The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Season 3 x Episode 10 – Home Is Where The Art Is)


This week we are once again at the Moroccan Restaurant and Mauricio is still going back and forth with Brandi. Why does Mauricio feel the need to be fighting Adrienne and Paul’s battle? Did Brandi say something that wasn’t true? No she didn’t. Where the hell are the cowards that are Adrienne and Paul to defend themselves?

Anyways, the argument still continues and Brandi, like the potty mouth she is (although I adore her), loses it and tells Mauricio to f$@k off. (I am in heaven when Brandi does this as Mauricio was getting on my damn nerves). While all of this is happening, everyone is just staring as if this is normal Beverly Hills behavior. Or is it? The argument got so heated between the two, that Ken (whom I absolutely adore) jumped in to save Brandi from the wrath of Mauricio. [I am livid right now as Kyle is just sitting there, allowing her husband to beat on Brandi while she’s down]. Finally, the focus is shifted from Brandi and guess who decides to steal the spotlight? Ms. Taylor of course!

Taylor, whose husband committed suicide recently, just feels she needs to keep bringing up her problems which are so Season 2. (Don’t you know your time on the show will soon be up cuz your story is played out?)….To my surprise Yolanda jumps in to silence Taylor because it wasn’t about her.

Brandi decides to excuse herself from the dinner table because the situation was getting out of hand. (My new favourite joins in) Marisa ensures she reiterates in her interview that she doesn’t support people fighting other peoples battles and I must say, I definitely agree. (BravoTv please add Marisa to the main cast next season)…Things start to boil down and the all the heat that was generated is now lost.

Moving right along, the next scene shows the now disliked Paul and Adrienne at Kyle’s house. (How convenient that as the dinner ended, they turn up) Of course Kyle and Mauricio decide to give them the scoop like this is some high school gossip. What I find rather baffling and contradictory is Mauricio’s comment when he says he flat out told Brandi he wasn’t a fan but the night before he tells her it’s nothing personal against her. Really Mauricio, really? I think you are way too invested in this issue and it doesn’t concern you. How could I forget Kyle’s comment “we had your backs, just so you know”. Isn’t that taking sides right there? Isn’t it? We aren’t dumb and it is obvious she’s siding with Adrienne and Paul. Nothing is wrong with taking sides but be truthful and honest with it. The conversation continues and Adrienne tells us she wants to move on from this and if Brandi has an issue, she should speak to her directly from now on. Her exact words were “I would appreciate her doing that actually“. Adrienne are you kidding me!?!?!?! Aren’t you the one who filed a lawsuit against Brandi for “character assassination? So where is the face to face that you want?

¦Not too long ago it was Adrienne who accused Brandi of being a bad mother, a drunk among other things¦This seems more like a character assassination to me but hey, maybe I am biased.

This scene annoys me, so I won’t waste anymore time on it. All that we see Kyle and Mauricio proving to Adrienne and Paul that they will bat for them any time.

Let’s take a look at Yolanda. We find her decorating her ex husband’s new mansion and encouraging the workers to learn English so they can speak it. (Isn’t she just peachy and a fresh addition to the mix ^.^) Yolanda just knows how to make working seem effortless. The next scene we are in Kim’s house and she is being visited by a psychic who starts to do what psychics do. (I really don’t see Kim’s relevance in this season thus far) I mean it’s good she is out of rehab and is doing well but this ain’t Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Where are we? Yeah. Kyle and the hungry for camera time, Faye. This is the lady that thought it necessary to attack Brandi on a previous occasion on the Adrienne and Paul issue. How does this affect her? Who is she really? Oh yea, some kind of designer. She and Kyle are shopping for supplies to put in Kyle’s new store and of course they start to make digs at the ladies. (This is why I am having a hard time understanding Kyle’s position. She says one thing then does another) I just can’t keep up. Anyways, they go on to say, that the ladies aren’t real and Faye decides to make a dig at Brandi yet once again.

Marisa and Brandi – these girls sit and have dinner with Marisa’s husband and brother to basically get to know each other. Something Kyle and Mauricio should probably try (hint, hint) Marisa begins to joke about how her husband isn’t the type of guy she would go for however, you can tell the love is there. This scene is all laughs and happiness.

Where The Art Is – the ladies turn up for an art show put on by one of Brandi’s friends in the 90210 District. They exchange some playful words but Yolanda is all about business as she wants to buy some of the art. (Are you sitting? You’re gonna need to sit for this one) PARIS HILTON turns up at this event. She of course is Kyle’s niece. The conversation between them I find is a bit odd. It shows they don’t speak as often as they should because Kyle mentions that she has to find information about Paris on TMZ.

Mauricio feeling guilty as to how he reacted towards Ken and Lisa, brings a bottle of gin as a peace offering. Ken accepts and pokes fun at him, but Mauricio thinks he is holding a grudge. Lisa greets him and says she and Ken have to leave but Mauricio sees this as them avoiding him and once again says Lisa, not Ken this time, is holding a grudge. I am glad to hear Kyle say in her interview that if Lisa has a problem with you, she will tell you. So Mauricio should just get over himself.

This episode seemed to be going on forever but it ends on an almost positive note.

What’s next?
The ladies take their Vegas trip.

Brandi once again is going to put her foot in her mouth by talking about Marisa and Dean.

Tune in next week.


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