A New Doc Is In Town


Here we are once again in the Seattle, Washington, where it rains everyday and suicide rates are so high. That however, isn’t what we’re going to talk about. [Let’s have a quick recap] We were left last week with Dr. Hunt in a meeting with the board that dropped the biggest financial bomb since Webber was Chief. Because of the plane crash and the lawsuit against the hospital, the insurance company for the hospital found some kind of loophole in their agreement which meant the prestigious Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital would have to pay up. Can you say BANKRUPTCY!!!!!!

>>>>>>>>FAST FORWARDING to this week. 

We are joined by the beautiful but stubborn Arizona running in the park. (Um…didn’t she lose a leg?) Anyways, it wasn’t long before I realized she was dreaming. Of course Meredith’s voiceover made it clear that something was up. Like most amputees,Arizona, is experiencing some kind of pain known as PHANTOM LIMB. [Is it me or does this sound a bit eerie?] I’m still annoyed that Arizona is taking this long to get adjusted to her NOW one leg. A bit harsh but IDGAF. LOL. So she wakes up from the dream panting like a pup and is yet again, running her hands on the sheet where her left leg used to be. (Can we move on from this please Shonda?)


Here we are at the hospital and all the staff (well those who matter) are gathered for the big announcement. Hunt decides to inform the staff that because of the lawsuit (and the payout ), there will be yet again cutbacks in the budget and a Dr. Alana Cahil will be joining them to make some assessments. –everyone is now like, why do we need this? more cuts? blah blah blah blah blah- As if they didn’t know this would happen. >I immediately looked at Derek’s face to see his reaction because for the life of me I don’t understand why he would blame Hunt for what happened. He just gets on my f%@king nerves sometimes< No one seems to be worried that the hospital might close because on the payout. (And by no one, I mean the victims and those affected as there was not one show of emotion or empathy toward Hunt. [Damn greedy ass doctors] They looked around to see this Dr. Cahil, but she isn’t there at this first meeting. 

Meredith – Because of her pregnancy hormones, Meredith finds herself crying throughout the entire episode. She cries because she’s angry, she cries because she’s happy, she even cries because she’s happy. Mer get it together please!!! She snaps at everything and since Ross is her intern for the day, he is feeling her wrath. (I like Ross, he’s one of the likable interns but my God is he annoying. I mean he’s like Kepner x 3). They both visit another hospital for a liver to give to this pregnant patient but like a nervous lil wench, Ross cut the hymen which means that liver is no longer viable. (What a f%@king twat!!!) *screams YOU BAFOON for Mer). They wound up getting another liver by some miracle (yea right) and saved the mother and the baby! -Applauses are in order-

Kepner – She has Edwards to deal with for the entire day. Why, oh why is Shonda so cruel? She intentionally put these two work together because as we all know Edwards is now sleeping with Avery, who was recently Kepner’s sex buddy. (chuckles) [This is some real soap opera type drama because Edwards wouldn’t even be with Avery had it not been for Kepner] Don’t you just die right here. DWL =)). Like a professional though, Kepner has Edwards on her toes, ensuring she learns about the running of the ER. Pretty good job Kepner. -cheers- Oh I almost forgot to mention that this EMT guy likes him some Kepner and decides to ask her out. (I’m really liking this guy and he was on screen for like a good 5 minutes in total].

I really DISKLIKE Derek Shepherd

Like the PMS little bitch that Derek can be at times, he snaps at Cahil saying she has to be invited into his OR as that’s how things are run at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital [damn that was a mouthful and some] haha. He tells Wilson he doesn’t want anyone in the gallery, especially since he’s pissed at her for no apparent reason. You’d think he was the pregnant one at times and not Meredith.

_Last Bits_ 

Cahil, after watching the Arizona/Karev surgery because she wasn’t allowed to watch Derek’s, calls a meeting with the staff to inform them of her decision. To everyone’s surprise. She recommends that the ER be closed down. WHAT THE F@%K?? Somebody please tell me where they dug this lady from. Which hospital doesn’t have an ER? How is that even possible? Well Cahil was brought in to help so let’s see how this plays out.

Until next time. KT 🙂 

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  1. Ok, call me naive but I was a bit surprise that these doctors know that the hospital would go into bankruptcy because of the payout and not do anything so to speak. I was kinda expecting them to advocate that the insurance company should pay! Or maybe even donate a part of the payout back to the hospital. Especially Meredith and Derek – isn’t that $15mil x 2. And who gets Lexxie’s and Mark’s payout? Meredith and Derek? Does Meredith even have a real injury? Lexxie died, Mark died, Arizona lost her leg, Derek hand got messed up, Christina suffered mentally (but she is a tough cookie! she was traumatized from the shooting in season 6 too and she got back to normal. Speaking of season 6, every one seems to die towards the end of a Greys season.. wonder who is going at the end of this season… Meredith’s baby?)

    I like Kepner. I as much as she can be annoying I like her. I really wanted her and Jackson to work out. And I know he genuinely tried. Especially, when he had planned to marry her. And Kepner just blew it. I don’t think it is entirely her fault though. But why do I still have a urge of strangling him for sleeping with Edwards.

    Whats the deal with Cahill and Webber? I feel there is a story there and I can’t wait to find out what it is!

    Remember Seattle Grace – Mercy West is not an ordinary hospital. They are a surgical hospital. So they may be able to survive without an ER. Cahill did make a point, they do have trained surgeons taking temperature and what not. Hmmm, let’s see how that plays out.

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      Well all your questions are the same as mine. I think the payout and suing the hospital was all Derek’s fault. I do not like him.

      1. I really expected Derek to have been more understanding! After all he was surgeon for a day, and under his watch people were killed at the hospital even! I am starting to see your dislike for him.

      2. KeirnyTee says:

        I mean, he always blames people for everything without remembering that it was because of him that doctors died and no on filed a lawsuit then. New post going up today.

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