Sorry You’re Not Black Enough

Sorry You’re Not Black Enough

Time and time again I see posts all over social media about black vs whites, light skinned vs dark skinned, among a slew of other issues surrounding race. However, black people don’t think they can be racist towards their own kind and in doing so, a term such as colorism was devised. I’m not here to be diplomatic nor am I going to be less offensive so I suggest if you don’t want to feel like Keirn is being ignorant, then don’t read this. Also, I’m very angry and when I get angry I use expletives. If you want to say my vocabulary is limited, go right ahead. I mean you’re probably right but yours would be too if the only people you talk to every day are Japanese. Moving right along. 

We know blacks are treated unfairly in this world, that isn’t rocket science but what are we as a people doing to change this world view? Oh wait, am I black? Well not according to some of the posts that I’ve seen. Mind you, I’m not even light skinned nor have I referred to myself as such but I get that far too many times. Whether you want to call is racism or colorism or whatever the fuck else you want, no other set of people will think of black people in a serious light if the community itself is fighting against their own. Why do the dark skinned blacks feel it is so essential for them to point out prejudice when it comes on to light skinned blacks? I didn’t even realize this was a real thing until I started observing the world wide web. Take for example, the recent Miss Universe pageant held in Doral, Miami. Jamaica had a representative who rallied support from her home country as well as from other people across the globe. Now, the support from her country isn’t surprising because that is where she’s from, however, I have to shake my head at the comments made prior to her win in Jamaica. The very people that were blowing up social media with images of Kaci Fennell were the same people who cried foul when she won. If not her, others before her. The light skinned card was pulled yet again. Why on God’s earth would you say where are the dark skinned girls if there aren’t any entering these competitions? Don’t even say the bias is there so they shy away. Fuck that! Jamaica has more dark skinned people (at least I would like to think so) within it’s borders, so if more tried out for these pageants, then a light skinned girl wouldn’t be winning. However, whose bloody fault is that? “Look ‘ow bloodclaat long slavery dun”. It’s 20-fucking-15 and if these dark skinned girls can’t do something to change what they think needs changing, then why should the light skinned girl be chastised for it.

The hypocrisy in our Jamaican people is so hilarious. Of course there was no turning back the clocks because whether people liked it or not, Kaci was going to be representing Jamaica. What was even funnier was when non Jamaicans decided to say Kaci doesn’t look like she’s from Jamaica and the entire Jamaican community (those on social media) started to defend her. Whilst they have all right to, who can blame these people when we did the same thing? I bet none have ever stopped to think that maybe it is a good thing to have women like Kaci represent Jamaica if needs be because most people still think that Jamaicans live in huts, are all dreads and walk around smoking weed all day. When they see people like Kaci, they’ll know to not be so fucking stupid. Then with the winner being from Colombia, looking the way she does, people started going after the organization and their obvious bias. We know this, we want this to change. However, with Africa being the continent that hosts the most black people in the world, finding these dark skinned girls to represent may not be so easy. Then again I may be wrong because this isn’t a factual entry it’s just one man’s opinion. Yeah, maybe I should stick it because what do I know?

I have never really seen a difference with black people, whether they are dark skinned or not. However, this difference keeps becoming more visible to me and not by whites (who seem to be the devil in some people’s eyes), but by black people themselves. To put it as subtly as I can, “a who fa faalt mek yuh black lakka tar”? Is it the light skinned person’s fault? The same feeling you get when there is no justice for the black community on a whole, is the same feeling the light skinned person gets when their own community shuns them. I guess all light skinned people should start baking themselves in the sun because they aren’t black enough to represent the black community. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Of course I agree that there are instances where a light skinned black person may experience preferential treatment over their darker skinned brother or sister but that’s not their fault. Nor is it the dark skinned black person’s fault that they are dark skinned. Fuck, it shouldn’t be about skin color at all! However, with a stereotype that has been placed on the community and possibly the darker skinned blacks, what are they doing to change that? You can’t blame a man from thinking all black people are gangsters when you find that the same black people who cry foul, actually are gangsters. Take for example the interview with 2 Chains and Nancy Drew re the legalization of marijuana. Though 2 Chainz made good points, Nancy raised a few questions worth mentioning. Why do songs about violence, smoking weed, etc if you don’t want your kids doing it? What example are you setting for people who look up to you? Now people can say music is music and no artiste is responsible for another person’s actions but let’s be fucking real, people of a certain status have influence on just about anyone so don’t come with this shit. 

It’s time the black community work on themselves (and I take myself out of this because I’m light skinned) so that they can be a force to be reckoned with. I mean, light skinned people don’t fit the grade to be in the black community because they aren’t discriminated against, it’s only the dark skinned blacks right? So to my fellow light skinned people, what should we do? I guess we should unite in numbers and overthrow everyone; whites, asians, dark skinned blacks, you name, we shall conquer it because clearly, the dark skinned blacks don’t want us in their community. 

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2 thoughts on “Sorry You’re Not Black Enough”

  1. I agree with you, for the most part. We do hold light-skinned Jamaicans to a different set of standards and we expect that they conform to those without stepping out of the boundaries. We give them immense social legitimization with one hand and with the other hand we deny their right to be ‘properly Jamaican’.

    Our complex colonial history as a country, coupled with our culture of resisting change serves to propagate the idea that all black people in the island are subject to the whims of the ruling class (in this case light-skinned Jamaicans) and therefore are allowed to laud them and lambaste them in the same breath.

    Is this primarily the fault of the dark-skinned Jamaican? No. There are several social, cultural and political factors at work to keep us (us, because I am dark-skinned) rolling around in this pigpen of cultural stagnation. But you are right that is up to us and our fellow light-skinned and Indian and Asian Jamaicans to change the way we see the world. Education and not self-righteous anger is the key here.

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