90210 (Season 5, Episode 10 – Misery Loves Company)

Ahh, a breath of fresh air for the return of 90210. This episode was well anticipated.

If most of you recall, last season ended on another high. We saw Liam being held captive by that psycho bitch, Ashley, who was supposed to be his bodyguard. I guess that’s her way of ensuring his safety. Silver and Teddy being at odds with this pregnancy issue (even though I think Teddy is being a punk). Max left for Japan and time away from the ever fabulous (although at times annoying) Naomi because of her constant meddling in his business. After Dixon found out that Adrianna cheated on him ,he basically made it known he is done with her on a personal level and that he now OWNED her. (Talk about intense). Finally, we saw Dixon making out with this girl (whose name I don’t remember – irrelevant), who is basically the rebound from Adrianna.

That was quite a mouthful, but I had to catch you guys up.

OH Liam -smh-

The episode kicks off with Liam struggling, handcuffed and basically gagged. (Wow! Ashley really did a number on him). Is it just me, or does Liam have the worst luck with women? (And to think  the producers wanted him to be gay instead of Teddy) Anyways, we see Liam and Ashley conversing about why she is doing what she is doing and blah blah blah. You get it, right? Continuing on the Liam trail, we see Annie and Vanessa teaming up (who’d have seen this coming? :/)to rescue Liam from the evil, psycho bitch Ashley. Somehow, they figured out she wasn’t who she said she was by a phone call maybe to Liam’s managers, and as luck would have it, receipts were lying right there with the location of where Ashley held Liam. (Kudos to the producers LOL) Annie eventually found Liam while Vanessa had a tussle with Ashley. (Oh snap!!! I’ll get back to this part in a minute)

Stupid Dixon

We see Dixon in bed with the new chick from The Secret Circle (Melissa) while an irate Adrianna barges in. They have words re song choices for Adrianna which she will perform at the launch of Dixon’s new record label as well as him being in bed with what’s her face. (Funny enough, after Dixon dropped the bomb on her that he was in the accident that caused her father’s demise, you’d think she would hate him. But nooooo, she jumped right into bed with him) Now…where was I? How stupid is Dixon to fall for the girl that just lost her dad because of him? We’ll see how that plays out.

Naomi, Naomi, Naomi.

We find Naomi pining over the fact that Max is in Japan and they aren’t on good terms. Bitch (says this in the nicest way possible), if you weren’t so hyper and always want to fix everything (esp. things that don’t need fixing), you’d have your husband by your side. She goes for a drive on the coast with Adrianna (as if this will solve anything) and as usual, a series of unfortunate events leads her to this beautiful mansion in the 90210 district. Who lives here is the question worth asking? To my surprise and i’m sure yours, Naomi visits her mom. MOM??? Is this for real? After 4 seasons, we are just now being introduced to Naomi’s mom (who still doesn’t have a name) [She does look awfully young and beautiful to have 2 adult daughters such as Jen and Naomi] Anyways, they have their little mother-daughter moment and Naomi has some revelation.

Silver – What have you done?

Because of Silver’s persistence to have a baby, she finds herself paying Teddy’s very REPUBLICAN UNCLE, who goes against every that isn’t Christian. Why she did this? I have no idea. Anyways, she wants him to get Teddy to back off and allow her to raise the “child” they want to have, by herself because of the cancer gene. It’s a pity Silver didn’t realise Teddy’s uncle wasn’t on her side either. They all ended up at the record label launch, and to Silver’s surprise, the uncle decides to bring both Teddy and Silver to court because both are unfit to raise the child. DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA!


After the tussle between Vanessa and Ashley ensued, Liam jumps in to save the day (as if he wasn’t the damsel in distress) which we now see Annie and Ashley fighting for a gun which goes off, shooting Annie in the abdomen.

What’s next???

-Will Annie die from the gunshot wound?

-What will come of Vanessa and Ashley?

-Will Silver get away with the pregnancy?

Tune in next week.

– KT

2 Comments Add yours

  1. iamdilightful says:

    Ok, so I completely forgot to provide feedback last week. Did I say I love your blog? I do! 🙂

    Where is Max? Supposedly in Iceland at some Gamer’s conference. KT! I cannot believe you did not include the major tidbit from the previous episode about how Max’s partner, Alec, is in love with him. Oh Naomi!

    I am having a hard time trying to think if Dixon’s feelings for this new girl are actually real or is he just trying to get over Adrianna. We did see a set up of him getting close to her in previous episodes. I really did expect her to run for the hills, not jump into bed with him after his revelation. And the lame excuse she gave him about losing everything in the crash and fear of losing him too?? Oh please!!

    Silver being Silver. Always drama. Forever will be.

    The epic moment for me, along with Annie get shot and all, was Dixon squashing Adrianna’s attempt to make him jealous!! When he looked at her and told her he does not want to hate her, in fact he does not want to feel anything for her! Can we say ultimate dismissal? You could see that broke her!

    1. KeirnyTee says:

      It sure did and I left Alec out because I’m waiting for them to bring him in again.

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