pets and I wasn’t taking anything away from that. I stated that I would like to see the same passion and sense of urgency for human life that people so easily give to animals. Am I wrong to want that? Was that asking too much? That message seemed to have flown over this KLC’s head and I’m sure it will, for many who will read this too. It’s quite apparent because an answer wasn’t provided to the question “Are the lives of the nation’s kids less valuable than that of a pet? MM went on to joke about the situation which is typical. IMG_5352 2

MM should not have done this cuz KLC wasn’t having it and had a lot to say.IMG_5353


I knew MM wasn’t going to respond cuz it wasn’t worth it, KLC was looking for an argument where there didn’t need to be any. You see, I’ve known MM basically all my life so I know she meant no harm. KLC, on the other hand, I met a few years ago, never really developed a relationship with her outside of the few times we worked together. I alway showed support for her stuff on Facebook but we’ve never truly sat and had discussions, so I was ready to engage her for the first time. She decided to throw a dig at me and MM for the use of “white people” but remember she isn’t white. I mean she doesn’t have to be but I’ve never seen her speak on any issue related to any other types of people, not even for the very Middle Eastern/Native Americans she identifies with. In fact, she’s in the US Army along with her white husband (probably the reason she’s so hurt) which would mean she will fight wars in said Middle EastGTFHO! I had time on my hands that day so I responded.




I thought KLC would get it at this point but I soon realized she had no intention of hearing me out because at no point did I say we shouldn’t protect our animals. She went on to further add,



Clearly she’s been living under a rock or as she claims people are absorbed with their own lives. I suppose she’s been so absorbed with her own life that she forgot to post about her people, Middle Eastern and Native Americans, and all the hardship they face daily from a specific group of people. But she sure as heck wasn’t consumed enough cuz she commented about this, further proving my point. I could have died laughing when she said that white Americans were in the minority. This wasn’t the first time I heard this propaganda and I can only imagine where she got it from. I swear she has a few screws loose. I still had time, so I responded.



Many may not agree that pets can be replaced but this is how I see it. If you have a brown chihuahua as part of your family in, let’s say Louisville, Kentucky, the chances that another family in America has the same brown chihuahua are extremely high and that’s just America. What about the rest of the world? So if that brown chihuahua passes away, you can adopt one just like it. Though you’ll have the knowledge and feeling that you lost one, you can move on with an exact chihuahua. Is that the same for a human family member? Can you just go to the hospital and get a new mom or dad, looking exactly as they did before they died? Can you!? If you can’t see this point, you just don’t want to. KLC didn’t so she took offense to two words and still did not address the initial question. Typical of people like her.

She made a further comment but I got bored of the discussion cuz I’d only be echoing my earlier sentiments. I thought it was done and over and I went on to enjoy my vacation. Unbeknownst to me, KLC reached out to a mutual friend of ours on Facebook to voice her frustrations. When I returned from my vacation, I was filled in on her diatribe against me. KLC had the nerve to ask my friend how does she remain friends with my cuz I’m always controversial and whatnot. My friend asked her, if she can’t be bothered with my posts then why not delete me. I mean, I had no idea KLC saw my posts as controversial to the point that she had to reach out to my friend to ask how and why she and I are friends. This really upset me cuz she was basically trying to get my friend to stop talking to me because she, KLC, saw me as controversial. What a vindictive and conniving piece of work she is! I wanted to put her on blast and expose who she is but that’s not my style.

How did we get here? I saw her side. I wasn’t casting any judgment. I simple asked for the same zeal that people have for animals to be given to people. But I guess because animals look the same, it’s easy to defend them but people are a whole other can of worms, people like KLC, the Middle Eastern/Native American who looks as white as any Caucasian, are afraid to open. Not my fault. But how dare she try to turn my friend against me?! Funny enough, when I met KLC we were working with a black girl and her brown boyfriend as well as our brown supervisor and guess what, none of them are, sorry were our mutual friends. I wonder why that is? She even knew them before me. Go figure! Anyways, I checked to see if she did unfriend me. She did. I don’t care cuz I wouldn’t have noticed. I only care about her turning a simple discussion into a campaign to turn a friend against me. You failed KLC! Good luck fighting your Middle Eastern family. LOL.

Till next time.





Author: Keirn

Realist. Gobby. Juror #8. Follow me on twitter @keirnthomas. I watch a lot of tv and have a lot to say.

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