A Summer Of Overalls

Recently, I’ve been wanting to add more overalls to my closet. This summer couldn’t have played out more perfectly, as my favourite budget friendly stores, Bershka and Forever21 (Men), had some in stock. Though overalls have their issues, the need to have them outweighed any feelings of doubt. Okay. So maybe I didn’t need them but it sure felt like I did. 

Look 1: Downtown Flexing

Being Jamaican, more often than not, I tend to wear shorts when I’m running an errand. It’s easy to throw on and it keeps me cool. That’s exactly what I did by opting to wear a short, washed, distressed denim overall which I paid about 35USD for. I could get to where I wanted in comfort and not feel too bothered by the heat. Like I mentioned in previous posts, Bershka is my joint, so I chose to wear my go to, grey comfort sneakers. These I got on sale for a shocking 20USD sometime last year. It was no brainier then, that I had to wear a matching top. Yes, I’m one of those people who like matching…sometimes. I looked amongst my many grey shirts to find the perfect one and I came upon an shirt I purchased, literally, 6 years ago. I think maybe, I got it in JCPenny or Pacsun. You might think, who has a shirt that long? Well, I tend to hoard a lot of stuff and I’ll wear the same outfit until it looks like something from Kanye’s Yeezy collection. LOL. 

Look 2: A Different Kind Of Brunch

You know how you always hear people talk about going to brunch and you’ve always wondered what you’d wear? You probably thought you needed to be preppy. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s 2017 and the rules have either changed or people just don’t give a damn. Haha! I forgot which day this was exactly, but one of my favourite cafe’s in Sakae (), LOVE Pacific Cafe has some of the best vegan food in town. I knew going there would be perfect a cosy and quiet. Since I wasn’t going to follow any traditional dress codes for brunch, and sticking to my plan to wear an overall as much as I could, I drew for my beige overall. This piece I got from Forever21 for roughly 33USD. Sadly, it wasn’t on sale but I didn’t mind. The colour spoke to me.  I wanted to be as simple as possible so I wore a v-neck t-shirt of the same colour as the overall. The shirt was also purchased from Forever21 for about 8USD. Talk about a bargain. I paired the outfit with my yellow Back Number casual shoes. (I added a bucket hat and changed the shoes to try different styles when wearing this overall again, cuz I will wear it multiple times.)

Look 3: Movies And A Beach

With so many movie releases during the latter part of 2016 into 2017, Japan was in for a wonderful summer. We get the movies months after they’ve been released all over the world. I was particularly excited to see Wonder Woman and Spider-Man. This one was easy. I had already worn the short, washed, distressed denim overall a few weeks prior so I decided to wear it a second time this year. The movie was going to be shown in the evening at around 20:40 and I thought it best to dress up a little bit. I had a short sleeve graphic hoodie I got from WEGO Japan for 10USD that I knew could do the job. Not wanting to wear anything new on my feet, I chose to wear my grey comfort sneakers from Bershka. I added my denim jacket, from H&M, to complete my look. 

A few weeks went by and a friend and decided on a whim to go to the beach. My usual preparation process was now out the window. I didn’t know what I wanted to wear. I asked myself numerous times “will it be social suicide to repeat an entire outfit so soon”? The thought didn’t linger for long cuz was already getting dressed in the same outfit I wore to the movies. This time, no jacket and the overalls were over my shoulders. 

Look 4: Barbecuing in Nakatsugawa (中津川)

Every summer since I moved from Hachinohe (八戸) I attend barbecue put on by a coworker and her family. I look forward to it each year. In previous years I wore tank tops and shorts but this time, my beige overall was going to do the job. When I think of a summer barbecue, I think of colours that will stand out, no matter the hue. I went for a short sleeve, mustard, buttoned down dress shirt (purchased in none other than GU). I wasn’t too sure about this look cuz I didn’t know whether or not I could pull it off but I loved the idea and experimenting with different styles is always fun. I had a little difficulty with deciding which shoes to wear because I had nothing that could work. Yes, people say black goes everything but I didn’t want to wear black. The thought then came to me, wear your tan Back Number casual shoes. When I put them on, it was like the heavens opened up and special fanfare just for me begun.  I was ready for the barbecue. 

I don’t think I could love overalls anymore than I do and with the easy options of changing a top or shoes, adding a jacket or a hat, the possibilities of different looks are endless.


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