It Shouldn’t Have To Be About Size

This entry may take you for a loop because it took me a while to gather my thoughts so I could speak with as much clarity as I possibly can. So buckle up as you’re in for a treat.

Ever since Nicki MInaj released her song, Lookin Ass, a few months ago, I’ve wanted to speak on it. As most people would say, Nicki “slayed” the track and shot down every man while doing it. Well, the Lookin Ass N**** as she puts it. Though this is not a entry to critique the song, it has allowed me to connect the message Nicki was sending with what I want to say. If you aren’t familiar with the song, I suggest you simply check YouTube or click this link to view the video (

Nicki threw several punches at men everywhere who are basically putting on a front or putting on a show just for the sake of appearance. Whilst Nicki made some good points about these type of men, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself, as I am one of those guys that would be “…sharin’ one bottle in the club, one bottle full of bub’…” That line cracked me up because I don’t know what she expects from me or maybe she wasn’t referring to me because I don’t front (at least I don’t think I do).

Anyways, she mentioned twice about men who lie on their d***s or men who don’t have any d*** in the pants. She further added “I be damned if I f*** a non-man ass n**** I will, I will, I will never f*** a non-man ass n****“, implying that a man is not a man unless he is hung like horse.

“Here we go again. Yet another female going after guys about their penises,” I thought to myself. I still had to laugh because it’s not like she was wrong. However, not all guys do that but because a lot of women make it clear that they don’t want a guy with a d*** smaller than 10 inches, you find men will lie. I’m wondering if the female realizes how damaging these expectations of men can be? I mean, no man wants to be put on blast that he is small, our egos can’t take it.

I read some comments on a friend’s Facebook page, where another Facebook user made it clear she wanted nothing to do with men that do not have a big d***. She’s absolutely entitled to her opinion as is everyone else but these are some of the things I find utterly hypocritical on the part of the female. The female attacks a man’s masculinity in every way but as soon as the male fires back, it’s a big problem. What if a man was supposed to constantly say, he wants nothing to do with a girl with a very “stretchy labia”? Or that he wants a girl who’s a size zero? Also we know that the vagina stretches after childbirth, so what if the male was supposed to say, he wants nothing to do with a woman who has had more than one baby? How awful would that be? (How disgusting does that sound!?) I felt sick even writing it but guess what, that’s just how sick the female’s expectation of the male is. I’m not saying that the female should not have her dream guy who’ll fulfill her every desire but realistically, most men don’t carry what females want them to.

It is no secret that everyone is made differently. It for sure isn’t a secret that our anatomy will differ vastly from person to person. Likewise, preferences will differ but at no point should you be so selfish with your needs that you berate the little guy who can’t help his make up.

Until next time.

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